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Organic Consumers Needs Your
Help To Fight Against The New Agent Orange GMO Crops

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Who will protect you from ‘Agent Orange’ crops?

Dear Organic Consumer,

Dow Chemical calls its new “Enlist”-brand
of 2,4-D-resistant GMO crops a “blockbuster.” Monsanto similarly
touts its new, highly-volatile dicamba-resistant soybean.

We call them toxic and dangerous.

But unfortunately, the USDA, which is
more committed to protecting Dow and Monsanto’s profits than it is
to protecting your health, is set to approve these new “Agent
Orange” and dicamba-resistant corn and soy crops any day now. And
when the poisonous residues of these two super-toxic herbicides
contaminate the human food supply, in literally thousands of
non-organic processed foods and ingredients, they won’t be labeled.

We need your help to get GMO crops and foods labeled—and banned! So far, we’ve raised almost $80,000 toward our $200,000 goal. Can you help us raise another $120,000 by midnight, March 31?

Click here for instructions on how to donate online, or by phone or

If we reach our goal, two of our allies—Mercola.com and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps—will pitch in to match our $200,000 by donating $100,000 each. We’ll use that $400,000 to fight for state GMO labeling laws, and for county bans on GMO crops.

Dow’s Enlist-brand corn and soy are genetically engineered with 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), a toxic chemical that was part of the deadly Vietnam-era Agent Orange cocktail that has destroyed millions of lives. Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant soybeans are a close cousin of these Agent Orange crops.

2,4-D has been linked to liver damage, endocrine disruption, depressed thyroid hormone levels, infertility and cancer. 2,4-D-resistant crops will be able to withstand huge amounts of 2,4-D poison—poison that will eventually wind up not just on our food, but in our soil, water and air.

The Enlist brand is just one of many increasingly toxic GMO crops in Dow’s GMO pipeline. Dow is “spending millions of dollars and racking up hundreds of patents,” according to a recent article in the Indianapolis Busines Journal, which also reported, “Dow has more seeds, herbicides and fungicides about to reach the market than it has at any time since 1989.”

The U.S. government and its regulatory agencies are not going to protect us from these escalating assaults on our health and our environment. It’s up to us to drive crops like Dow’s Agent Orange corn and soybeans, and Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant soy off the market.

The anti-GMO movement has come a long way in the past two years. We are poised for victory. But we must win the upcoming decisive battles of 2014 in the frontline states of Vermont and Oregon, and intensify the struggle in other states and counties.

Please help us win this fight. Every donation made by midnight, March 31, no matter how large or small, will bring us closer to our goal of $200,000—and that much closer to matching funds from Mercola.com and Dr. Bronner’s.

Thank you!


Ronnie Cummins

National Director, Organic Consumers Association and
Organic Consumers Fund

P.S. Funds donated
directly to campaigns must be raised through the Organic Consumers Fund, our allied 501(c)4 lobbying arm. If you need to make a tax-deductible donation, please donate to our 501(c)3 nonprofit.Your donation will indirectly
support our GMO bans and labeling laws by funding our ongoing education and media work.

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Coke & Pepsi banned in India over harmful levels of aspartame, pesticides and other chemicals.

Found on:  




Distributed by:

Aspartame Poisoning Information Canada
308-40 Bay Mills Blvd

Toronto – ON – Canada


Tel: 416-754-1177    

Web site: www.aspartame.ca 
                                            DISABILITY AND DEATH ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE COSTS OF BUSINESS                                                                         

Need help detoxing from Aspartame Poisoning?


Approximately 50% of the formaldehyde lodges in the liver, 30% in the kidneys and the balance in the fatty tissues and is difficult to remove.   

Are you being embalmed before your time? 


Aspartame consists of 50% Phenylalanine, 40% Aspartic acid and 10% Methyl ester. The methyl ester converts in the body to formaldehyde and formic acid. Formaldehyde as you may know is used by undertakers to embalm bodies and every molecule of methyl ester contributes to your pre embalmment.                                 























































Providing more proof of Aspartame causing harm to humans. From Dr Mercola.

Aspartame can be found in thousands of products such as:

  • instant breakfasts
  • breath mints
  • cereals
  • sugar-free chewing gum
  • cocoa mixes
  • coffee beverages
  • frozen desserts
  • gelatin desserts
  • juice beverages
  • laxatives
  • multivitamins
  • milk drinks
  • pharmaceuticals and supplements, including
    over-the-counter medicines
  • shake mixes
  • soft drinks
  • tabletop sweeteners
  • tea beverages
  • instant teas and coffees
  • topping mixes
  • wine coolers
  • yogurt

However, aspartame’s tainted history of approval and
potentially toxic ingredients cast serious doubt on the safety of this sugar substitute. Furthermore, aspartame may actually increase your appetite (Farber 52).

While the FDA approval may signal the green light for safe
consumption, 85 percent of all complaints registered with the FDA are for adverse reactions to aspartame, including five reported deaths. A closer look at the unscientific studies, suspicious approval methods, and its harmful ingredients, reveal the hidden dangers of this artificial sweetener. In reality, aspartame poses a public health threat.

Ailments Resulting From Aspartame

Birth Defects

Cancer (Brain Cancer)


Emotional Disorders


Why don’t we hear about these things?

The reason many people do not hear about serious reactions to aspartame is twofold:

1) Lack of awareness by the general population. Aspartame-caused diseases are not reported in the newspapers like plane crashes. This is because these incidents occur one at a time in thousands of different locations across the United States.

2) Most people do not associate their symptoms with the long-term use of aspartame. For the people who have killed a significant percentage of their brain cells and thereby caused a chronic illness, there is no way that they would normally associate such an illness with aspartame consumption.

How aspartame was approved is a lesson in how chemical and pharmaceutical companies can manipulate government agencies such as the FDA, “bribe” organizations such as the American Dietetic Association, and flood the scientific community with flawed and fraudulent industry-sponsored studies funded by the makers of aspartame.

Less than nothing.

In 1992, the FDA approved aspartame for use in:

– malt beverages

– breakfast cereals

– refrigerated puddings and fillings.

In 1993 the FDA approved aspartame for use in:

– hard and soft candies

– non-alcoholic favored beverages

– tea beverages

– fruit juices and concentrates

– baked goods and baking mixes

– frostings, toppings and fillings for baked goods.

In 1991, the FDA banned the importation of stevia. The powder of this leaf has been used for hundreds of years as an alternative sweetener. It is used widely in Japan with no adverse effects. Scientists involved in reviewing stevia have declared it to be safe for human consumption–something that has been well known in many parts of the world where it is not banned. Some people believe that stevia was banned to keep the product from taking hold in the United States and cutting into sales of aspartame.

What is the U.S. Congress doing to protect the consumer from the dangers of aspartame?

This is a few of the highlights from his article, get
the whole story here: