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Endoscopy Causing Super Bug Outbreak In US Hospitals

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Russian roulette anyone? 

They have traced the superbug to dirty little cameras.


A new study discovered:

– average of 15% at 5 hospitals were harbouring “bio-dirt” – cells and other material from previously examined patients

– even after the instruments had been cleaned

And my doctor gave me a strange look when I said no to colonoscopy!!

This means that if they just did a colonoscopy with someone with aides, it might not have been cleaned well enough before they insert in into you. How would you explain contacting aides in a marriage that you have been faithful in?


This is why I question everything! How safe are we in the medical system?

Again, what is the safest way out of these possible threats?

Keep your colon healthy by eating clean fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, avoid toxins and move! Avoid the need for these tests by keeping a moving digestive system. I do cleanses myself to free it from toxins and whatever lies in the pathway. Cleanse and nourish!

It does a lot of work for you, you need to treat it well.

Move your body and move your bowels and kidneys! Try to limit exposure to chemicals and avoid if possible, hospitals and doctors offices that are full of sick and contagious people.

There are those who get sicker and even die upon entering a hospital:

Margorie Howse, age 89

– suffering with diabetes and unable to walk because of arthritis

– May 2011, she contacted pneumonia in long term care facility

– admitted to St. Catharines General Hospital

– where unknowingly, a deadly superbug called C. difficile was already hitting patients throughout the building that was in early stages of breakout, soon to devastate 3 hospitals in the Niagara Health system, infect dozens of people and leave 37 dead.

– put her in a room where her roommate had C. difficile

Margorie contacted C. difficile and died less than a month later


And then there are the people who try to get the help but don’t:


With the waiting time in hospitals, I don’t think the system works well at all.

My thought:

Instead of hospitals, we should have crisis centers, infectious centers, cancer centers, bone and fracture centers, mental health centers, arthritic centers addiction centers, abuse centers.

If not in their own or shared building, a hospital divided into all different entrances for your particular concerns.

We get all our best doctors and specialists working together to find the best treatments available and have them work together to improve knowledge and efficiency of treatment.

We presently cram all into one space, people who are anxious are made worse with all the chaos of the crowd. They should be in a calm environment.

People who are severe cases of pancreatitis can’t be in a room with the infectious, it could kill them.

The elderly or sick babies can’t be in a room with infectious diseases.

Separate the infectious from the weaker, vulnerable people, the broken foot or the people with anxiety issues.

Some of the sicker, weaker need to lay down yet they have to sit for hours in an uncomfortable chair beside a person with HIV or the flu.

It doesn’t make sense. If we separated our illnesses, it would go a lot smoother as each center becomes extremely knowledgeable in their particular area and they would be ready and experienced for the individuals particular needs.

The doctors, nurses and secretaries would gain experience and it would constantly be improved upon as they become experts in their particular field.

Sharing results, ideas and experiences would drastically improve our medical knowledge, improve results and save much needed time.

Isn’t that what we are looking for when we require help? An expert with lots of experience and results.

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