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Fibromyalgia and Memory Loss

Do you suffer from memory loss?

Are you afraid you may end up with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

You don’t have to lose your mind. There are many ways to keep your memory even into a ripe old age.

Between my husband and I. I remember everything, he forgets everything. I drink green tea and take natural meds and herbs. He drinks coffee and takes pills the dr prescribes. He will eat foods that contain aspartame and msg, I don’t.

Life is all about choices isn’t it? Seeing the long term effects of our choices sometimes turns up in ways we don’t expect them to. There are many things that can help your memory but we will start with one. Lets take a good look at green tea.

WebMD says more than a decades worth of research about green tea’s health benefits have shown particularly it’s potential to fight:

  1. Cancer

  2. Heart Disease

Limited studies for:

  1. Lowering Cholesterol

  2. Burning Fat

  3. Preventing Diabetes

  4. Preventing Stroke

  5. Starving Off Dementia

US National Library of Medicine

National Institute of Health

Have 2350 articles on green tea. Here is the conclusions from one study:

PGC-1? Expression Decreases in the Alzheimer Disease Brain as a Function of Dementia




Tea polyphenols are powerful bioactive compounds that have anticarcinogenic activity.

They interfere with the initiation, advancement and progression of cancer by regulating critical procedures of cellular expansions, differentiations, apoptosis, angiogenesis and metastasis.

Although tea has actually been consumed for centuries, it has actually just lately been studied substantially as a health-promoting beverage that may act to avoid a many illness including cancer.

Numerous studies revealed that:

  • Tea polyphenols potently cause apoptotic cell death and cell-cycle arrest in lump cells but not in their normal cell counterparts.

  • GTP’s affect multiple organic paths.

This work is supported partly by research grants from:

  • The National Cancer Principle.

  • National Institutes of Health (to Q.P.D.; 1R01CA120009 AND 3R01CA120009-04S1).

  • The Regions of Quality Plan set up under the University Grants Committee of the Hong Kong Unique Administrative Region, China (to T.H.C.; Task No. AoE/P010/01).

With this information in mind, the Cancer Society won’t recommend green tea as a cancer treatment. It may not get rid of cancer but it can help. Don’t we need to just fill our lives with things that help deter illness rather than contribute?

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