I went out for breakfast a while a go with my son and we decided to eat the forbidden, the waffle with strawberries and cream. Was it deliciously sweet! Boy did I pay a big price for it! Besides the usual stomach ache, pain throughout my whole digestive system and all the usual symptom I got the numb tingling in my hands and feet again and it reminded me of how painful  food can actually be to some people. I am wondering how many folks, especially the older are on nerve pills or getting diagnosed with carpal tunnel when they are actually sensitive to flour or gluten or celiac.

I came across this article below about celiac and the mi-rad of symptoms it can cause. This is real people who have experienced the symptoms and the changes in health once they took gluten out of their diet.

Since I have removed it from my diet I have improved the inflammation in my body a great deal, digestive pain and upset and especially the nerve pain I was experiencing. The stomach and digestive pain lasted for over a month and it still isn’t right. If you have stomach pain, I would suggest doing the trial of elimination of offending foods. Some good articles are:



What I like about this girls response is that she has the same attitude as me, never give up, find what’s ailing you! I was given nerve pills at one point for the numbness and tingling in my extremities when all along it was from wheat consumption. How many years would I have been taking those pills for no reason??? and what are the long term and short term side effects??? We have to be careful with the pills they are so quick to prescribe. Read below, I learned a lot from it.

9na – Jul 26th, 2011 2:14 PM [ Original Post ]
My headaches/tender scalp is mainly on right side. Also my neck is tighter on the right side. And my right ear aches from time to time, and my right eye is severly dry, the left one only a bit too dry (probably sjögren’s, my eye doctor says).My numbness (hands and sometimes feet) are far worse/more often bothers me on the left side.

Is this normal for FMS, to have symptoms ‘choose sides’ like this?

January – Aug 9th, 2011 5:22 PM

I would not recommend the biopsy, but that is a decision you have to make. Read up on it. It’s invasive surgery, expensive, risky (the instrument could perforate the intestine wall), and it can be false negative. Your small intestine is almost 20 feet long. They will put an instrument in and take some clippings from several areas. Celiac causes your small intestine to die off in patches. If they take clippings from healthy areas, not diseased patches, you will get a false negative. Some people say the stool test for celiac is the best, I don’t know. For me, it was my response to the diet. I read about a man with chronic pain and weird symptoms for decades – he was diagnosed with everything up to bone cancer. But he really had celiac disease – only most doctors don’t know much about it. His symptoms sounded like mine, so I went on the diet.I went to see one of the top celiac specialists in the country. He did not do a biopsy on me. Based on my history and my favorable reaction to the diet, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, probably celiac. It took me a year on the diet to see very positive results. HOWEVER, if I get a little flour in a sauce, I feel pretty bad for at least a month. It takes your intestine 3-4 months to heal from the inflammation gluten causes if you have this problem. So yes, celiac flares if you get gluten in your body. Please, before you do anything, google “Dangerous Grains” website – and see if you can find the book – it is a great book. In the back it has an appendix of 5 pages of symptoms that are caused by celiac disease. They look a lot like the list you posted! You can also google “celiac sprue” and see if there is a foundation in your country. Of course, most of the medical foundations will recommend that you get the blood tests (there are several), and the intestinal biopsy also is supposed to be the “Gold Standard.” But remember, they are selling medical procedures. The intestinal biopsy CAN come out wrong too. It’s up to you if you want to risk surgery and get it. I would just try the diet. If it works for you, there’s your answer.

I wasn’t thinking brain tumor when I wrote, but rather there are some bacterial and viral infections that can cause brain inflammation (encephalitis). If you live in a country where you have many mosquitoes, you could get a mild case of encephalitis. Most doctors don’t think to check you for this. I think it may be responsible for some cases of “brain fog” and fatigue. You might get tested for infections – these are usually easily treated once found.

Remember, the doctor is YOUR EMPLOYEE. You have to educate yourself about fibromyalgia. Click on the blue boxes at the left and read. Read the old posts on this website, as there are many good discussions about various symptoms. You can search your own symptoms by putting the words into the blue box on the right and hit “search.” Google the web and read all you can about fibromyalgia and your specific symptoms. (And remember, you can’t believe everything on the web, but if you read enough, you will begin to get a feel for what is valid.) You have to do this to get better, take care of yourself. Then when you go to the doctor, you can take print outs of things you have found online, and ask for tests or evaluations. You have to make a partnership with your doctor and work together to get a proper diagnosis. If your doctor won’t do this, fire him and find another doctor who will work closely with you.

Some of your symptoms seem like common fibromyalgia ones, but others are a little odd. So, I’d suggest you work closely with a doctor and get tested for things. If your symptoms change, you should keep a diary and every day write down how you feel and any other information that might be relevant. You might want to write down what you eat, or your activities, or medications. You might have allergies causing weird symptoms.

Also, if you google Sjogren’s and read, you will get a list of tests that should be run to see if you have that – it can sometimes involve more parts of your body than just the eyes. Maybe that’s what you have… I don’t know, but wish you luck on your journey. If you can just find out what is causing your symptoms, you may be able to heal completely. Doctors are usually too busy to research everything regarding one person’s case – they don’t have time any more. So you have to do the work and take it to the doctor.