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Secrets for Gallbladder Health with Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD


  • Osteoporosis is really weak, sick bone.

  • Bone is controlled by kidney and parathyroid

  • Vaginal rip or tear while delivering can cause problems 50
    years later such as edema, swelling of the legs

  • To promote healthy bones take live-source Vit D3, at least
    2,000 IU daily to keep ideal blood level of 60-100 nanograms per milliliter

  • Clinically observed that people over 40 have trouble
    absorbing Vit D3 because of gallbladder

  • Chinese call a person with gallbladder problems an angry

  • Need to cleanse the gallbladder

  • Gall bladder problems are caused from stress to your body

  • When your sterssed you lose Vit B6

  • B6 is what keeps the bile salt in suspension in the

  • Women who were given synthetic hormones

  • Quick count to measure – organic lemanay essential oil of
    orange, take and ounce of water, 6 or 8 drops of Vit D3, then put 1 or 2
    drops of lemanay, essential oil of orange

  • When you clean the gall bladder you have the best hair and

  • Need good bile flow!


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