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Hashimoto’s Disease

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Many Women and Men Suffering with Fibromyalgia are Actually Suffering With Thyroid Disorder and

About 70% of them Have Hashimoto’s





Are you suffering with Fibromyalgia? We can help.


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Is Febreze really good for your health? When I see those Febreze commercials with people sticking their noses right into a freshly sprayed pieces of clothing, old sneakers, curtains or couch, I always say to myself, “Can that really be good for your health, especially our lungs?” Any of those commercial sprays. So I went to their website to get a list of ingredients that Febreze has in their products. Here it is:

1.   Nitrogen – the propellant

2.  Purified Water – processing aid

3.  Alcohol – drying aid

4.  Hydrogenated Castor Oil – spreading agent

5.   Dialkyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate – emulsifier

6.   Polyacrylate – pH neutralizer

7.   Hydrochloric Acid

8.   Benzisothiazolinon – preservatives

9.   Perfume – fragrance

10. Cyclodextrin – odor eliminator

Um, like a breathe of fresh chemicals! So what are these ingredients and what do they do to our health? Do you know dictionary.com doesn’t even have most of these words in their vocabulary, I think we are just coming up new chemical names everyday.

1. NITROGEN is a colourless, odourless gaseous element

– relatively inactive chemically but many of it’s compounds display marked reactivity

– Nitrogen has several oxides

1) Nitrous oxide used as an anesthetic

2) Nitric oxide is a gas used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, in air it forms nitrogen dioxide, a poisonous reddish brown gas

3) Nitrogen pentoxide forms nitric acid when dissolved in water forms nitric acid when dissoved in wter

Important compounds of nitrogen include nitric acid, ammonia, many  explosives, cyanides, fertilizer and the proteins. Many organic compounds contain nitrogen

 5.  Dialkyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate – wikipedia says it is a common ingredient in consumers products from laxatives, stool softeners, emulsifying, wetting, dispersing agent, pesticides

TOXICITY In humans – strong irritant for the eyes, lungs and skin

– ingestion can cause the side effects above as well as diarrhea, intestinal bloating and occasional cramping pains.

6.   Polyacrylate – CH2–CH(CO2Na) – is a polymer – it’s the fluff in the middle of diapers -can soak up 200 to 300 times its weight

7.   Hydrochloric Acid – solution of hydrogen chloride (HCI) in water, that is a highly corrosive, strong mineral acid with many industrial uses, it is found naturally in gastric acid

– used in the chemical industry as a chemical reagent in the large scale production of vinyl chloride for PVC plastic, and MDI/TDI for polyurethane

– household cleaning, production of gelatin and other food additives, descaling and leather processing

8.   Benzisothiazolinon – Wikipedia says – has a microbicide and fungicide mode of action. Is used as a preservative in emulsion paints, varnishes, adhesives, washing agents, fuels, sealants, plasters, fillers and in the paper making process.

Health Hazards – it is a known human immune system toxicant

– classified as an irritant for skin, eyes, and lungs

9.   Perfume – god only knows what is in that!

10. Cyclodextrin – family of compounds made up of sugar molecules bound by a ring. Used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, agriculture and environmental engineering. Chief component in Febreze.

So there you have it, it contains a known immune system toxicant, irritant for skin, eyes, lungs, decreases oxygen carrying capacity in the blood, decreased functioning of the thyroid, causes Vitamin A shortage, diarrhea, intestinal bloating, cramping and the fashioning of nitro amines which are one of the most common cause of cancer.

It’s okay if we just ingest a little right?

What we can’t see can’t hurt us right?

Wrong, I think we might be finding some answers to some of these questions:

I don’t know why my stomach hurts?

I don’t know how I got cancer?

Why are there so many diseases?

I used Febreze for an example because of it’s popularity, they most all have the chemicals, some worse. We are breathing in these products, absorbing it through our skin, we are ingesting it.

I think the less of any of the chemical sprays we use the better. If those sneakers are that stinky, perhaps it’s time to throw them out! : ) If the carpet is getting too stinky maybe it should go too!

Candles are another product we don’t suspect enough to be carrying toxins. You can burn essential oils instead.

I grow my own herbs and make herbal bag mixtures that make good moth repellents, help with odours and are great in dresser drawers. You can add a few drops of essential oils. I make herbal bath bags as well and they help with a lot of muscle pain as well as helps you feel relaxed and makes your skin feel amazing.

Fresh herbs are very aromatic. You can buy the potted ones and use them for cooking as well! 

My mother was a sprayer  of Lysol and she died of breast cancer, my father had cancer and I had cancer. You decide! You can bet your babies and kids are ingesting these sprays from the floor cleaners as well. 







   Disclaimer: All content contained within this website
is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose in any

way. All content is commentary or opinion and is protected
under the free speech act.

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