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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia and Calcium

In our modern world calcium from food sources seem to be mainly from dairy products. We are told we need calcium in great amounts to protect our bones. We are told to drink lots of milk to build strong bones. Milk does the body good so the commercial goes. What if this was giving the total opposite effects of what we have been lead to believe all our lives?

Jon Barron – Killer Calcium?:

In a calcium obsessed society, even when virtually every health expert in the world is telling us we need to supplement with calcium, if the truth be known, we get more than enough calcium. An abundance of research is showing that high calcium intake, dietary or supplementary leads to heart disease, arthritis, debilitating PMS and senility.

The term calcification refers to the binding of calcium with phosphate to form hard bony structures. This is what builds strong bones and teeth but when calcification occurs in soft tissue (anywhere other than the bones and teeth), it presents major health problems. It can lead to hardening of organs and tissue such as heart and arteries, kidneys, brain, skin, joints, breast, pancreas, prostrate and ovaries, etc. This calcification occurs primarily as deposits that steadily grow bigger over time.

Examples include:

– plaque build-up in the arteries (calcium is a major component of arterial plaque)

– kidney stones

– hardening of the ovaries

As calcification builds up in these areas, it can trigger inflammation, autoimmune
responses, infection and the total shut down of the affected organ.

– 50% of all deaths in North America are caused by calcification and hardening of the arteries and calcification of the heart valves.

What we do need is:


Vitamin D

Vitamin K


Essential Fatty Acids

Balanced PH

What can we do?

Oral Chelation with a good Proteolytic Enzyme

Do yourself a favour, be informed, read the whole article and make your own

informed choices. Jon has the best nutritional supplements I have ever tried,

they are pure and they deliver:


Then read the truth about milk: 


Jon Barron suggests we load up on magnesium so here are some magnesium rich foods for our intake:

Rice bran, raw

Pumpkin seeds, hulled, dried

Whelks, cooked, moist heat

Amaranth seeds, raw

Tofu, regular


Sunflower seeds, dried

Halibut, cooked, dry heat


Wheat germ, toasted

Prickly pear

Spinach spaghetti, cooked

Almonds, dried, unbleached

Atlantic mackerel, cooked, dry heat 

Yard-long beans, boiled 

Filberts, dried, unblanched

Rice bran, raw

Spinach, boiled

Swiss chard, chopped, boiled

Cashew nuts, dry-roasted, unsalted 

Soybeans, boiled

Cassava, raw

Pignolia pine nuts, dried

Pinon pine nuts, dried

Brazil nuts, dried, unblanched

Sources from Preventions Nutrition Advisor 



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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


I came across some information on Lipitor that people who are taking the drug and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia need to know. It causes muscle pain  so perhaps this is another drug that causes Fibromyalgia like symptoms.

Lipitor made by Pfizer, is the best selling drug in history. It’s 20 year patent is running out and they are lower the price so they won’t lose business to generic competition.

What is Lipitor?

– used to lower LDL cholesterol

What are Lipitor side effects?

– myalgia which presents itself as muscle pain and weakness. Mild to moderate is common

– arthritis/arthralgias

– diarrhea

– headaches

– rashes

– elevation of liver transaminases

– elevation of creatin kinase (a muscle enzyme)

-various gastrointestinal symptoms, flatulence, dyspepsia, abdominal pain and various infection symptoms

Life threatening side effects

– Rhabdomyolysis, muscle cells break down releasing large amounts of degraded proteins into the blood stream. Protein degradation can lead to acute renal injury and failure.
Rare but well documented. Seek medical attention right away to prevent the need for dialysis.

–  Hepatotoxicity is another serious Lipitor side effect. It can be
asymptomatic or can lead to right upper quadrant abdominal pain and jaundice in more severe cases.

– Allergic reactions including Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, photosensitivity, vasculitis, polymyalgia rheumatica, angioedema, anaphylaxis, and others can be serious too.

– Pancreatitis is a rare but serious Lipitor side effect.

– Lupus erythematosis is also a rare, but recorded, as a Lipitor side effect.

Unusual Lipitor side effects:

– Pancreatitis and Rhabdomyolysis are probably the most unusual Lipitor side effects of note.







   Disclaimer: All content contained within this website
is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose in any

way. All content is commentary or opinion and is protected
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Welcome to Natural
Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


For some people who suffer with Fibromyalgia,
Injury, Chronic Pain or Arthritis the weather can mean a flare-up for them.
Humidity or rain or wet snow can mean major pain. I suffer major joint pain
and severe fatigue when it rains or there is high humidity. What can we do
about it?

For me, I find if I am eating a lot of sugar
or dairy I suffer with more pain. Diet goes a long way to helping arthritis.
My ANA dropped dramatically when I took gluten out of my diet. Flour can
cause inflammation as well as beef, dairy and many other foods. If you
suffer with arthritic conditions, you owe it to yourself to try eliminating
as many inflammatory foods as possible from your diet. Wouldn’t it be great
if you could just give up a food and your pain would be eliminated? It is,
believe me. A life without gluten and dairy went a long way to eliminating a
lot of pain for me. Once you are away from it you realize it doesn’t really
taste all that great anyways. I found a whole new world of food and tastes
that don’t hurt when I eat them. I also don’t have the greying hair or
wrinkles that those foods cause which is just an added bonus.

As far as the weather, we can’t do much but
be as comfortable as we can through it. Baths in Epson salts help, resting,
ice and healthy diet. Drinking lots of water is a must always, it keep you
hydrated and keeps your bowels moving.

As far as the fatigue, all you can do is rest
to get through it. Providing you have had your iron level and your adrenals
checked. I was told my fatigue was Fibromyalgia but it was my adrenal was
almost shut down, it makes you feel like something is sucking the life out
of you. The regular doctor didn’t worry or even test my adrenals. It was my
gynaecologist who diagnosed me and it has made a major difference in my

Make sure you do your stretches, what you can
do without too much pain but don’t skip them. If something hurts too much,
skip that one today but move on to the next one. Move around or go for a
walk so you don’t seize up completely. It will help you sleep better.

If you are so lucky to have a hot tub or can
go for a massage or chiropractor they can help you with your pain as well.
If your joints are warm, cool them off. If your cold and damp, warm your
body up.

There are a lot of suggestions, you just need
to find out what works for you. The biggest challenge is finding what is
causing the pain, eliminating and managing what you are living with.