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Fibromyalgia fatigue and hormonal health

This is very important and not taken seriously enough by doctors. I want to share my experience with fatigue that may help many women and men as well. I went through major stress of family illness and death as well as all my injury and illness. I was to the point that I was so fatigued, so exhausted. I asked my doctors over and over again but to no avail, “it’s the Fibromyalgia”. What exactly does that mean anyways? Do we give something a name so we can blame everything on it? I was desperate from the overwhelming feeling of being totally drained, it was hard to stand and even breathing was a chore. I was starting to think I had cancer like my mom.

I went to my gynecologist Dr Pettle who practices natural medicines and
specializes in hormone health. He told me my adrenals were so low they were
close to shutting down. I was also low in progesterone and testosterone as well. He prescribed a natural remedy for my adrenals and progesterone and I
started coming back to life, my well being was returning. Could Fibromyalgia fatigue be hormonal? 

I gave the results to my general practitioner and his reply was, “oh, that isn’t too bad. My adrenals were in the range of a 90 year old and he said that wasn’t too bad. I felt like I was dying and he wasn’t too concerned about it. That is why this is so important for me to relay this to you. Is your doctor being honest with you? Your adrenal health is overlooked in general medicine, not important enough to be tested for, yet so important to your well being.

Hormone health is so vital and can make such a difference to your health, yet so neglected. I am telling you that if you feel so fatigued like the life is being sucked out of you, like you can’t fill the tank at all anymore no matter what you try. If you are trying to drink so much caffeine to pick you up but it isn’t working, you need to get another opinion if you aren’t getting any answers with your doctors. Go to a Naturopath or a Gynecologist who specializes in natural hormone health. It is so vital to your well being. Prescription hormone replacement therapy has been shown to cause more problems just as many drugs have shown.

David Wolfe is right though, if you quit taking the replacements, the symptoms all come back. You do need to address your bodies needs with the proper food, nutrients and grounding.

Ask for the doctor to test your adrenal function and ask to see the results, not just a report from him saying they are okay. Fine to him may mean your adrenals are that of a 90 year old when you are 30, 40 or 50. Some doctors don’t take hormone health seriously enough. When your hormones are out of whack, so is your life. It is the reason for so many symptoms and mood and so vitally important for you to feel good.

David Wolfe is one of the leading experts in hormone health and he says they can
account for

– obesity

– depression

– most forms of cancer

– diabetes

– growth abnormalities

– aging

– infertility

– mood swings

– heart disease

– sleep apnea

– high cholesterol

When you are estrogen dominant, you can experience:

– chronic migraines

– insomnia

– chronic acne

– inability to lose weight

– mood swings

So get tested!

Causes of hormonal imbalances are:

– artificial light

– aging

– medication, esp. for cholesterol and birth control

– soy products

– rancid fats and oils

– pesticides, pollution and plastics

– lack of wholesome saturated fats  oils in diet

– lack of grounding


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


I came across a YouTube video that Dr Dean Burk has been able to prove that fluoride causes cancer as well as rotting our teeth. So why do they keep putting it in our water? See the facts yourself.

My teeth were cracking for no reason so we put a carbon filter called big
blue in our house that filters the fluoride so we have fluoride free water for
our shower, baths and tap water because you do absorb it through your skin. We
also have reverse osmosis for our drinking water. We have really hard water so
we also have a water softener as well. Isn’t it amazing how we have to protect
ourselves from government approved “safe water”.


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


Do you believe that milk does the body good? 

Learn the truth. Milk is mostly casein, the same glue that holds your bear labels on. Robert Cohen , the anti-dairy activist brings out the truth about milk. Call 1-888-not-milk Milk The Deadly Poison. If your child is suffering from asthma, you should really consider the milk products, why have them suffer because they say milk does the body good.

Here is what you are drinking:

– growth hormones

– every scientist knows that protein inhibits calcium absorption and milk is liquid meat, it’s protein

– you are drinking the body fluids of cows, 60% of cows have leukemia virus, 80% have Para tuberculosis – causes irritable bowel syndrome

– milk make breast cancer grow once you get it

– children are entering puberty sooner – milk has 59 bio-active growth hormones

– casein creates mucous

What’s in milk?

– fat

– cholesterol

– virus

– bacteria

– powerful growth hormones

– bovine proteins that cause a vast array of allergies

– insecticides

– antibiotics

– casein 80 % of the protein in milk

Leafy green vegetable have more calcium than milk. Other sources are beans, chickpeas, amaranth, molasses, broccoli, almonds, soybeans (buy organic or you will be getting genetically modified soy), almond milk, rice milk, sesame seeds.

Cows are eating genetically modified foods as well.

I am so glad I am lactose intolerant. If I do consume dairy now, I get mucous as well as pain, bloating, the runs. I believe it was the cause of the cysts I had throughout my body and possible the cancer I had. My mother died of breast cancer as well and she consumed lots of dairy.

Did you know that milk is shipped in those big tankers and it could be shipping milk one day and fuel the next? But they believe that the chemicals will clean it up fine, they then steam it up for you. Hmmm. My husband was doing some electrical
work in one of the places they clean the tankers and the chemicals actually ate the ceiling up and caved it in. Is this how the chemicals got into Neilson’s milk?

Please watch his video on utube or buy his book:




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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Is Febreze really good for your health? When I see those Febreze commercials with people sticking their noses right into a freshly sprayed pieces of clothing, old sneakers, curtains or couch, I always say to myself, “Can that really be good for your health, especially our lungs?” Any of those commercial sprays. So I went to their website to get a list of ingredients that Febreze has in their products. Here it is:

1.   Nitrogen – the propellant

2.  Purified Water – processing aid

3.  Alcohol – drying aid

4.  Hydrogenated Castor Oil – spreading agent

5.   Dialkyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate – emulsifier

6.   Polyacrylate – pH neutralizer

7.   Hydrochloric Acid

8.   Benzisothiazolinon – preservatives

9.   Perfume – fragrance

10. Cyclodextrin – odor eliminator

Um, like a breathe of fresh chemicals! So what are these ingredients and what do they do to our health? Do you know dictionary.com doesn’t even have most of these words in their vocabulary, I think we are just coming up new chemical names everyday.

1. NITROGEN is a colourless, odourless gaseous element

– relatively inactive chemically but many of it’s compounds display marked reactivity

– Nitrogen has several oxides

1) Nitrous oxide used as an anesthetic

2) Nitric oxide is a gas used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, in air it forms nitrogen dioxide, a poisonous reddish brown gas

3) Nitrogen pentoxide forms nitric acid when dissolved in water forms nitric acid when dissoved in wter

Important compounds of nitrogen include nitric acid, ammonia, many  explosives, cyanides, fertilizer and the proteins. Many organic compounds contain nitrogen

 5.  Dialkyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate – wikipedia says it is a common ingredient in consumers products from laxatives, stool softeners, emulsifying, wetting, dispersing agent, pesticides

TOXICITY In humans – strong irritant for the eyes, lungs and skin

– ingestion can cause the side effects above as well as diarrhea, intestinal bloating and occasional cramping pains.

6.   Polyacrylate – CH2–CH(CO2Na) – is a polymer – it’s the fluff in the middle of diapers -can soak up 200 to 300 times its weight

7.   Hydrochloric Acid – solution of hydrogen chloride (HCI) in water, that is a highly corrosive, strong mineral acid with many industrial uses, it is found naturally in gastric acid

– used in the chemical industry as a chemical reagent in the large scale production of vinyl chloride for PVC plastic, and MDI/TDI for polyurethane

– household cleaning, production of gelatin and other food additives, descaling and leather processing

8.   Benzisothiazolinon – Wikipedia says – has a microbicide and fungicide mode of action. Is used as a preservative in emulsion paints, varnishes, adhesives, washing agents, fuels, sealants, plasters, fillers and in the paper making process.

Health Hazards – it is a known human immune system toxicant

– classified as an irritant for skin, eyes, and lungs

9.   Perfume – god only knows what is in that!

10. Cyclodextrin – family of compounds made up of sugar molecules bound by a ring. Used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, agriculture and environmental engineering. Chief component in Febreze.

So there you have it, it contains a known immune system toxicant, irritant for skin, eyes, lungs, decreases oxygen carrying capacity in the blood, decreased functioning of the thyroid, causes Vitamin A shortage, diarrhea, intestinal bloating, cramping and the fashioning of nitro amines which are one of the most common cause of cancer.

It’s okay if we just ingest a little right?

What we can’t see can’t hurt us right?

Wrong, I think we might be finding some answers to some of these questions:

I don’t know why my stomach hurts?

I don’t know how I got cancer?

Why are there so many diseases?

I used Febreze for an example because of it’s popularity, they most all have the chemicals, some worse. We are breathing in these products, absorbing it through our skin, we are ingesting it.

I think the less of any of the chemical sprays we use the better. If those sneakers are that stinky, perhaps it’s time to throw them out! : ) If the carpet is getting too stinky maybe it should go too!

Candles are another product we don’t suspect enough to be carrying toxins. You can burn essential oils instead.

I grow my own herbs and make herbal bag mixtures that make good moth repellents, help with odours and are great in dresser drawers. You can add a few drops of essential oils. I make herbal bath bags as well and they help with a lot of muscle pain as well as helps you feel relaxed and makes your skin feel amazing.

Fresh herbs are very aromatic. You can buy the potted ones and use them for cooking as well! 

My mother was a sprayer  of Lysol and she died of breast cancer, my father had cancer and I had cancer. You decide! You can bet your babies and kids are ingesting these sprays from the floor cleaners as well. 







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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Now that all the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, the pain and fatigue sets in for people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, cancer, arthritis or any other chronic pain. Over use and abuse of certain muscles, mental and physical stress and the wrong kinds of food will do it.

What we can do now is sit back and take a good look to identify the cause for the excess pain so we can avoid repeating it next year.

– get yourself a yearly planner

– plan to start shopping earlier, listen throughout the year for hints of what they like and put it in your planner.

– you can spread the financial burden of the big Christmas bill by buying a gift every month from now to next year and you can have it wrapped and tucked away for the big day.

– delegate some of the work that causes you the most pain

– when you start to experience pain, stop what you are doing and stretch the muscle that is overworked before it gets into a big ball of pain

– ice the sore muscle or injury

– exercise such as walking or dancing gets our blood and thyroid moving, it also works out a lot of kinks and pains. Go for it!

– hot showers work out a lot of pain and kick starts a sluggish thyroid

– epson salt baths helps ease pain as well as detoxifies

– plan healthier choices for food! I don’t believe we should eat foods that cause us pain or symptoms, then take a pill to settle the upset. Find foods that work with your body’s needs to what makes it feel good rather than feeling ill. Be brave, learn to resist it if it is going to leave you in pain! Is it really worth the suffereing?

Food is definitely my poison and I can experience severe pain and the strangest symptoms when I eat certain things.

The book one mans food is another mans poison is a really great book everyone should read to understand your blood type – food connection. It opened my eyes to relating what was going on in my body and mood to certain foods I was eating. It took me many years to learn that many of my symptoms were food related, others were mechanical and some from the weather itself. Who knew that the mucous I coughed up was from eating dairy? Or the tingling hands and feet were from the flour I ate. As a kid, I thought it was normal to have a headache and a stomach ache. Now I just removed certain foods and I don’t suffer anymore. If I only knew then, what I know now.

The head pain I now have is from the TMJ a dentist gave me from a botched implant. I could have taken Tylenol for the rest of my life and it would never correct the problem. I think more people should consider their teeth and jaw position when having headaches or head pain. I have severe pain in the joint just under my right ear and up the side of my head. My dentist is working to correct my jaw position and the pain is starting to subside. 

Learn what is causing your pain or symptom, if it is food, simply try to avoid it, if it is an activity, find another way, spread the activity out or get someone else to do it. We are all different and different foods cause different reactions in certain blood types. Get to know what ails you!

There are many other choices out there and we have found many wonderful foods to replace the old white flour, dairy, fried food and sugar diets. Try to make a change for the good this year! 

– the all popular chocolate can cause a plugged colon, very constipating to some people yet they will still eat it, then take laxatives for it not realizing that it is from the chocolate. Chocolate is good for you but not most you see at the stores, they are nothing more than loads of sugar, not so healthy! 

– dairy can cause pain and diarrhea

– flour can cause a host of symptoms you wouldn’t believe

– sugar can cause a plethora of health problems and a lot of sugar is genetically modified beet cane sugar now



– chemicals in food like msg and aspartame can cause a lot of health problems







– the weather is something out of our control. I can’t function in the rain, it leaves me weak and frail and in pain in all my joints. For those of you who have a lot of money and a lot of pain in the damp weather, the only thing I have found that offers some hope so far is farabloc clothing but I haven’t tried it. I think it would work though. 


Sometimes the reason for pain is not so obvious though. For example, I never knew why I was in such severe pain for days after we traveled long distances in the truck. It was because every bump on the road was pounding the heck of my damaged coccyx. Also from having a twisted pelvis all the bouncing of the truck yanked away at the muscles around my hip and spine, so I could barely walk for days. The doctors just blamed it on the Fibromyalgia.  

I now have a pillow with the coccyx out of it or a long skinny pillow tucked under my right sits bone helps save me days of severe pain.  

I had so much pain throughout my body I couldn’t zero in on the cause of any one particular pain, so they labelled it all Fibromyalgia. It took me 20 years to finally get to the bottom of each pain and symptom! Once you understand it, you can better deal with it! Don’t ever give up to finding the exact reason for your pain. Being in the dark won’t help you regain your health, nor will never ending prescriptions. 

Getting to know your pain is half the battle! Once you learn to recognize the triggers that make it worse, you can try to avoid getting to that point where it becomes that agonizing, nauseating pain that is unbearable.

Aspirin is widely used for pain, it originated from white willow bark, salicin. We didn’t like the bitter taste so we synthesized it into a chemical mixture and called it aspirin. Most medications are discoveries from Mother Nature anyways, they just synthesize the healing properties and make it in a lab. Why not take the real thing? I don’t understand why we want to make everything into a chemical so we can profit, even at the expense of the planet and the people. We are making it a plastic world.

Why don’t we go back to Mother Nature and save the people and the planet? Be kind to your body and the planet this year!  

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to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Weather can mean debilitating joint and muscle pain for some folks. Even cancer and depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD can be caused by lack of sunlight.

I started writing an article in the spring about pain and weather when I was going through a really painful time but I never posted it. Now that the weather is changing once again I thought it was a good time to dig it back out and bring it to life.

There are thousands of people who experience severe and fatiguing pain with weather changes such as snow and rain. Most call it arthritis. I live in the North and we seem to suffer with a lot of arthritic and painful conditions. There is a lot of cancer as well with lots of evidence piling up that is pointing to a lack of Vitamin D due to months with no sun exposure. We also know that lack of sun can lead to SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. So for those who experience winter blues or depression as well as pain or cancer patients, it seems like Vitamin D is the way to go. Why take an antidepressant when you are actually deficient in Vitamin D? There is a blood test, it would be a good idea to get it checked if you suffer from cancer or depression in the winter months. Make sure you get a good quality product if you do, you don’t want any extra toxins with your Vitamin D. If you see the sun, get out in it for 10-20 minutes if at all possible, expose your face and hands at least if you can, the more skin the better.

I have made a self discovery about my joint pain that I would
like to share with you. Some days I can barely get around from
unbearable pain in my whole body and it leaves me in debilitating fatigue. I really can’t function.

I have heard for years that the barometric pressure and rain has something to do with pain in joints and muscles but sometimes it was raining and I didn’t feel the same pain, sometimes it wasn’t raining and I was feeling the same pain. It wasn’t consistent.

Here is what I wrote in the spring. I have been watching the pressure and humidity for the past few weeks. To my discovery, it isn’t the barometric pressure, it is the humidity level. The humidity was at 92% and I was like a 90 year old woman crippled up in debilitating and fatiguing pain. It is unbelievable how the weather can put you in a crippling state unless you experience it, you probably wouldn’t believe it. The next day it was 80% and the sun was shining, I was a totally different person. Almost like a Dr Jeckle and
Mr Hyde thing going on there only it is playing with your body instead of your mind.  : )

So for those of you who live in humid places and have joint pain, you know what I am talking about. My goal is to find
an answer to what we can do to avoid the pain in humid days. If anyone has some advice besides moving to another country please feel free to share.

Since writing that article, I have been digging into some facts myself. For one thing, if I eat a lot of mucous forming foods, it will increase the inflammation. Dairy, wheat and beef are mucous causing foods to A blood type, it is so in me. The book one man’s food is another man’s poison is an excellent read on blood types and food. Worth picking up!

The newest discovery, (or perhaps an old discover being re-introduced because of early skepticism), which makes sense talks about how shifts in the earths magnetic fields are causing pain and how a type of clothing can help reduce or eliminate the pain. A brilliant German scientist named Frieder Kempe, later Canadian discovered an electromagnetic shielding fabric called Farabloc that could end pain. How could pain killers or anti-inflammatories possibly help without taking out the contributing factors? No profits perhaps?



Why are we letting our people suffer?


This appears in chinese so I have no idea of pricing or ordering.


Found a source but they are very expensive but so is prescriptions in a chronic pain condition.




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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


Um um, check out this video on treating meat with carbon monoxide to keep it looking fresh longer for you. What a treat!


The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation says symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are as below:


– flu like symptoms such as

– headache

– runny nose

– sore eyes


– drowsiness

– dizziness

– vomiting

– sense of disorientation and confusion


– Unconsciousness

– brain damage

– death


So what would this be doing internally when ingesting it through meat? It can’t be good. We are not meant to ingest it let alone inhale it from leaky furnaces, fireplaces or appliances. I don’t understand why they would want to make something look good beyond it’s expiration date anyways. It is very misleading for people that it is still good to eat when it should actually be thrown out.No wonder there is so much illness.

I think we have the right to know this is in our food and the food should be labelled as such. Just as GMO, Aspartame and MSG should be labelled as such and not disguised under different names. Did you know Kraft, Kellogg’s and Coke use genetically modified beet sugar in their products? I didn’t and I am insulted that they use them without our knowledge. They are poisoning our families without letting us have a choice.



For the past 60 years, the Poultry Industry and the FDA denied that the arsenic (a known carcinogen) in the chicken feed would end up in the meat. The evidence is so undeniable that the manufacturer, surprise, Pfizer agreed to pull it off the shelf in US but not necessarily for other countries. They say it is safe to eat cancer causing arsenic but it is dangerous to drink elderberry juice. This
arsenic chicken poop is feed to the cattle and made into hamburger for you. Um ummm!!


Albert Einstein

Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.


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Welcome to Natural
Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Here is a study from Japan that clarifies increased risk of adenoma and carcinoma of the liver and endometrium caused by oral contraceptives. 

Here is where your risky exogenous hormone are coming from:

– oral supplemented estrogens

– tamoxifen

– anabolic steroids, includes:

– danazol

– clomiphene

– growth hormone

– other growth factors produced by genetic engineering because of possible role in causing human neoplasms.



Perhaps that is why I had cancer at an early age of 19. Hmmm, makes me wonder now. It was a highly recommended practice when we were in school. It was sure to make everything better hormonally,
menstrual and emotionally. I think it wrecked havoc on all above.

Here is a study from UK that links  endogenous hormones, oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy and cancer. 


Here is another study that show exogenous hormones and their relation to testicular germ cell cancer.


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way. All content is commentary or opinion and
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So much to report on Monsanto’s genetically modified foods and their outcome. Here is the skinny to all the newest:

– Monsanto’s BT-toxin has been found in the blood of pregnant women and their babies

– GMO’s damage the heart, spleen and blood cells

– are even in our natural food products according to the latest findings

– hundreds of thousands of Americans are now suffering from infections, serios gluten allergy reactions, headaches, dizzy spells, kidney stones, bowel irregularities and mutagenic cell production leading to cancer

– Monsanto’s GMO farm land has increased from 4 million in 1997 to over 330 million acres mostly US soil. Brazil and India are now popular GMO breeding grounds also

To get off track here for a second. This video is extremely important and I think Monsanto’s GMO crops are proving Dr Albert A Bartlett right about the growth factor. Here is the second video showing the growth factor chart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb3JI8F9LQQ&feature=relmfu

–  According to the EPA, since the Roundup Ready crops were introduced in 1993, use of the pesticide has increased at least ten-fold.

– Monsanto’s GMO corn linked to organ failure

– discover of Bt insecticide in human blood proves GMO toxin a threat to human health, study finds

Heard enough?

You know what is shocking is Monsanto’s pledge on their website.

Integrity is the foundation for all that we do. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency, and courage

The names of the corn even sound like chemicals, it’s like they are naming their plastic barbie line. Now we are making up names of this fake and adultered food. What is next? It is just like Anjimoto and their aspartame and msg.











You know what I say, “Never trust the devil!”

Albert Einstein

Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.

Sign CBAN’s petition!

Stop Genetically Engineered Wheat!


Reminds me of another chemical giant, ASPARTAME AND MSG










Take the time to watch Dr Albert A Bartlett 8 part series :




10 fact you need to know about GMO:















Help in the fight for the removal of toxic chemicals in our skin and hair care products! Sunscreens, makeup, perfumes, shampoos, soaps and shaving creams, you name it. You have no idea what you are putting on your body with some products. It’s up to us to take action, so please sign the petition.

If not for yourself, do it for the children. There is so much childhood diseases now, we need to do what we can to stop the suffering. The more chemicals they put in our food, hair, personal and health care products, the more diseases there are. The list goes on and on. Take a look at psychiatry now, they are constantly coming up with new names for mental illnesses and targetting children especially. Pretty soon the whole world will have some kind of mental illness.

It could be from the chemical cocktail we go through with our daily regimen. We ingest it, we slather it on our hair and body, we drink it, we inhale it, we absorb it through out skin, lungs, mouth, ears and nose. The latest news is cell phones could be causing brain cancer. It seems the more technology, the more disease as well, hmmm.

Personal products may contain 1-4 Dioxine, a cancer causing chemical

Sunscreens may contain Oxybenzoine, a hormone disruptor

Take a minute now to sign the petition:


Worthy reads: