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Sunscreen – Helpful or Harmful?

I just wanted to share the Environmental Working Groups scoop on sunscreen.

Are you slathering harmful chemicals on your body?

They advise not to bring on vacation

  • No Spray Sunscreens
  • No Super-High SPFs
  • No Oxybenzone
  • No Loose Powder Sunscreens
  • No Oxybenzone
  • No Retinyl Palmitate
  • No Combined Sunscreen/Bug Repellents
  • no Sunscreen Towelettes
  • No Tanning Oils


That is quite a long list, so, what do we use?

Get the facts from ewg and help by making a donation to an amazing group of people who are working for you and your health!

Sunscreen do’s and don’ts!


Does your sunscreen meet up to EWG’s standards or are you slathering on toxins? You won’t feel it but your organs will!




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