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The Perfect Excuse – “I don’t have time!”

We are all guilty of it, the perfect excuse, “I don’t have time”.

If we really think about it, we clearly always have 24 hours in a day.

Isn’t it more of a matter of what we choose to do with our  time?

Or how we organize our time?

We like to do what we like.

When it comes to Fibromyalgia or any chronic pain condition or disease, making time for things can help you deal
with your pain better.

Such as:

Taking time to relax

– if you are constantly on the go, how can your body relax and recharge?

Taking time for yourself

– if you neglect yourself you will probably end up sick and rundown.

Taking time to eat properly

– if you eat junk, how can your body keep up it’s immunity? It’s like putting oil in the gas tank.

Taking time to de-stress

– stress on the body is like smoking or eating bad food

– find a way to reduce your stress, we humans are sometimes our own worse enemy

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Taking time to organize chores such as cooking and cleaning can save pain

– instead of doing it all at once, spread it out

– have family members help

If you prioritize right, you could be successful in every area in life instead of getting caught up and existing in
all those little things in life that don’t really matter and neglecting those things that do.

Lets take Farmville, what’s up with that? If you spend all your spare time planting in Farmville you could be neglecting your real life needs such as food, exercise, posture, bills, or family time you can’t get back. Computer games like Warcraft have caused divorces and introduced new addictions.

We will even put peoples lives a stake just for a “text call”. I am concerned about children’s (and a lot of adults) kidney health the way they “hold it” for hours sometimes or “they will die in the game!”. Why do we neglect our own need of staying healthy for something that means so little in the real world? We are all guilty of it in some way.

Steve Covey explains!

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