I just have to highlight this piece by Lynne McTaggart on American psychiatrist called Grace E. Jackson. Dr. Jackson wrote:

“Drug-Induced Dementia: A Perfect Crime”

Not-so-subtle brain damage

The damage caused by psychiatric medicine is only the tip of the iceberg. I began to look into this issue myself and discovered a good number of the major classes of drugs that doctors give patients as they age bring on dementia. 

Heart drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, sleeping pills, antidepressants, narcotics, stimulants, including Ritalin, the ADHD drug given to children, anti-cholinergics, anti-epileptic drugs, to name just a few, all can damage the structure of the brain. 

Anti-depressants shrink the hippocampus of the brain, and statins lower crucial fats, or lipids, which compose much of brain tissue. 

Beta-blockers and other drugs that aggressively lower blood pressure, such as calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors, also lower blood flow to the brain, creating all the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Disease 

Even good old painkillers – the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory class of drugs – can cause a variety of cognitive changes, from delirium to disturbances in memory and concentration. 

Many of these drugs actually shrink brain volume, destroying the crucial fatty structures of brain cells, or causing abnormal accumulation of tissue in vital brain structures. 



Wow, that is horrible that they are aware of this and allow it to be consumed by humans. My brain fog is gone since I went off all medication and my concentration has returned as well. Could a lot of the symptoms and brain fog you get with Fibromyalgia be from the medications themselves?