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Organic Consumers Needs Your
Help To Fight Against The New Agent Orange GMO Crops

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Who will protect you from ‘Agent Orange’ crops?

Dear Organic Consumer,

Dow Chemical calls its new “Enlist”-brand
of 2,4-D-resistant GMO crops a “blockbuster.” Monsanto similarly
touts its new, highly-volatile dicamba-resistant soybean.

We call them toxic and dangerous.

But unfortunately, the USDA, which is
more committed to protecting Dow and Monsanto’s profits than it is
to protecting your health, is set to approve these new “Agent
Orange” and dicamba-resistant corn and soy crops any day now. And
when the poisonous residues of these two super-toxic herbicides
contaminate the human food supply, in literally thousands of
non-organic processed foods and ingredients, they won’t be labeled.

We need your help to get GMO crops and foods labeled—and banned! So far, we’ve raised almost $80,000 toward our $200,000 goal. Can you help us raise another $120,000 by midnight, March 31?

Click here for instructions on how to donate online, or by phone or

If we reach our goal, two of our allies—Mercola.com and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps—will pitch in to match our $200,000 by donating $100,000 each. We’ll use that $400,000 to fight for state GMO labeling laws, and for county bans on GMO crops.

Dow’s Enlist-brand corn and soy are genetically engineered with 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), a toxic chemical that was part of the deadly Vietnam-era Agent Orange cocktail that has destroyed millions of lives. Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant soybeans are a close cousin of these Agent Orange crops.

2,4-D has been linked to liver damage, endocrine disruption, depressed thyroid hormone levels, infertility and cancer. 2,4-D-resistant crops will be able to withstand huge amounts of 2,4-D poison—poison that will eventually wind up not just on our food, but in our soil, water and air.

The Enlist brand is just one of many increasingly toxic GMO crops in Dow’s GMO pipeline. Dow is “spending millions of dollars and racking up hundreds of patents,” according to a recent article in the Indianapolis Busines Journal, which also reported, “Dow has more seeds, herbicides and fungicides about to reach the market than it has at any time since 1989.”

The U.S. government and its regulatory agencies are not going to protect us from these escalating assaults on our health and our environment. It’s up to us to drive crops like Dow’s Agent Orange corn and soybeans, and Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant soy off the market.

The anti-GMO movement has come a long way in the past two years. We are poised for victory. But we must win the upcoming decisive battles of 2014 in the frontline states of Vermont and Oregon, and intensify the struggle in other states and counties.

Please help us win this fight. Every donation made by midnight, March 31, no matter how large or small, will bring us closer to our goal of $200,000—and that much closer to matching funds from Mercola.com and Dr. Bronner’s.

Thank you!


Ronnie Cummins

National Director, Organic Consumers Association and
Organic Consumers Fund

P.S. Funds donated
directly to campaigns must be raised through the Organic Consumers Fund, our allied 501(c)4 lobbying arm. If you need to make a tax-deductible donation, please donate to our 501(c)3 nonprofit.Your donation will indirectly
support our GMO bans and labeling laws by funding our ongoing education and media work.

Have Fibromyalgia pain? We can help:


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and Smoking

Ya, we all know smoking cigarettes is not good for us but how do we quit?


Cigarettes are not good for anyone but if you have a chronic illness like Fibromyalgia you are adding a major blow to your health. If you lead a sedentary life and smoke, you are inviting all kinds of disaster into your life.

When I saw the commercial of a surgeon slapping down a major artery and squishing the white, thick, gunk that had totally filled the major aorta to the heart of a dead 32 male, I changed the opinion of my passion for smoking. I will never forget that image and I don’t think they should have take the commercial off the air, talk about reality biting you in the ass! I searched the internet and found a similar commercial. See for yourself.

I quit with laser therapy, which worked for me but I am worried about the long term effects of the lasers as it is fairly new and something that was passed by the FDA?????????? How many drugs did they approve that ended in disaster. It is also very expensive but if done right, it can work..

Be careful as they are also passing off a lot of lasers that aren’t really intended to work for quitting smoking. Kind of like the fake Louis Vuitton, Prada and Coach purses. So if you decide to do laser, make sure it is reputable because you
will be wasting about $300.00 on a fake laser that will have you back smoking in no time.

The patches are full of chemicals as well as the cigarettes so are we just trading up addictions? More toxic drugs for the already sick body!

Zyban gave my husband serum sickness, his body swelled up and went toxic, nasty!! The drugs really aren’t the answer, they only add another possibility of addiction or side effects.

I know that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do, definitely in line with heroin and sugar. Whether it is drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or food, an addiction is an addictions. We are all human.

There are real options now!

The Health Ranger recommends 14andOut.com if you are looking to quit smoking. Shawn Cohen has found a way
to do it successfully and is helping thousands. It is also at an affordable price right now. It is regular $59.00 on sale at the time of this post for $39.00. How many packages of cigarettes would it take to pay for that? 

This is the most comprehensive smoking cessation program ever, and it only takes 60 minutes to learn.

What? 60 minutes? You are worth it! If I were still smoking, I would give this a try.


Why not give it a try?

What have you got to lose? Cigarettes, smelly breath/clothes/house/car, toxins, addiction, breathing difficulties, scrounging for money to buy cigarettes, risk of lung cancer, heart disease, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma or dying.



What have you got to gain? Your life, your health, money in your pocket, better health, keep smelling fresh and clean all day, no addiction or chain to drag you into a winter storm for a drag, fresh breath, breathing period and most of all, YOUR FREEDOM! I felt like I was chained to my pack of smokes.

I can tell you something else too, my friends who have stayed smoking have grey hair and I don’t. You also wrinkle up and age your body and skin a lot quicker so you really are giving up your youth and vitality to smoke.


Smoking is not the cause of your Fibromyalgia but it is not helping either. They really are a limiting belief, you tell yourself you can’t live without them because, believe me, you can life a far better life without them, change your thinking.

Consider your poor thyroid, brain and lungs and how many toxins you are giving them with every drag. Smokers lose teeth too!

Is your body and your pocket book worth the expense of smoking? I think you are worth the consideration of butting out.

What it comes down to is, you have to be ready. Good luck!

If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia, I can help.


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia – What worked in 2012, Where They Are Going in 2013

Here is one Doctor who gets it! Dr Edward Connelly Medical Director of the fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Autoimmune Clinic in Michigan has found with hundreds of patients that they have multiple things going on with them.

This is what I have been stressing with Fibromyalgia, please go get your free copy of Relieving Body Pain From Disease Naturally.

I moved on from traditional medicine and have slowly found multiple things wrong, exactly what
he is talking about, low adrenals, low thyroid, no progesterone, gluten sensitivity, dairy sensitivity, injury and on and on. Keep looking for answers and don’t ever give up! Each step you discover will lead you to find your health balance.

He has helped people improve their energy, reduce their pain, reduce their inflammation and recover a more normal life.

What I found most interesting with this doctor is the findings with virus and bacteria. I worked in a grocery
store and always wondered if I caught something from handling all the raw meat, fruits and vegetables from foreign countries. After a fall which broke down my immunity, I started to get a sore throat and flu like symptoms for weeks which led to all kinds of chronic infections and ended up with chronic pain in all my joints and muscles.

He say 2012 should be labelled the year of the parasite. He has found more parasites in the last year than in the past 25 years of practice with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Auto-immune disease.

The reason is a new stool study that has been extraordinary in detecting the parasites that he knew had been there but had never been able to identify.

He wrote the book “American Exhaustion”. He says that a study shows that 80% of people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue has parasites but he didn’t believe it until now. He says if you developed Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue after a GI illness you must have this stool study.

He also continues to study chronic yeast overgrowth which is important for inflammation and chronic
fatigue, food allergies and gluten which he has found many with hidden gluten allergies that gluten was a source of inflammation, their pain and sometimes a source of their chronic fatigue. Either their doctors didn’t check them or they only did the blood test.  Now they have an exciting saliva test. 

He also found most people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue had worn down adrenal function. That they were able to re-evaluate through a special urine test. The adrenals make cortisone and although sterile,  DHEA and many other hormones. These hormones are vital  for energy production,  muscle function in reducing inflammation, improving immunity and more.

Lastly he also helps to balance hormones, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone because hormones play a significant role, also immunity and the Krebs cycle he was talking about earlier.


He is very proud of the work he does on improving immunity. they are one of the few clinics in the country that works with natural killer cell function and if that is low they are able to prescribe natural treatments that will increase killer cell production in some patients to as much as 100 to 200%. Natural killer cells are responsible for helping you to control chronic viral illness, bacterial illness that are developing every day. So having the natural killer cell function is vital but you won’t know that if it is not evaluated.

Those are just some of the exciting things that are happening in 2013. Everyone is a unique individual.

There is no one herb that anyone can give you to cure you all.

Never give up. Even if you were told there is no treatment for Epstein-Barr or any other viruses but don’t give up there are a tremendous amount and they’ve seen it in over tens of thousands of patients.



This is where medicine comes in. When you know there is a specific virus or bacteria then you can treat it with the proper medications on a short-term basis opposed to throwing pills at it for years hoping something works. You are unique, don’t be treated like the herd!

My new book goes into food for it’s medicinal properties. It will be released soon!


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

A Billion Go Hungry Because of GMO Farming: Vandana Shiva


Scientists: New GMO wheat may ‘silence’ vital human genes




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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Just released from Ottawa, March 27, 2013.

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA), in partnership with the National Advisory Council (NAC) on Prescription Drug Misuse, today released a comprehensive 10-year, pan-Canadian strategy, First Do No Harm: Responding to Canada’s Prescription Drug Crisis.

The strategy highlights the action required to address the devastating harms associated with prescription drugs in Canada in the areas of prevention, education, treatment, monitoring and surveillance, and enforcement.

Harm such as addiction, overdose and death associated with certain prescription drugs.

– opioids

– sedatives

– tranquilizers

– stimulants

They are a leading public health and safety concern in Canada that has now reached crisis proportions,” stated Michel Perron, Chief Executive Officer, CCSA and NAC Co-Chair.

The number of opioid-related deaths are increasing, emergency room visits are on the rise and there are increased demands for treatment.

Canada now ranks as the world’s second largest per capita consumer of prescription opioids, with the United States ranked as number one (International Narcotics Control Board, 2013).

Canada‘s rate of use increased by 203% between 2000 and 2010, an increase steeper than in the United States

(International Narcotics Control Board).

Common generic, trade and street names for opioids.

Generic name           Trade name                                                                Street names 

Fentanyl                        Duragesic                                                                        patch

Hydromorphone         Dilaudid, Exalgo                                                            juice

Hydrocodone              Vicodin, Norco

Morphine                     Astramorph, Avinza                                                       M, morph,

Methadone             Diskets, Dolophine,                                          

Methadose,            Methodone,  Methadose Sugar Free          Meth                                                           

Meperidine             Demerol

Oxycodone             OxyContin, OxyNEO, Percocet, Percodan   Oxy, hillbilly heroin, percs

Codeine                  Tylenol 3, 4 (codeine+ acetaminophen)

Common, trade and street names for stimulants.

Generic name                                  Trade name                       Street names
Methylphenidate                                Ritalin, Concerta, Biphentin  Vitamin R, skippy, rids, uppers
Dextroamphetamine sulfate                Dexedrine                           Bennies, black beauties, hearts
Amphetamine & Dextroamphetamine   Adderall                             Beans, dexies, amps

Common, trade and street names for sedatives and tranquilizers.

Generic name    Trade name              Street names


Alprazolam        Xanax Z-bars, bars Clonazepam Rivotril® K-pins Diazepam Valium® Vs, tranks, downers

Flurazepam        Dalmane                     tranks, downers, nerve pills

Lorazepam         Ativan                         nerve pills, tranks, downers

Temazepam       Restoril                       rugby balls, tems, jellies

Triazolam          Halcion                        Up Johns, tranks, downers

Non-benzodiazepine sleep medication

Zopiclone           Imovane                    Z-drug


Pentobarbital     Nembutal                   barbs, M&Ms, nembies

Amobarbital       Amytal                       angels, blue heavens







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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

In Pain? Need Relief?

Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or suspect you have it?

Frustrated by unsuccessful treatments?

Get helpful hints and tips for


Relief, Renewal and Possibly Reverse

12 pain relief methods to relieve body pain from Fibromyalgia naturally without the use of prescriptions drugs.

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If you have been unsuccessful with modern medicine, why waste another minute?

Get your natural pain relief now!


Learn how…..

  •   To relieve body pain from disease naturally.
  •   Natural and alternative treatments to relieve your pain without the toxic side effects of drugs.
  •   Visualization can keep your mind off your pain.
  •   To ease stress and stress-related problems.
  •   To renew your life so you can feel alive again.
  •   To find peace of mind.
  •   Water can relieve pain.
  •   To be your own detective to get to the root cause of your pain.
  •   To recognize contributing factors that could be causing more pain.
  •   Understanding illness so you can relieve, eliminate or start reversing it.
  •   To become aware of habits that might be causing you more pain.
  •   Replacing bad habits with good habits can eliminate pain and start reversing disease.
  •   Avoiding certain foods can eliminate pain, symptoms and reverse disease.
  •   Emotions can cause body pain.
  •   Attitudes can cause body pain.
  •   Beliefs can disable you.
  •   To find your “Happy Place”.

Helping you find pain relief!

This is only the beginning. This complimentary book is showing you how to deal with pain so you can prepare yourself for your healing journey.

I have so much to share with you on how to get on the winning side of Fibromyalgia.

I will share the steps I have endured to understanding “it”, the mysterious, misunderstood syndrome called Fibromyalgia that carries so much skepticism, stigma and disbelief.

I will share how I took charge of my own health and have come so much further towards feeling alive and finding pain relief.

Now I am working on healing rather than medicating.

Join me!

Be well!

Jennifer Wells


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


I did some research on only the top 12 drug companies revenue in 2010 which totals 445.3 billion dollars, 210.75 billion was made in US alone. This is not even
including therapeutic devices. Bribery, cash and gifts to push their products:

Johnson & Johnson – U.S. 61.9 billion

Pfizer – U.S. 50.01

Roche – Switzerland 47.35

GlaxoSmithKline – United Kingdom 45.83

Novartis – Switzerland 44.27

Sanofi – France 41.99

AstraZeneca – UK/Sweden 32.81

Abbott Laboratories – U.S. 30.76

Merck & Co. – U.S. 27.43

Bayer HealthCare – Germany 22.30

Eli Lilly U.S. – 21.84

Bristol – Myers Squibb – U.S. 18.81

There are 153 drug companies in the incomplete listing so one can imagine how much money is made in the drug industry.


Are we seeing the whole picture here? Why do we have such a sick world? Why is there that much illness that we are needing billions of dollars worth of drugs and it keeps increasing yearly? There is something wrong here.

The more chemicals we introduce into our food chain, personal care and cleaning products, the more illness we are seeing.

Dr Mercola has a great article on the bribery, fraud, illegal activities, mistakes
and get out of jail free of these drug companies. Why do they keep getting to
repeating their criminal activity? If it were you and I we would be out in jail
and out of business. We are being jailed for selling natural milk and healing
people. The more drugs you purchase, the more you are supporting these corporate criminals to keep hurting people and raking in the big doe while doing it.


Horrified scientists discover GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is responsible for causing an up to 1700 percent increase in narcolepsy among children and teenagers under 17 years of age from their H1N1 Swine flu vaccine in 1990.


Isn’t it really just all about money? Pharmaceutical bribes uncovered – Jon Barron reports.

Pharmaceuticals are the #2 unintentional deaths in the US

Drug companies make contributions to doctors and medical organizations

eg. – Pfizer paid more than $20 million to 4,500 doctors or medical professionals for consulting and speaking on their behalf

Pharmaceutical corruption drives companies to:

– lavish gifts

– lunches

– samples

– discounts

– contributions

– club memberships and more to sway doctors to prescribe their products and speak on their behalf

– 25% of all physicians accept cash gifts from drug companies

– 75% routinely accept in-kind gifts for meals, entertainment and the like

– physicians are the biggest gift recipients

– department chairs and professors of psychiatry at numerous universities routinely accept gifts worth up to tens of thousands of dollars for lecturing on behalf of drug companies

– examples

1. Charles Nemeroff, Chairman of Psychiatry at Emory University, who earned more than 2.8 million from various drug makers between 2000 to 2007 

2. Dr Frederick Goodwin, former director of the National Institute of Mental Health pocketed more than 1.3 million for giving marketing lectures on behalf of  drug companies to physicians.

Perhaps that explains why antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed medication in the US, despite the fact that their track record is downright depressing.


Thank you Jon for providing those facts for us. This is the US alone, compile this problem world wide and it is a very serious problem.

Do these facts and statistics sound like they have your best interests in mind or more their pocket books? Do you see now why they are trying to crush Natural healers and why they don’t want you to become healthy? How do we know which doctors are prescribing for profit? Quite frankly it is frightening and it makes me sick how they have involved children in their profit circle. What has this world come to?

This website is designed to help inform those who are looking for health without drugs. I have been there, done that and it only led me to frailty, despair and near death. If you want to keep informed on what is really going on out there and to finding wellness, sign up for my newsletter and rss feed. If you are looking for health in a pill bottle, then this website isn’t for you.

My mission is to restore my natural healing and to help you find yours! 




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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

I needed to share this with everyone. What really bothers me is that he is still practicing medicine and able to give false hope to cancer patients. Dr Anil Potti’s studies went into the medical journals. He is not a Rhodes Scholar. It raises the question on how much medical research is fraud?

This proves our systems shield sloppy science and fraud!


   Disclaimer: All content contained within this website
is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose in any

way. All content is commentary or opinion and is protected
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Do your fellow man a favor and please report your side effects from your prescription as well as over the counter drugs. Please read:


For Canada

Reporting by Consumers



FDA Reporting:

  • Report a Serious Problem
  • 1-800-332-1088
  • 1-800-FDA-0178 Fax
  • MedWatch Online

    Regular Mail: Use postage-paid FDA Form 3500

    Mail to: MedWatch 5600 Fishers Lane

    Rockville, MD 20857


    Or go to this page


go to the bottom left hand side



Say no to use of Monsanto’s genetically modified  sugar beets in Kelloggs, Coca Cola & Kraft Products. We also have corn, soy beans and canola.

Take action today!
Call or E-mail (via their websites) the five companies listed below.

Tell them you will not purchase their foods or beverages unless they can provide you with written assurance that their products will not contain genetically engineered sugar

Company                                                                                       Phone
Kellogg’s · www.kelloggs.com 800-962-1413
Morningstar www.seeveggiesdifferently.com 800-962-1413
Kraft · www.kraftfoods.com 847-646-2000
M&M/Mars · www.mars.com 800-627-7852
Coca Cola · www.coca-cola.com 800-438-2653

Go to this website, bottom right hand sign and click on download the Boycott Kelloggs/Monsanto GE Sugar leaflet pdf. While you are there sign the worthy petitions. Most are US.


Read GMO articles:

Millions against Monsanto