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A Rational Biological Source of Pain in the Skin of Patients with Fibromyalgia

A Science Breakthrough To Identifying Pain of Fibromyalgia is Real

Fibromyalgia Is Not All In Your Head, New Research Confirms

Hallelujah! Shout it from the roof tops, scientists have found a possible explanation for the pain of Fibromyalgia!!! This will give some respect back to the sufferers who have been through cynicism and disbelief!

Researchers discover a rational biological source of pain in the skin of patients with fibromyalgia.

Albany Medical Center neurologist, Dr Rice 

Pain specialist Dr. Charles EArgoffthe study primary investigator


Dr. James Wymer 
also at Albany Medical College and 

Dr. James Storey 
of Upstate Clinical Research Associates in Albany, NY

Clinical research proposals were funded by Forest Laboratories and Eli Lilly. 

the AV shunts in the hand are unique in that they create a bypass of the capillary bed for the major purpose of regulating body temperature.

A Thermostat for the Skin

In humans, these types of shunts are unique to the palms of our hands and soles of our feet which work like the radiator in a car

under warm conditions, the shunts close down to force blood into the capillaries at the surface of the skin in order to radiate heat from the body, and our hands get sweaty

under cold conditions, the shunts open wide allowing blood to bypass the capillaries in order to conserve heat, and our hands get cold

According to Dr. Albrecht, the excess sensory innervations may itself explain why fibromyalgia patients typically have especially tender and painful hands.

In addition, since the sensory fibers are responsible for opening the shunts, they would become particularly active under cold conditions, which are generally very bothersome to fibromyalgia patients.

A role in regulating blood flow throughout the body

Although they are mostly limited to the hands and feet, the shunts likely have another important function which could account for the widespread deep pain, achiness, and fatigue that occurs in fibromyalgia patients.

“In addition to involvement in temperature regulation, an enormous proportion of our blood flow normally goes to our hands and feet. Far more than is needed for their metabolism” noted Dr. Rice.

– the hands and the feet act as a reservoir from which blood flow can be diverted to other tissues of the body, such as muscles when we begin to exercise. Therefore, the pathology discovered among these shunts in the hands could be interfering with blood flow to the muscles throughout the body.

this mismanaged blood flow could be the source of muscular pain and achiness, and the sense of fatigue which are thought to be due to a build-up of lactic acid and low levels of inflammation in fibromyalgia patients.

– this, in turn, could contribute to the hyperactvity in the brain

alterations of normal blood flow may underlie other fibromyalgia symptoms, such as non-restful sleep or cognitive dysfunctions.

“The data do appear to fit with other published evidence demonstrating blood flow alterations to higher brain centers and the cerebral cortex of fibromyalgia patients” Dr Rice stated.

See diagram and read the full story at:


The Science

US National Library of Medicine National institute of Health

Pain Med.
Jun;14(6):895-915. doi: 10.1111/pme.12139. Epub 2013 May 20.

Excessive Peptidergic Sensory Innervation of Cutaneous Arteriole-Venule
Shunts (AVS) in the Palmar Glabrous Skin of Fibromyalgia Patients: Implications for Widespread Deep Tissue Pain and Fatigue


Integrated Tissue Dynamics, LLC, Rensselaer, New York, USA; Center for

Neuropharmacology & Neuroscience, Albany Medical College, Albany, New York



– the excessive sensory innervation to the glabrous skin AVS is a likely

source of severe pain and tenderness in the hands of FM patients

– importantly, glabrous AVS regulate blood flow to the skin in humans for

thermoregulation and tother tissues such as skeletal muscle during periods of increased metabolic demand

– therefore, blood flow dysregulation as a result of excessive innervation to AVS would likely contribute to the widespread deep pain and fatigue of FM

– SNRI compounds may provide partial therapeutic benefit by enhancing the impact of sympathetically mediated inhibitory modulation of the excess sensory innervation

Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

PMID: 23691965 

My opinioin

So there is the science that they found to confirm Fibromyalgia sufferers are having “real pain”.

Finally! Do you feel a sense of relief? I don’t. The study was funded by the drug companies and they plan to find another drug to help kill the pain.

Is this just a symptom or a result of another cause?

I want to find the reason the shunts are not working properly, how about you?

I am going to return to this statement from above: this mismanaged blood flow could be the source of muscular pain and achiness, and the sense of fatigue which are thought to be due to a build-up of lactic acid and low levels of inflammation in fibromyalgia patients

So I am going to work on reducing or eliminating high lactic acid and inflammatory foods. My new book deals with inflammatory foods so it will be a big help for anyone seeking an alternative way to dealing with your pain. It will be released soon! Stay tuned for help on how to avoid prescriptions. Because I care!



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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


FDA reported death after the first dose of Multiple Sclerosis drug GILENYA (fingolimod)

Things you should know if you are taking this drug:

– may cause serious side effects such as:

  – slow heart rate (bradycardia), which may be related to slowed conduction of electrical impulses from the upper chambers of the hear to the lower chambers of
he heart. These effects usually do not cause symptoms, but they can cause dizziness, fatigue, and palpitations.

Hm?? Are dizziness, fatigue and palpitations not symptoms?

– slowing of the heart rate mostly occurs after the first dose, and usally returns to normal within one month after you start taking the drug.


– Dizziness


– Slow or irregular heart beat or palpiations

Does that report make any sense to you?


To report a problem with an FDA-regulated product,  please call 1-(800) FDA-1088.



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Flu Shot Recall –


Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

I was wondering how many new cases of Fibromyalgia are diagnosed after flu shot are injected. There was a major recall in the UK from Baxter of 300,000 apparently tainted doses of the Preflucel Influenza Vaccine and guess what the side effects are:

– fatigue

– muscle pain

– headache

Sounds similar to Fibromyalgia? That is why I wonder if Fibro is a man made disease. The further I get away from drugs and chemicals in my food, home, body and hair care products, the better I feel. The more I cleanse the toxins and drugs out of
my system the better I am looking as well and bonus, I am losing my wrinkles too. : ) So, something to look forward to, free radical damage can be reversed. Don’t accept that you are aging early or quickly or that’s the way it is. It doesn’t have to be.

In 2009 Baxter was caught inserting Avian flu virus into flu shots.

Is it just a slap on the back of the hand for these crimes and all is forgotten? If they were caught doing that, it is a crime. I
am glad I don’t get the flu shot, it seems like a Russian roulette on what you are going to get inside that needle.

Have you noticed the commercials lately? One commercial is pushing truth in advertising, the next telling people the flu shot builds their immunity.  I don’t notice them explaining exactly how. I don’t believe it, I would really like to see the proof of that one. We are all entitled to our opinions. Everyone I know that gets the flu shot, get the flu, I don’t. I don’t want to be the one who gets that tainted batch, do you? There is enough of a cocktail of god only knows what, from god only knows where inside that.

Are we becoming zombies like Mike Adams puts it? Being sucked in by what the media says. Oprah says, Dr Phil says, Dr Oz says, The Doctors say, the FDA says, the government says, big pharma says……so we run out and do it. Did anyone notice
they are the ones with the money and the health and we are broke and sickly? I’ll bet they eat organic!

Have you suffered side effects after your flu shot or any other shots such as swine flu? Write in comments.

It is not just US, it is in Canada and all over the world. If we put it all the side effects together from the world on each drug, it is a really big problem. 


Evidence the superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities.


Gardasil HPV vaccine sold in United States, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Poland and France contaminated.


The swine flu is even being used as spam material to hawk fake pharmaceuticals. (2009 article)


800,000 flu shots recalled




Dr Mercola is finding some good evidence that Splenda could be the cause of the increase in IBD or inflammatory bowel disease since Canada was the first to approve it in 1991.  Canada has the highest incidence of IBD. I firmly believe that food can cause
major inflammation in the body. I am wondering if the wheat I was eating was causing my Lupus state. My ANA was 1:320 and when I took wheat and dairy out of my diet my ANA went down. I gave up prescriptions and added natural supplements and it is 1:2 now so I must be doing something right.




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Today is Fibromyalgia awareness day. Through years of uncertainty, disbelief and skepticism, it is finally starting to be recognized as a real illness rather than being looked at as “all in your head”, “hypochondriac”, “you’re lazy” or the “you just need to exercise”. It can be degrading and devastating, like having a knife stuck in you but no one can see it.

I have many articles that might help with your chronic pain and suffering. I know what it is like to be in such agonizing pain and no one can understand it. I dedicated this website to those who suffer with chronic pain and are looking for answers outside of prescription drugs and pain killers. I am still under construction and slowly getting the information on. I have good intentions but pain predicts a lot of my life so it is taking time.

Please feel free to sign up for the free email newsletter or RSS feed to keep updated and browse around the many articles on the website. I am here to help those who want it.

Remember, you are beautiful, you are perfect and you are loved!