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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


There are a lot of people with Fibromyalgia suffering with stomach pain . There are several reasons for the pain and you should investigate them all until you come up with an answer to your pain. We are all different and there is no one cure all for everyone.

1. Diet

a) Lactose intolerant – milk can cause a wide array of problems from diarrhea,
stomach aches, mucous, breathing problems see articles below. Dairy is a protein
and contains casein. Cheese and milk chocolate can be constipating which can cause
a lot of colon and intestinal pain.



b) Gluten intolerance or Celiac disease can cause a lot of digestive upset as in
stomach pain, diarrhea,



c) Aspartame and MSG and preservatives are known to cause a wide array of problems including stomach ache, headaches.


If you are pregnant, you need to read this. Monsanto’s BT-toxin showing up in mother and babies blood:


Tell Kraft to label their Genetically altered foods:


2. Endometriosis can cause a lot of lower abdominal pain as well as Fibromyalgia.
This video I was watching shows a connection that Endometriosis could be
connected to getting a blow to the stomach.

When I was about 10, I was a pitcher on our baseball team and I took a line drive right to the stomach. Boy, it took my breath away especially being about 60 lbs. I
always had a pain in my lower abdomen after that especially when I was running.
I eventually lost my ovary due to a cyst and then suffered with endometriosis.
Could there be a connection?

This is a great article on Endometriosis causing Fibromyalgia and how dioxins in food can cause pain and even cancer. A must read for anyone suffering with
Fibromyalgia, endometriosis or cancer:


3. Chronic abdominal pain
has to be evaluated to rule out anything serious. It could be referred pain from
another organ such as liver, colon, stomach, small and large intestines, gall
bladder, pancreas or kidneys. If you have ruled out any serious cause and it is
diagnosed a part of your Fibromyalgia you need to take a serious look at your
diet. The thing you crave most is usually the culprit. Things you say you
couldn’t live without, well, you could live longer or with less pain if you take
them out of your diet.

The best place to start is
with water. When you wake up in the morning, drink two glasses of water to help
clean your colon out. If you have plugged up plumbing, how can you possibly have
a good day carrying around all that extra baggage? It only leads to long term
problems like diverticulitis, polyps or even cancer. I believe it causes
exhaustion and stomach problems at least.

Live whole food such as
fruits and vegetables can help you digest your food better. The average diet is
lacking in digestive enzymes since we McDonaldized out food.

If you suffer from stomach
aches, take out the preservatives, dyes, chemicals and genetically modified food
out of your diet and add healing foods, you’ll be glad you did.


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


I know some of these topics seem unrelated to Fibromyalgia but we may find that they really aren’t. When we see how much disease is caused at the hands of man maybe there is more to it and the real cause of Fibromyalgia could lay within some of these themselves.

When it is more important to have “Scientific Proof” than saving children from harm, there is something wrong. How long are we going to let people suffer because there isn’t any scientific proof? When you see damage done to children all over the world, isn’t that proof enough? Then again, there is a lot of scientific proof that is ignored anyways so what good it it really?

If you have children, mercury fillings, autism, Golf War Syndrome, Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS) you need to watch these videos.

Thomas Edison
Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those
entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into

Albert Einstein

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.


Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.




   Disclaimer: All content contained within this website
is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose in any

way. All content is commentary or opinion and is protected
under the free speech act.

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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Do you know how much genetically engineered food is going on your plate? Help support the Sierra Club. They have launched a campaign against genetically engineered foods. They are targeting Kraft since it is one of the largest packaged food producer in America. We need your help to stop the use of this “frankenfood” from being in our food chain. They are even asking them to stop using milk from rBGH-treated cows as well as not using genetically engineered (GE) corn, potatoes, soy and so forth.

Please call or write and pass this on to a friend! The more people we have the stronger the chances of getting this food out of out food chain. Canada has now approved over 50 varieties of 12 GE crops, currently growing 4 varieties of corn, canola, soy and white sugar beet but import GE foods.

Tell Kraft you want GE free foods!

– Write to: Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods, Inc., 3 Lakes Drive, Northfield IL 60093

– Call 1-800-847-1997

For a list of some of Kraft foods go to:


Help support those who are helping us fight against GE foods. For the latest action and news subscribe to CBAN News and Action Listserve:


CBAN MEMBERS: The Good Guys!

ACT for the Earth (Toronto)

Biofreedom (Edmonton)

Canadian Organic Growers

Check Your Head

Coalition for Safe Food (B.C.)

Council of Canadians

Ecological Farmers of Ontario

Food Action Committee of Ecology

Action Centre, Halifax

GE Free Yukon

GeneAction (Toronto)

Greenpeace Canada

Inter Pares

National Farmers Union

PEI Coalition for a GMO-Free Province

Saskatchewan Organic Directorate

Society for a G.E. Free B.C.

Union Paysanne

USC Canada


Canadian Biotechnology Action Network


Suite 206, 180 Metcalfe St.

Ottawa, ON

K2P 1P5

613 241 2267 ext. 25



Please donate to help stop GE foods!









   Disclaimer: All content contained within this website
is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose in any

way. All content is commentary or opinion and is protected
under the free speech act.

2011 All Rights Reserved


Andrea was apparently on quite a potent mix of pharaceuticals when she drowned her childred one by one.

Haldol an antipsychotic most often used to treat schizophrenia

Effexor an antidepressant similar to  selective serotonin reuptake inhibotors (SSRI’s)

Wellbutrin a unique antidpressante that has amphetamine like effects

An experiment to mix this cocktail, especially when the Effexor was prescribed as nearly twice the recommended maximun limit.


Are doctors playing god with human lives? Is Big Pharma playing with the human population for guinea pigs? Is Monsanto quietly eliminating world population with their toxic GMO foods?

These may seem like bizarre questions but it is a reality that is a part of our lives without our knowledge of it. They do not have to let you know you are eating genetically modified foods. How does that make you feel?

You know what I say………..Let’s go back to Nature, forget the profits and save the people and the planet!

Albert Einstein

Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.

Say no to use of Monsanto’s genetically modified  sugar beets in Kelloggs, Coca Cola & Kraft Products. We also have corn, soy beans and canola.

Take action today!
Call or E-mail (via their websites) the five companies listed below.

Tell them you will not purchase their foods or beverages unless they can provide you with written assurance that their products will not contain genetically engineered sugar

Company                                                                                       Phone
Kellogg’s · www.kelloggs.com 800-962-1413
Morningstar www.seeveggiesdifferently.com 800-962-1413
Kraft · www.kraftfoods.com 847-646-2000
M&M/Mars · www.mars.com 800-627-7852
Coca Cola · www.coca-cola.com 800-438-2653

Go to this website, bottom right hand sign and click on download the Boycott Kelloggs/Monsanto GE Sugar leaflet pdf. While you are there sign the worthy petitions. Most are US.


Read GMO articles:

Millions against Monsanto








– glues small pieces of meat together and sells as prime cuts
– Europe banned in 2010
– the bacterial content is hundreds of times higher
– the outside that is now glued inside is difficult to cook
– Glen Pia Microbiologist says if you are eating glued meat rare you are taking a big risk of food poisoning
– chances are, you are eating it on a regular basis
– current labeling laws they don’t have to tell you your chicken is glued together with cow blood or beef glued together with
And guess who is responsible? Anjimoto see articles:




The FDA has admitted that Opioids such as Oxycondone, Morphine, Methadone and Fentanyl are a major public health crisis for  addiction, misuse, abuse, overdose and death. Very widely used for Fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, dental and all kinds of pain. Largely sold as a street drug and very addicting.

From their own website


Opioids are at the center of a major public health crisis of:

– addiction

– misuse

– abuse

– overdose

– death

FDA is taking action to protect patients from serious harm due to these drugs.  This action represents a careful balance between continued access to these necessary medications and stronger measures to reduce their risks.

List of Opioid Products

List of Long-Acting and Extended-Release

Opioid Products Required to have an

Opioid REMS

Brand Name Products

Trade Name Generic Name Sponsor
1 Duragesic Fentanyl Transdermal System Ortho McNeill Janssen
2 *Palladone Hydromorphone hydrochloride extended-release capsules Purdue Pharma
3 Dolophine Methadone hydrochloride tablets Roxanne
4 Avinza Morphine sulfate extended-release capsules King Pharms
5 Kadian  Capsules Morphine sulfate extended-release capsules Actavis
6 MS Contin Morphine sulfate controlled-release tablets Purdue Pharma
7 Oramorph Morphine sulfate sustained-release tablets Xanodyne Pharms
8 *Embeda Morphine sulfate and naltrexone extended-release capsules King Pharms
9 OxyContin Oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release tablets Purdue Pharma
10 Opana ER Oxymorphone hydrochloride extended-release tablets Endo Pharma
11 Exalgo Hydromorphone hydrochloride extended-release tablets Mallinckrodt
12 Butrans Buprenorphine Transdermal System Purdue Pharma

*No longer being marketed, but is still approved.

Generic Products

Drug Name Generic Name Sponsor
1 Fentanyl Fentanyl extended-release transdermal system Actavis
2 Fentanyl Fentanyl extended-release transdermal system Lavipharm Labs
3 Fentanyl Fentanyl extended-release transdermal system Mallinckrodt
4 Fentanyl Fentanyl extended-release transdermal system Mylan Technologies
5 Fentanyl Fentanyl extended-release transdermal system Noven
6 Fentanyl Fentanyl extended-release transdermal system Teva Pharms
7 Fentanyl Fentanyl extended-release transdermal system Watson
8 Methadone Methadone tablets Mallinckrodt
9 Methadone Methadone HCL tablets Mallinckrodt
10 Methadone Methadone HCL tablets Sandoz
11 Morphine Morphine sulfate extended-release tablets Endo
12 Morphine Morphine sulfate extended-release tablets KV Pharmaceuticals
13 Morphine Morphine sulfate extended-release tablets Mallinckrodt
14 Morphine Morphine sulfate extended-release tablets Watson Labs
15 Oxycodone **Oxycodone extended-release tablets Mallinckrodt
16 Oxycodone ** Oxycodone Extended-Release Tablets Impax Labs
17 Oxycodone ** Oxycodone Extended-Release Tablets Teva

** Discontinued products

Related Articles:


On April 7, 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the public about the use of over-the-counter (OTC) products containing benzocaine, an ingredient used to reduce pain in the mouth and gums. Benzocaine use may cause a rare, but serious condition where the amount of oxygen that can be carried through the blood stream is greatly reduced.






The problem with treating the symptoms of Fibromyalgia is that is it not addressing the root cause of the problem. How do you know we aren’t making things worse by the medication or pain killers if we don’t know the cause? What if the drugs they are using are depleting a chemical or damaging neurotransmitters?

Putting all these chemicals in your body has to be doing something. The proof is starting to show that some drugs are causing organ damage, cancer, side effects, death and illnesses. It is probably a matter of time before they find out Fibromyalgia is caused from some immunization, birth control, prescription, food additive or who knows what.

The treatments that are available haven’t been successful for me or from the sounds of hundreds of other women, they are still in the same pain. They try one drug and move on to the next in a desperate attempt to get rid of the pain.

I prefer they work on getting to the root of the problem, not make another drug to mask it. Only to find years later that the drug causes liver or kidney damage. How many of these drugs have proven to cure anything? If heart pills cured heart disease they wouldn’t need to still be taking the drugs. They aren’t getting to the cause of heart disease, only taking care of the symptoms.

I think the best approach we could take would be to start eliminating some of these toxic chemicals that we have been exposed to through medication, pesticides, foods, GMO foods and everyday health care products. The best place to start is demanding they quite allowing these toxins into our food and health care product chain!

No matter what chronic illness you have or even if you are healthy, they will eventually affect you in some way. Why else do we have so many diseases and sick people these days? What about the premature aging, obesity, mental illness, suicides, crime and violence?

We are not a healthy world so lets not pretend it is. We can change though, lets all start today!

I did some research in the Canadian Institute for Health Information. I am trying to avoid being one of these statistics. Keep in mind how much Alzheimer is in seniors, could there be a connection?

Drug Use Among Seniors on Public Drug Programs in Canada, 2002 to 2008 used
data from our National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System Database to
examine the claims of more than one million seniors across six provinces. It found
that nearly two-thirds of seniors were using five or more drug classes in a year, while
one in five were using 10 or more types of prescription drugs.

Could this be why seniors get Alzheimer disease?



Why don’t we call it Sick Care rather than Health Care? Who is getting healthy? Who are they curing? I don’t get the Health Care these days. More and more people are becoming ill, they are coming up with more names for new illnesses everyday. Then of course new prescriptions for these new illnesses they don’t know the long term effects of until we try them out folks. Some synthetic chemical made in a laboratory. This is why it is so important to report your side effects. Nothing is getting better is it? If chemo was working, wouldn’t we see more people being cured of cancer? If heart pills and cholesterol pills were working, wouldn’t we be seeing them get healthy and get off the medications? Instead we are seeing a lifetime of prescriptions until their death. The real question, ” Has it improved their quality of life?”

There aren’t enough Doctors and the ones we do have don’t have time for you nor can they even remember your case. Do they really have any answers for you rather than to pretty much throw a trial prescription at you and see how that goes? They often misdiagnose, over diagnose or under diagnose. Is it just a guessing game? I have been hurdled through health care for the last 20 years and one doctor can’t agree with the other. It almost seems to me like a power struggle, who is right and who is wrong? Dr Jack thinks Dr Jill doesn’t know what she is talking about. Where does that leave the patient who is genuinely in real pain and discomfort? Desperate, confused, angry and defensive from not being believed, or even worse, some resort to suicide. I know women with Fibromyalgia who are ridiculed from the disbelief that they could be in that much pain.

I have talked to many people about the health care they are receiving and I see I am not alone. Here is a familiar statement:

“I come out of the Dr’s office without any straight answers or solutions to my problems. I am given a prescription but I am lost as to what the answer to my problem is or how to fix it. The prescription didn’t work for me but I did experience some nasty side effects. I still am not sure what solution I was given.”

Could it be that our health care is too overwhelmed because we keep going back to get the answers they can’t seem to give us? Perhaps if they spent some time on preventative health care rather than with pills people wouldn’t be so sick. For starters why don’t we demand that the FDA take the toxins out of our foods, personal health care and cleaning products? They claim they are protecting us. Think again, they are the ones who said these toxins were safe to put in our products in the first place. They couldn’t be absorbed  through the skin was their story. Hmmm, unbelievable really!

The thing is we will pay more taxes and we will be getting worse health care, longer waiting times. Isn’t it time we started healing instead of medicating?

Read below:

Dodge, co-author of a study on the system published by the market-friendly C.D. Howe Institute, said Canadian healthcare spending will rise to 19 percent of gross domestic product in 2031 from 12 percent in 2009 if it keeps growing at its current pace.

That will force Canadians to consider sharp cuts in other public services, higher taxes, more private spending to keep the system going, as well as a degradation of public healthcare standards, the report said.


Chronic Health Care Spending Disease

The report authors advise: Canadians must choose some combination of (1) a sharp reduction in public services other than health care (2) increased taxes to finance the public share of health care spending (3) increased individual spending on health care through co-payments or the delisting of health services or (4) longer queues and services of poorer quality.


Yet, in the mean time the Tories are secretly spending 1.2 million on

Tories kept ‘scandalous’ G8 and G20 spending a secret: Ignatieff 1.2


“You have a perfectly good summit site at Huntsville. You could have put them all behind a screened porch looking at a real lake. Instead, you move it down to Toronto, you put up a fake lake and you blow a $1.2 billion in 72 hours,” Ignatieff said.


Wow! Check out the salaries!