How did the flu become such a panic? When I was a kid, the flu meant a few days off school. Why do we feel we need to be injected with a shot now? If you are wondering if you should get the shot or not. Here is some information you should know before you make your decision.

I don’t get the flu shot, I know what is in them and I don’t need anymore insult to my body. Everyone I know who gets the flu shot end up getting really sick. Hmm…………

Keep your immunity strong and you will fight off bacteria and virus. I remember reading in many natural and alternative articles that most colds are actually your body detoxing a lot of mucous and unwanted stuff out of your body. If left they will usually take care of themselves and no medication is needed.

Examples of misuse that we don’t think of is always treating a temperature with tylenol. Fever is a way the body fights off infection so it means your body is doing it’s job or when we take cough suppressants when we need to be coughing up that mucous and clearing it out of our bodies.