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Do you believe that milk does the body good? 

Learn the truth. Milk is mostly casein, the same glue that holds your bear labels on. Robert Cohen , the anti-dairy activist brings out the truth about milk. Call 1-888-not-milk Milk The Deadly Poison. If your child is suffering from asthma, you should really consider the milk products, why have them suffer because they say milk does the body good.

Here is what you are drinking:

– growth hormones

– every scientist knows that protein inhibits calcium absorption and milk is liquid meat, it’s protein

– you are drinking the body fluids of cows, 60% of cows have leukemia virus, 80% have Para tuberculosis – causes irritable bowel syndrome

– milk make breast cancer grow once you get it

– children are entering puberty sooner – milk has 59 bio-active growth hormones

– casein creates mucous

What’s in milk?

– fat

– cholesterol

– virus

– bacteria

– powerful growth hormones

– bovine proteins that cause a vast array of allergies

– insecticides

– antibiotics

– casein 80 % of the protein in milk

Leafy green vegetable have more calcium than milk. Other sources are beans, chickpeas, amaranth, molasses, broccoli, almonds, soybeans (buy organic or you will be getting genetically modified soy), almond milk, rice milk, sesame seeds.

Cows are eating genetically modified foods as well.

I am so glad I am lactose intolerant. If I do consume dairy now, I get mucous as well as pain, bloating, the runs. I believe it was the cause of the cysts I had throughout my body and possible the cancer I had. My mother died of breast cancer as well and she consumed lots of dairy.

Did you know that milk is shipped in those big tankers and it could be shipping milk one day and fuel the next? But they believe that the chemicals will clean it up fine, they then steam it up for you. Hmmm. My husband was doing some electrical
work in one of the places they clean the tankers and the chemicals actually ate the ceiling up and caved it in. Is this how the chemicals got into Neilson’s milk?

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