I just read the most fascinating article by Dr Mercola. We have always know how scent and pheromones play a roll in attraction but I didn’t know that you could pick the wrong mate from taking the birth control.

nerve O, the route pheromones are processed

– nerve O has endings in your nasal cavity but the fibers go directly to the sexual regions of the brain

– nerve O bypasses your olfactory cortex so it does not register a conscious smell but rather identifies chemical sexual cues

– humans have histocompatibility complex-associated (MHC) odor preferences that influence their choice of mates

– women prefer men with dissimilar MHC

– women who take birth control pill change their odor preferences

– the pill essentially mimics pregnancy and pregnant women prefer men with similar MHC

– you risk of interfering with your biology and risk producing a hormonal imbalance that might make you attracted to men with similar chemical makeup

if you were on the pill when you met your mate, you could be less attracted to him when you stop the pill

Wow, that could explain a lot of divorces!

More important, the birth control has serious implications of very serious health risks and we prescribe them like candy. I know they made me feel really bad. Who knows if Fibromyalgia or chronic illnesses are not linked to birth control?

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