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When Psychotherapists can have sex with their patients and go unpunished, is that sending the message that it it ok?

Who is watching out for our children?

This isn’t something we like to hear or talk about but if we keep silent and not report cases, we are allowing it to happen to another human being. I keep thinking of our children and people who don’t know any better. The internet has allowed us to band together and see more cases, group cases together so we can see them in a bigger picture.


Psych sex with patient

Hundreds of potential cases in Florida alone,  wonder how
much it goes on throughout the world?




London Psychiatrist accused of videotaping fmale patients

Drowned in a stream of prescriptions

California Psychiatrist suspended for missing his own mental exam.


It is becoming more apparent that we are not being protected.

Now apparently doctors can have sex with you without consequence.

Who is protecting our children?? I think we need to start talking about these incidences so we can protect the next person or child. Why aren’t they being reprimanded?


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