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Organic Consumers Needs Your
Help To Fight Against The New Agent Orange GMO Crops

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Who will protect you from ‘Agent Orange’ crops?

Dear Organic Consumer,

Dow Chemical calls its new “Enlist”-brand
of 2,4-D-resistant GMO crops a “blockbuster.” Monsanto similarly
touts its new, highly-volatile dicamba-resistant soybean.

We call them toxic and dangerous.

But unfortunately, the USDA, which is
more committed to protecting Dow and Monsanto’s profits than it is
to protecting your health, is set to approve these new “Agent
Orange” and dicamba-resistant corn and soy crops any day now. And
when the poisonous residues of these two super-toxic herbicides
contaminate the human food supply, in literally thousands of
non-organic processed foods and ingredients, they won’t be labeled.

We need your help to get GMO crops and foods labeled—and banned! So far, we’ve raised almost $80,000 toward our $200,000 goal. Can you help us raise another $120,000 by midnight, March 31?

Click here for instructions on how to donate online, or by phone or

If we reach our goal, two of our allies—Mercola.com and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps—will pitch in to match our $200,000 by donating $100,000 each. We’ll use that $400,000 to fight for state GMO labeling laws, and for county bans on GMO crops.

Dow’s Enlist-brand corn and soy are genetically engineered with 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), a toxic chemical that was part of the deadly Vietnam-era Agent Orange cocktail that has destroyed millions of lives. Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant soybeans are a close cousin of these Agent Orange crops.

2,4-D has been linked to liver damage, endocrine disruption, depressed thyroid hormone levels, infertility and cancer. 2,4-D-resistant crops will be able to withstand huge amounts of 2,4-D poison—poison that will eventually wind up not just on our food, but in our soil, water and air.

The Enlist brand is just one of many increasingly toxic GMO crops in Dow’s GMO pipeline. Dow is “spending millions of dollars and racking up hundreds of patents,” according to a recent article in the Indianapolis Busines Journal, which also reported, “Dow has more seeds, herbicides and fungicides about to reach the market than it has at any time since 1989.”

The U.S. government and its regulatory agencies are not going to protect us from these escalating assaults on our health and our environment. It’s up to us to drive crops like Dow’s Agent Orange corn and soybeans, and Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant soy off the market.

The anti-GMO movement has come a long way in the past two years. We are poised for victory. But we must win the upcoming decisive battles of 2014 in the frontline states of Vermont and Oregon, and intensify the struggle in other states and counties.

Please help us win this fight. Every donation made by midnight, March 31, no matter how large or small, will bring us closer to our goal of $200,000—and that much closer to matching funds from Mercola.com and Dr. Bronner’s.

Thank you!


Ronnie Cummins

National Director, Organic Consumers Association and
Organic Consumers Fund

P.S. Funds donated
directly to campaigns must be raised through the Organic Consumers Fund, our allied 501(c)4 lobbying arm. If you need to make a tax-deductible donation, please donate to our 501(c)3 nonprofit.Your donation will indirectly
support our GMO bans and labeling laws by funding our ongoing education and media work.

Have Fibromyalgia pain? We can help:


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Hell Will Freeze Over Before Health Canada Closes The Door On Multi-Billion Dollars Risky Drug Products!

Here are some more incidences where the Canadian and US Government criminalize natural medicines that work and leave people forced to use drugs that harm them or leave them without a choice but to use drugs that cause side effects.

April 27, 2013


Health Canada: Where Are the Dead Bodies? By W. Gifford-Jones, M.D.

Do you know that every day 290 North American citizens are killed by prescription drugs? To kill the same number of people a jumbo jet would have to crash every day. So why are natural remedies being removed from health food stores but drugs that killed remain available?


Dr. Zoltan Rona, an expert on natural remedies recently told me that, “Health Canada has been raiding health food stores, terrorizing proprietors and confiscating natural food supplements.” He asked, “Could you help to stop it?”

Rona described a New York Times report that the government’s primary suspect in 542 deaths was Pradaxa, a blood thinning agent. Moreover when this drug causes bleeding there is no antidote to stop it. Yet health Canada has done nothing to remove Pradaxa from the market. However it has removed a competitor, be soya-derived enzyme Nattokinase, a safe, effective, and natural blood thinner that has not harmed anyone and has been used for centuries in Japan.

While researching this column W. Gifford-Jones, M.D. interviewed several other authorities who were concerned that other natural remedies are no longer available. He also discovered a most disturbing fact in Germany, a doctor’s prescription is now required to obtain vitamin C. A red light flashed as W. Gifford-Jones recently reported that a powder that contained a high concentration of vitamin C and lysine, as found in Medi-C Plus, can prevent and reverse coronary heart disease.

Germans now pay $45.00 for 90 tablets for 500 mg of vitamin C. Since W. Gifford-Jones takes several thousand of C daily this asinine ruling would cost him $3,600 annually for C!

This shows how far governments go to control natural remedies. It’s sheer, unadultered madness since there is no known toxic amount for vitamin C. For instance, it’s been proven safe to give intravenous injections of several hundred thousand milligrams of vitamin C day after day intravenously to fight infection.

Today, many people are also taking Sytrinol, a natural remedy consisting of citrus and palm fruit extract which decreases total and bad cholesterol, triglycerides and increases good cholesterol. For the moment it is still available and there is no scientific reason it should be removed. But if it happens patients will be forced to switch to cholesterol-lowering drugs whose safety record leaves much to be desired.

Professsor Alan Cassels at the University of Victoria, says that, “cholesterol – lowering drugs are not worth the risk and history will regard CLD’s as an un-mitigated scandal in medicine. Readers know I share this view. But hell will freeze over before Health Canada raises an alarm and closes the door on these multi-billion dollars risky products. Money and high paid lobbyists have won the day in Ottawa and Washington.

Other northern Americans are taking products such as BioSil to prevent osteoporosis (fragile ones). This natural silicon product safely deposits calcium and phosphate into bones. It’s even more effective if used along with vitamin D3 which helps to absorb calcium from the bowel and vitamin K2 as deposits calcium and phosphate into bones where they belong rather than into arteries where they cause trouble.

Will these people be forced to take drugs such as Fosamax and Actonel that had been associated with unusual fractures and degeneration of the jawbone?

If government bureaucrats are honestly interested in the wellness of medical consumers, the best way for them to make an assessment is to examine records of the dead bodies. Data collected from 57 poison control centers in the US showed that in 2010, there were no deaths from the use of vitamin and herbal supplement. This is in spite of the fact that during this year there were 60 billion doses of nutritional supplements taken.

So where will these amateur forensic bureaucrats find the dead bodies? It doesn’t require a long tedious search. The Journal of the American Medical Association claims that there are 60,000 deaths from drugs used in the US and 10,000 in Canada every year now it’s the fourth leading cause of death after cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

The point is that prescription drugs can kill, natural remedies never. It’s time that Health Canada learned this message.

See the website: docgift.com
For comments: info@docgifts.com
Look for products listed in this article at your local health food store for a health food store near you go to PE and oh.ca preferred nutrition.
We need to speak up for our rights before it gets so bad that it will be criminal to eat vegetables. We are being stripped of our rights because of ignorance.

Mike Adams reports that the FDA criminalizes secret Chinese medicine formula that blocks the bird flu. Something that has been used successfully for years.
Pushing the pandemic: FDA criminalizes secret Chinese medicine formula that blocks bird flu
PNO.CA Preferred Nutrition.

Doesn’t it make you wonder? What are your thoughts? Are you prepared to have chemicals as the only form of treatment available?

Don’t they have anything better to do with their time?


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I will share how I took charge of my own health and have come so much further towards feeling alive and finding pain relief.

Now I am working on healing rather than medicating.

Join me!

Be well!

Jennifer Wells


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The FDA – Do they really have your best interest at heart?

I was just reading from the Health Ranger that they have shut down yet another
natural healer, I went to the FDA’s website to check things out. Upon the last       paragraph that I read:

FDA, an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • protects the public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness and security of

  • human and veterinary drugs

  • vaccines and other biological products for human use

  • medical devices.

  • FDA also is responsible for the safety and security of our

  • nation’s food supply

  • cosmetics

  • dietary supplements

  • products that give off electronic radiation

  • regulating tobacco products.

I am in awe of this statement when in fact they allow all kinds of products on the      shelves that will indeed harm us. They even block out products that help heal and         even fight cancer and herbs and natural medicines that have been healing people for thousands of years because they can’t profit from them.

There are no regulations on cleaning products or personal care products and they            are filled with many toxic chemicals that can indeed harm you. They allow chemicals, preservatives, dyes, aspartame, msg, and genetically modified chemicals into your         food chain without your knowledge. They allow mercury in vaccines and all kinds               of drugs onto the market that are later pulled off because of severe side effects or        death. They allow them there to begin with, then they play the hero of pulling them          off the shelf to protect us when they find out they cause harm to humans? Vicious         little circle.

I include everything on my website that I want to keep in my collection. These             videos show the other side of the FDA and the Drug Companies they don’t want               you to know about. Proof that they are causing harm to humans. We have been               kept in the dark too long and I believe we are putting our trust in the devil. You                  be the judge and make your own informed decisions:

Dr Mercola discusses the FDA


Financial News Network talks about GSK


CBC on FDA and GSK

The FDA is Killing You. Info wars

 Mike Adams SSR Lies


Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to
product human fatalities.


Read more:




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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


Drug companies fines:

Time Business reports  AstraZeneca paid $520 million fine for off-label marketing for antipsychotic
drug Seroquel

– Seroquel had FDA approval for use in short-term treatment of schizophrenia and acute bipolar

– aggressively marketed the drug as a long-term cure-all for a broad spectrum of psychiatric maladies, including…aggression and agitation in children even though clinical studies have sometimes shown “serious and debilitating side effects

– typically prescribed by psychiatrists but was being marketed to general medical practitioners including staff at nursing homes, veterans, hospitals, prisons, neighbourhood paediatricians

– making patients “guinea pigs in an unsupervised drug test: according to a prosecutor


Pfizer paid 2.3 billion dollars

Johnson & Johnson slapped with $1.2 billion penalty in Arkansas for using fraudulent tactics to sell Risperdal.

Reuters reports that a jury at Pulaski County Circuit Court in Little Rock, Ark., recently found J & J guilty of
illegally marketing Risperdal for unapproved uses, bilking the Arkansas state Medicaid insurance program for millions of dollars, and withholding the truth about the drug’s deadly side effects.

Wed April 11, 2012 Reporting by  Ransdell Pierson and Lewi Krauskopf in New York



Arkansas judge fines J & J $1.1 B in Resperdal case

– alleging they misled doctors throughout the state in a letter that downplayed Risperdal’s side effects

– State attorney General Dustin McDaniel said in an emailed statement that the ruling “sends a clear signal that
big drug companies like Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals cannot lie to the (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), patients and doctors in order to defraud Arkansas taxpayers of our Medicaid dollars.”


Drug company pays record-setting fines

Pfizer has been fined $2.3 billion dollars

Peter Ostrow Sept 3, 2009

Buffalo, NY (WIVB) – The world’s biggest drug company is paying record-setting fines for illegally promoting drugs for problems they weren’t approved to treat. Using  drugs for conditions beyond the ones they were originally approved for is a practice that’s widespread and usually beneficial.


Forsenic evidence emergest that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities


Drug Company Fined Over Child Deaths In Experiments

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world, has been fined over illegal vaccine experiements which killed 14 babies in Argentina between 2007 and 2008


GlaxoSmithKline to pay $750 M find in fraud case

Federal prosecutors in Boston yestserday said British drug giant GSK PLC agreed to pay $750 million to settle civil and criminal charges that it made and sold adulterated drug, including the antidepressandt Paxil, to Medicaid and other goverment payers.


And I am sure we have forgotten the deaths from cyanide-laced Extra-strength Tylenol?

Johnson & Johnson

1982 Chicago Tylenol murders

– September 29, 1982, a “Tylenol scare” began when the first of seven individiuals died in metropolitan Chicago after ingesting Extra Strength Tylenol tha thad been deliberately laced with cyanide

– within a week, the company pulled 31 million bottles of capsules back from retailers, making it one of the first major recalls in American history

– the incident led to reforms in the packaging of the over-the-counter substances and to federal anti-tampering laws

– the case remains unsolved and no suspects have been charged

2010 children’s product recall

– April 30, 2010, McNeil Consumers Healthcare, a subsidiary of Johnson an dhohnson, voluntarily recalled 43 over-the-counter children’s medicines, including Tylenal, Tylenol Plus, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl

– the recall was conducted after a routine inspection at a manufacturing facililty in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania and United States

– affeted products may contain a “higher concentration of active ingredients” or exhibit other manufacturing defects

– products shipped to Canada, Dominican Republic, Guam, Guateala, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Trinadad and Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Fiji were included in the recall

2010 Hip replacement recall

– August 29, 2010, DePuy, a subsidiary of American
giant Johnson & Johnson, recalled its ASR (articular surface replacement) hip
prostheses from the market

– DePuy said the recall was due to unpublished National Joint Registry data showing a 12% revision rate for resurfacing at five years and an ASR XL revision rate of 13%

– all hip prostheses fail in some patients, but it is
expected that the rate will be about 1% a year

– pathologically, the failing prosthesis had several effects

– metal debris from wear of the implant led to a reaction that destroyed the soft tissues surrounding the joint, leaving some patients with long term disability

– ions of cobalt and chromium –the metals from which the implants was made– were also released into the blood and cerebral spinal fluid in some patients


GlaxoSmithKline to appeal Argentine vaccine fines

The world’s second-largest drug maker was fined $93,000 for protocol problems involving the company’s
recruitment of children under  for clinical trials in several Argentine provinces.

The investigative judge also fined two investigators nearly $70,000 each because consent forms were signed by
illiterate parents or people who didn’t have custody, according to a source in Aguinsky’s office, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the ruling is being challenged.


GlaxoSmithKline. Where Billions in Fines Don’t Dent the Bottom Line

After our Kleptocracy-controlled Supreme Court made it easy for corporations to shield themselves from class action lawsuits with their April 2011 “AT&T Mobility v Concepcion” decision, those settlements are likely to be much smaller.

So for any companies that might be ethically challenged, the pervasive profit motive may often have them asking this:

“Which is better for our bottom line? To do the right thing, or just pay the fine?”

For the multinational Big Pharma conglomerate GlaxoSmithKline, it would be reasonable to assume that the asking of this question is not an occasional moral crisis but a standard operating procedure. In support of this contention,
consider that only yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported the following:

“In one of the largest settlements of it’s kind, GlaxoSmithKline PLC said it will pay the US government $3 billion to settle several long-running criminal and civil investigations into the company, including allegations that Glaxo
marketed some drugs illegally and defraided the medicaid program.”


Heard enough?

If you are looking for products you can trust:



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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


Dr Blaylock, neurosurgeon lays out the truth of vaccines causing schizophrenia and
autism. There is a cost to his videos and newsletters but the money is going
into research that can save your life or your child’s instead of another vaccine
or a drug that can injury more humans. There are two kinds of research, the
truth and then there is deceptive research, what cause are you donating to? I
really believe if we quit supporting the bad guys maybe we can put them out of

The Killer Vaccines 

An Honest Physician Warns of Serious Dangers


Today I suffer from ongoing immune problems and the more I research and learn about the truth of vaccinations, the more I believe that that is what happened to my immunity. I remember as a child being so ill after we had our “shots”. Since then I suffered extended illness from any cold or flu. I would be sick for weeks when everyone else would recover in a few days. I got the red measles twice. When I was 28, I got what I felt like was the flu and I never recovered from it, diagnosed with
Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Celiac, Lactose Intolerant, Hypoglycaemia, Endometriosis,
lost my ovary at 18, all kinds of allergies and on and on. Basically it is all about immunity that I feel I was robbed of at an early age in my life. Lets help save our children.

Read more:






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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


I did some research on only the top 12 drug companies revenue in 2010 which totals 445.3 billion dollars, 210.75 billion was made in US alone. This is not even
including therapeutic devices. Bribery, cash and gifts to push their products:

Johnson & Johnson – U.S. 61.9 billion

Pfizer – U.S. 50.01

Roche – Switzerland 47.35

GlaxoSmithKline – United Kingdom 45.83

Novartis – Switzerland 44.27

Sanofi – France 41.99

AstraZeneca – UK/Sweden 32.81

Abbott Laboratories – U.S. 30.76

Merck & Co. – U.S. 27.43

Bayer HealthCare – Germany 22.30

Eli Lilly U.S. – 21.84

Bristol – Myers Squibb – U.S. 18.81

There are 153 drug companies in the incomplete listing so one can imagine how much money is made in the drug industry.


Are we seeing the whole picture here? Why do we have such a sick world? Why is there that much illness that we are needing billions of dollars worth of drugs and it keeps increasing yearly? There is something wrong here.

The more chemicals we introduce into our food chain, personal care and cleaning products, the more illness we are seeing.

Dr Mercola has a great article on the bribery, fraud, illegal activities, mistakes
and get out of jail free of these drug companies. Why do they keep getting to
repeating their criminal activity? If it were you and I we would be out in jail
and out of business. We are being jailed for selling natural milk and healing
people. The more drugs you purchase, the more you are supporting these corporate criminals to keep hurting people and raking in the big doe while doing it.


Horrified scientists discover GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is responsible for causing an up to 1700 percent increase in narcolepsy among children and teenagers under 17 years of age from their H1N1 Swine flu vaccine in 1990.


Isn’t it really just all about money? Pharmaceutical bribes uncovered – Jon Barron reports.

Pharmaceuticals are the #2 unintentional deaths in the US

Drug companies make contributions to doctors and medical organizations

eg. – Pfizer paid more than $20 million to 4,500 doctors or medical professionals for consulting and speaking on their behalf

Pharmaceutical corruption drives companies to:

– lavish gifts

– lunches

– samples

– discounts

– contributions

– club memberships and more to sway doctors to prescribe their products and speak on their behalf

– 25% of all physicians accept cash gifts from drug companies

– 75% routinely accept in-kind gifts for meals, entertainment and the like

– physicians are the biggest gift recipients

– department chairs and professors of psychiatry at numerous universities routinely accept gifts worth up to tens of thousands of dollars for lecturing on behalf of drug companies

– examples

1. Charles Nemeroff, Chairman of Psychiatry at Emory University, who earned more than 2.8 million from various drug makers between 2000 to 2007 

2. Dr Frederick Goodwin, former director of the National Institute of Mental Health pocketed more than 1.3 million for giving marketing lectures on behalf of  drug companies to physicians.

Perhaps that explains why antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed medication in the US, despite the fact that their track record is downright depressing.


Thank you Jon for providing those facts for us. This is the US alone, compile this problem world wide and it is a very serious problem.

Do these facts and statistics sound like they have your best interests in mind or more their pocket books? Do you see now why they are trying to crush Natural healers and why they don’t want you to become healthy? How do we know which doctors are prescribing for profit? Quite frankly it is frightening and it makes me sick how they have involved children in their profit circle. What has this world come to?

This website is designed to help inform those who are looking for health without drugs. I have been there, done that and it only led me to frailty, despair and near death. If you want to keep informed on what is really going on out there and to finding wellness, sign up for my newsletter and rss feed. If you are looking for health in a pill bottle, then this website isn’t for you.

My mission is to restore my natural healing and to help you find yours! 




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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Suicides –
Could There Be a Link to Antidepressants Like Cymbalta and Lyrica?

Fibromyalgia Suicides

What a complicated and frustrating condition Fibromyalgia can be,  getting
diagnosed. There is so much constant, severe, unexplained pain with Fibro, it is
sometimes even hard for the sufferer to believe that someone could possibly be
in that much pain and  fatigue without a reason why.

It can be met with doubt and scepticism from doctors who believe it is in the
patients head which can be quite defeating for a patient who is seriously

The mystery of Fibro can cause a lot of emotional turmoil in a patients life.
The unknown is hard to deal with. When you don’t know what is causing your pain,
you can’t fix it which leads to a lot of frustration, you lose all hope.

There are multiple symptoms, fatigue, pain all over, muscle pain, tender points,
sleep difficulties, brain fog, digestive disorders to name a few. It is

The list of symptoms seems to grow as we gain more awareness of Fibromyalgia.
When you experience the same symptoms and your life is disappearing as the years
go by. Nothing you have tried has made any difference in your condition and you
have no answers, it starts to play on your soul. 

This is why it is so important to have a good support system, someone who
understands and believes you are having pain. This type of support could be very
helpful for those who feel suicidal.

You have to believe that you will get through this, that there is a way to gain
your strength back and reduce some of the pain and discomfort. They are finding
more answers everyday.

Don’t go it alone, we all need help sometimes. Make sure you seek out the right
kind. You don’t want to find a group of depressed people to get you out of your

Finding a support group, a friend, a  family member, a therapist, an
inspirational group, dr, naturopath dr, homeopathic dr or a church can be a good
place to look for support. Whatever works within your beliefs. Watch a comedy
every night if that is what it takes. Remember, it is only temporary, whatever
it is, it will pass and you will get through it, actually, you did get through
it, you are here and you are alive.

I am wondering if Fibromyalgia
suicides could be linked to the use of antidepressants.
out these videos before you decide to use antidepressants drugs like Prozac.

I also checked the ask
a patient website and they are reporting feeling suicidal thoughts from Cymbalta.
for yourself. Lyrica
users are reporting brain fog and suicidical thoughts
. Is the brain fog
from the medications? Mine seems to have cleared up since I went off all the
drugs. My mind is clearer now and I don’t feel like a walking zombie anymore



I am here to help you feel better and hopefully avoid some unnecessary heartache
and pain.

Feel free to leave a comment or an experience you

have had with Cymbalta or Lyrica. The more we talk

and share, the more people we can help. 


Are you suffering with Fibromyalgia? We can help.


Get your copy of relieving pain


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


I heard on the news yesterday something that is incredibly ironic. Loblaw’s chief
Galen Weston said “Farmers’ markets are great………One day they’re going to
kill some people though”.

Isn’t that amazing from a guy who sells food that is known to cause all kinds of chronic disease, allergies, heart disease and indigestion problems. From genetically modified, high fat, highly sugared, highly salted, aspartame, msg, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, empty calorie and junk disguised as foods but has the audacity to say that local grown, fresh, unadulterated foods such as fruit and vegetables are going to kill some people????

I am outraged and you should be too. We now even have to watch the supermarket’s vegetables as the FDA finds it okay to spray our vegetables with a film called MAP to keep them fresh. It is amazing what they think is okay to spray our foods with to keep it fresh longer. Wouldn’t you rather have a piece of lettuce that is a bit brown on the end instead of a plastic coating made out of god only knows what?

Here are some of the allowable plastic sprays that the FDA allows on our fresh produce. So that is why your lettuce can last so long. It is due to what the FDA calls the edible packaging systems which alters the normal composition of air.. This is why we can leave an apple on the counter now and it still looks the same 4
weeks later, it’s not natural.

– 78% nitrogen

– 21% oxygen

– .03% carbon dioxide and traces of noble gases

They also use an array of things like:

– casein

– soy

– zein

Edible films can create a very low O2 environment where anaerobic pathogens such as C. botulinum may thrive, so antimicrobial compounds can be incorporated into the coating such as:

– zeolite

– isothiocyanate in cyclodextrin with cobalt ion

– chitosan

– allyl isothiocyanate

– silver-based fungicide

– quaternary ammonium salt

– organic monoglycerides

– copper and zinc

– benzoic acid

– sodium benzoate

– sorbic acid

– potassium sorbate

– propionic acid

– wheat-glycerol (great for people suffering from Celiac, thinking they are eating

– collagen

– corn zein (I’d bet it is Genetically Engineered corn)

– gelatin

– soy protein (I’d bet it is Genetically Engineered soy)

– wheat gluten obtained  from aqueous or ethanolic solution

Here is what they said about using Wheat (gluten) – high gluten content may also be a disadvantage for those intolerant to gluten. (May??? I can tell they have never suffered from Celiac). I can’t believe it could be on my lettuce or fruit now. It’s hard enough to avoid it in foods I didn’t know I would have to worry about my fruits and vegetables.

Polysaccharide Barriers

– Pectin generally made from low-methoxyl pectin, calcium chloride, a plasticizer and sometimes organic acids

– Chitosan

– derivatived of cellulose, compromised of the sodium salt of carboxymethyl
cellulose with sucrose fatty acid ester as the emulsifiers

– carrageenan coatings – sucessfully used on cut grapefruit halved not yet
approved by FDA (of course, it is extracted from several species of red
seaweeds, something natural. Chemicals are okay though.)

Recently, concerns about possible pathogen contamination in MAP produce have focused on L. monocytogenes due to its ability to grow at refrigeration temperatures. Numerous researchers have reported that this organism can remain largely unaffected by MAP, while the normal microflora is inhibited. Thus, although MAP produce can remain organoleptically acceptable, L. monocytogenes, with a reduced microflora and, especially if low levels of lactic acid bacteria are present, can grow at low temperatures to potentially harmful levels during the extended storage life of a MAP produce product.

They have been experimenting with

– nitrous and nitric oxides

– sulphur dioxide

– ethylene

– chlorine

– ozone

– propylene oxide

– nisin

– a bacteriocin

– hydroxypropyl methylcellulose on tomatoes

Successful applications have been demonstrated using sodium caseinate/stearic
acid to coat peeled carrots and caseinate/acetylated monoglyceride to coat
celery sticks.


Well how do you like those apples? Sounds awful gross doesn’t it? What the heck is that stuff anyways and what food can we trust nowadays?

So we are better to grow our own. Then again, Bill Gates was exposed for funding
research, promotion of spraying geo-engineered ‘chemtrails’ across the globe. No
wonder we are sick with so many unknown illnesses and cancers!


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When it is more important to have “Scientific Proof” than saving children from harm, there is something wrong. How long are we going to let people suffer because there isn’t any scientific proof? When you see damage done to children all over the world, isn’t that proof enough? Then again, there is a lot of scientific proof that is ignored anyways so what good it it really?

If you have children, mercury fillings, autism, Golf War Syndrome, Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS) you need to watch these videos.

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