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I have added this video on “How 1 million pounds of organic food can be
produced on 3 acres” to show what is possible if we put brilliant minds to work for a good cause. How incredible it is that these people have found a way to produce pure organic food in such an innovative way. Food that is guaranteed to be clean and full of nutritional value.

Why don’t we see videos on how they grow genetically modified foods or why they feel the need to sue people for wanting their foods labeled? Seems sneaky to me to slide it into food without our knowledge and expect us not to ask questions or have a choice whether we want to eat it or not. I am sure they don’t want us to see the super weeds that have come from their crops or the clinical, chemical process that is required to produce these GMO seeds or the round up they are using to try to stop these super weeds.

Does anyone else see a problem with our rights or freedom of choice? What do you think? Please leave your opinion or comment, I would like to know what you think about what is happening to our freedom of making the choice of what we put into our own bodies. Are we still wondering why there is so much disease in the world? 


The Guardian reports:

GM crops a failure in developing countries, says Friends of the Earth – video

Nnimmo Bassey, head of Friends of the Earth International dismisses the biotech industry’s claims that GM crops require fewer pesticides and produce higher yields




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