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Dying To Be Thin



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Are our Victoria Secret Angels contributing to anorexia and bulimia in women and young girls? Starving to be thin? I don’t think we can blame it on the angels, they are just models doing their jobs. Perhaps media in general. I didn’t watch it but I know it is more about a fashion show than actual under garments. This clothing is for show, not exactly clothing we would wear in real life under our clothing because most of them don’t work under clothing nor are they of any real comfort. I would classify Victoria Secret as selling sexual fantasy rather than functional undergarments.

What bothers me is what really goes on behind the scenes with these models, the drugs, the starving. I was
watching Entertainment Tonight about the women with anorexia and bulimia and it is really sad to see beautiful people destroying their bodies and lives to be thin. With these women, yes, I would say that Victoria Secret models, singers, actresses and media has a lot to do with how these women see themselves and what they want to look like.

I wish we could all see ourselves as unique individuals and be proud of our unique shape, size, hair, attitude, hormones, mind, talents, abilities and attitude. You are one of a kind! Embrace your uniqueness!. We are all uniquely design for
our own purpose in life. You are you with your size, shape, scent and look to attract that one soul mate who is looking for you just the way you are. How could he possibly find you  if you aren’t being you?

Quit comparing yourself to anyone because there just isn’t anyone in the world like you. It’s like making an apple into an orange, it just isn’t going to happen. Embrace who you are for what you are!


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

When you experience the severe, debilitating muscle pain and draining fatigue of Fibromyalgia you will seek anything to find relief. I have tried almost everything with no avail so my journey has taken a change in a new direction. Big hopes and promises that this drug is going to work, only to be led into more disappointment.

I have lost hope to any possibility of recovery what so ever with the medical system. If I want to take heavy drugs for the rest of my life then they can certainly help there. Health care has failed me over and over with their drug therapy causing an array of side effects from rashes, nausea, bloody diarrhea, vomiting blood, morning hangovers, spacey feeling, Anaphylaxis shock, low heart rate, stomach aches, headaches, nausea, depression and on and on. I have only ever been looking for a return of my health, not a
long term drug plan. That is the frustration I am hearing from a lot of people. 

When you are searching for more than a band aide effect it becomes very discouraging in our current health care system when their only answers are drugs, surgery or chemo.

Natural therapies work but they are not covered under drug plans so they become a matter of affordability to most modern families. So does that mean health is only for
the wealthy? The uncanny thing is the outrageous prices of some of the drugs when the actual cost is only pennies. 

I threw them all away and started going to a natural therapy. I went to a Chiropractor to see where that would take me. For 1 year and 8 months I have been doing intense Chiropractic care 2 to 3 times a week with an intense
stretching  and exercise routine 2 to 3 times a day. I was becoming dependent on this chiropractor. I am now totally fit but the pain keeps returning in my neck, middle back, lower spine and right hip down to my toe. Muscle pain from head to toe. The more he manipulated me, the more I needed manipulated. I lived on ice!

This was all great, my spine is so straight, he could help
relieve some muscle pain but it always returned. They are not a permanent solution for anyone with Fibromyalgia, a coccyx injury or a twisted pelvis. So for muscle pain or from the butt down, forget it.

I then tried massage. Massage helps temporarily with some of the muscle pain but not all of it either and I had a fairly big bruise after. It is very expensive and you have to keep going back to find relief. Neither are permanent solutions. To be honest, I think my Chiropractor was treating me too much and I think they have the ability to manipulate you in the right way to make sure you return. Passive income right.

I have suffered for over 21 years from something that began with a fall. I asked over and over if there was damage from the fall but everyone
said it was just Fibromyalgia. What the heck was Fibromyalgia anyways? I had a serious fall on my tailbone, I felt my neck go scrunch, I suffered neck, shoulder, spine, lower back, leg, arms and hip pain ever since. That developed into muscle pain throughout the body.

I have found the biggest problem with doctors is that they really don’t listen to their patients. They know it all and group you in a certain category and treat you accordingly. Tell me, since no two humans are alike, how can we be treated alike?

I went to doctor after doctor after specialist after specialist. I went to one of the best care facilities in Toronto to get a second opinions to my chronic pain that had no solutions, no plan, no answers. I didn’t get much further, I was offered Cymbalta, injections of nerve block into my spine, or an array of other drugs. I know the past 21 years of drugs left me weak, sick internally, constant feeling like I wanted to throw up, adrenals almost ready to shut down and an overall general sense of well being had vanished. I felt death was knocking on my door early and I had to do
something if I wanted to see my grandchildren.

I finally discovered on my own that I have a twisted pelvis. It makes so much sense now. It contributes to a whole lot of muscle pain, my lower back, sciatica, leg and hip pain. All the doctors, specialists, rheumatologist, chiropractors, massage therapy, osteopaths, internist I went to and not one of them noticed my twisted pelvis, yet there was always an offer of drugs. Hmm.

The point of sharing this story is one of a long, wildly painful
journey of doctors, specialists, drugs, side effects, anaphylactic shock, misdiagnose, near death by doctors, and on and on that could be prevented. I am an example of being ill at the hands of my physicians. Have you shared similar experiences? I don’t think I would live very long with the long term drugs they want me to be on. 

My journey has changed to a corrective therapy called Esodynamics, a naturaltherapist who works on the body to correct itself. They don’t force your body into place like the chiropractor does an that is why I am not living
on ice anymore. I am feeling relief in pain that is lasting! I am not living on ice anymore, I am feeling relief without drugs and I have hope for once that I might be able to fix my twisted pelvis providing there is no nerve damage. I have less pain in hip hop and belly dance classes now on those days that have low humidity that is. See, with Fibromyalgia, there are multiple factors and multiple things going on. Those days with humidity, I still become a 90 years old with debilitating and fatiguing pain but to feel good for a day here and there is amazing! Every time I go, I feel better and stronger. Until I say that’s it, I won’t give up on becoming pain free and neither should you. Never, ever give up hope!!!


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

was just wondering why there isn’t mandatory drug testing for Doctors? They are making opinions and decisions that affect you life our physical, emotions and well being everyday. Who wants their lives in the hands of someone who is high on Oxycontin, cocaine or on an array of psychiatric drugs? How do we really know what they are doing? 

Physicians get a great deal of “free samples” and as the saying goes, like finds like. If they want the drugs, they will seek professionals who have the same intent and change prescriptions with each other. I have even read about Doctors who are selling Oxycontin on the streets for profit. At $20+ a pill it is quite a profitable market.

Oxycontin are equal to 16 Percocet by they way. Oxycontin is time released and if it is crushed or chewed and taken, it can have serious and deadly affects. So why are they prescribed so freely? 

They might not be making the best decisions for your well being. What about teachers, priests, ministers, even coaches and school bus drivers? Anyone working in the medical field, and especially those working with children. How much do we really know about these people we are so trusting of?

So just who do you trust nowadays? Is your Doctor taking bribes from drug companies to prescribe certain drugs? There are many stories of the vacations and all sorts of incentives from drug companies to push certain drugs. Expensive drugs too.

There has to be a better way to screen people to weed out pedophiles, sexual, mental abusers and psychopaths from these places of employment before they do harm. 

The answer might lay in educating the people to know what to look for in these predators. If we were all taught from an early age how to recognize behaviors of abusers, psychopaths and predators it will help save more children, elderly and all people from becoming victims.

On thing I have learned is to trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. If you have a bad feeling about something or a sick feeling in your stomach about a person, situation, or event, it is probably for a reason. Follow that, why take the chance?

It’s pretty scary, the news is just full of stories in every town, in every province, in every country. So many medical errors, sexual abuse from doctors, teachers, priests, ministers, coaches, and mental abuse from psychopathic bosses and on and on. If we add it all up world wide, that’s a lot of abuse. People who are in power, whom we are trusting with our children and our own lives. Lot of abuse everywhere and this causes a lot of heartache, illness and suffering for the victims. Yet the abuser who is a psychopath goes on without conscience or any remorse or even enjoy the pain they are putting your through. This is just as real as arthritis and heart disease. Stress causes a great deal  of pain and suffering too and just as bad for your health as smoking or drinking chronically. Life is stressful enough, we don’t need some A-hole destroying your self esteem and emotional well being.

Once a Doctor has his licence, he doesn’t have to update it. Who does he answer to? He is now licensed to “practice” with your life, your body and your mental well being. Notice the word practice. I read an article once from a Psychiatrist boasting about how he feels god like with the power he has over his patient.

My question: “Who is protecting us, the people and how?” I would say a good place to start is with us! If we can’t trust officials to keep our people, food, air, water and streets safe, we need to take it into our own hands. We need to start talking about what is going on to warn others. If we don’t speak, the doctor/teacher/priest/coach will go on to abuse more women, men, boys and girls. Tell a friend, a teacher, a friends mother, a police, someone your trust or call the police or 911. There are many support groups for survivors who can help. There is no one who can help better than someone with compassion who has survived through the very same thing as you.

Maybe there should be a psychiatric evaluation of doctors/teachers/coaches/priest ect to weed out the physically, mentally or sexual abusive as well as pedophiles.
After all, there are good and bad in all professions whether it is doctors, lawyers, teacher, coaches, ministers, priests, traits men, swimming instructors, police or prime ministers. When it is effecting other peoples lives that is where it needs to be stopped.

There might be ways to identify and eliminate those more likely to sexually abuse patients, mentally abuse employees or physically abuse the elderly in old age homes before it happens. There is the PCL-R or Psychopathy Checklist-Revised questionnaire that could be integrated along with a drug test for prescription as well as street drug abuse. Cases should be reported not hidden.

Who is checking up on them anyways? You hear about so much abuse and there are probably far more cases that we
don’t hear about. The victim goes home feeling guilty and ashamed and the doctor goes on guilt free to his next victim. The doctor simply eliminates the patient if they get suspicious or ask questions. Young girls or boys, or women or men
with a mental disability or of a lower intelligence may not know any better. Teachers or coaches have the children move on to the next grade so it becomes a safely net for them.

Who is checking up on the private practices of doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors who have patients in their own privacy. Are chiropractors becoming massage specialists behind close doors to keep their customers coming back? Are
they able to manipulate you enough that you have to come back for more treatment? Are doctors examining their patients just for their own pleasure? Is the examination too long? Too many?

Perhaps every doctor, therapist, teacher, coach and professional should have a website that contains a feedback system so the patients can freely talk about their experience good or bad. I think it would weed out the bad ones
a lot quicker when the truth is put out there. I always feel if you aren’t open to your patient, client, customers opinions or feedback, you must have something to hide. If you have nothing to hide you would want and welcome the feedback.

I read an article in Reader’s Digest magazine and found the internet article to share with you, it is a different article but has the traits of a psychopath. Are you a psychopath? It’s not actually murderers, more people who function in society, take up powerful positions as police officers, business executives and terrorizes people mentally and emotionally. Yes, you know someone just like that. These instances have a lot to do with chronic pain. You can’t truly be free and healthy with constant abuse.  

Albert Einstein

The search for truth implies a duty. One must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true.

Protecting you!

Here is an example of opinions of people in power, a police officer. If a doctor took that opinion and decided that certain women who dress a certain way are asking for it……………..well, need I say more? Read the article above.

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to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Weather can mean debilitating joint and muscle pain for some folks. Even cancer and depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD can be caused by lack of sunlight.

I started writing an article in the spring about pain and weather when I was going through a really painful time but I never posted it. Now that the weather is changing once again I thought it was a good time to dig it back out and bring it to life.

There are thousands of people who experience severe and fatiguing pain with weather changes such as snow and rain. Most call it arthritis. I live in the North and we seem to suffer with a lot of arthritic and painful conditions. There is a lot of cancer as well with lots of evidence piling up that is pointing to a lack of Vitamin D due to months with no sun exposure. We also know that lack of sun can lead to SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. So for those who experience winter blues or depression as well as pain or cancer patients, it seems like Vitamin D is the way to go. Why take an antidepressant when you are actually deficient in Vitamin D? There is a blood test, it would be a good idea to get it checked if you suffer from cancer or depression in the winter months. Make sure you get a good quality product if you do, you don’t want any extra toxins with your Vitamin D. If you see the sun, get out in it for 10-20 minutes if at all possible, expose your face and hands at least if you can, the more skin the better.

I have made a self discovery about my joint pain that I would
like to share with you. Some days I can barely get around from
unbearable pain in my whole body and it leaves me in debilitating fatigue. I really can’t function.

I have heard for years that the barometric pressure and rain has something to do with pain in joints and muscles but sometimes it was raining and I didn’t feel the same pain, sometimes it wasn’t raining and I was feeling the same pain. It wasn’t consistent.

Here is what I wrote in the spring. I have been watching the pressure and humidity for the past few weeks. To my discovery, it isn’t the barometric pressure, it is the humidity level. The humidity was at 92% and I was like a 90 year old woman crippled up in debilitating and fatiguing pain. It is unbelievable how the weather can put you in a crippling state unless you experience it, you probably wouldn’t believe it. The next day it was 80% and the sun was shining, I was a totally different person. Almost like a Dr Jeckle and
Mr Hyde thing going on there only it is playing with your body instead of your mind.  : )

So for those of you who live in humid places and have joint pain, you know what I am talking about. My goal is to find
an answer to what we can do to avoid the pain in humid days. If anyone has some advice besides moving to another country please feel free to share.

Since writing that article, I have been digging into some facts myself. For one thing, if I eat a lot of mucous forming foods, it will increase the inflammation. Dairy, wheat and beef are mucous causing foods to A blood type, it is so in me. The book one man’s food is another man’s poison is an excellent read on blood types and food. Worth picking up!

The newest discovery, (or perhaps an old discover being re-introduced because of early skepticism), which makes sense talks about how shifts in the earths magnetic fields are causing pain and how a type of clothing can help reduce or eliminate the pain. A brilliant German scientist named Frieder Kempe, later Canadian discovered an electromagnetic shielding fabric called Farabloc that could end pain. How could pain killers or anti-inflammatories possibly help without taking out the contributing factors? No profits perhaps?

Why are we letting our people suffer?

This appears in chinese so I have no idea of pricing or ordering.

Found a source but they are very expensive but so is prescriptions in a chronic pain condition.



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Flu Shot Recall –


Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

I was wondering how many new cases of Fibromyalgia are diagnosed after flu shot are injected. There was a major recall in the UK from Baxter of 300,000 apparently tainted doses of the Preflucel Influenza Vaccine and guess what the side effects are:

– fatigue

– muscle pain

– headache

Sounds similar to Fibromyalgia? That is why I wonder if Fibro is a man made disease. The further I get away from drugs and chemicals in my food, home, body and hair care products, the better I feel. The more I cleanse the toxins and drugs out of
my system the better I am looking as well and bonus, I am losing my wrinkles too. : ) So, something to look forward to, free radical damage can be reversed. Don’t accept that you are aging early or quickly or that’s the way it is. It doesn’t have to be.

In 2009 Baxter was caught inserting Avian flu virus into flu shots.

Is it just a slap on the back of the hand for these crimes and all is forgotten? If they were caught doing that, it is a crime. I
am glad I don’t get the flu shot, it seems like a Russian roulette on what you are going to get inside that needle.

Have you noticed the commercials lately? One commercial is pushing truth in advertising, the next telling people the flu shot builds their immunity.  I don’t notice them explaining exactly how. I don’t believe it, I would really like to see the proof of that one. We are all entitled to our opinions. Everyone I know that gets the flu shot, get the flu, I don’t. I don’t want to be the one who gets that tainted batch, do you? There is enough of a cocktail of god only knows what, from god only knows where inside that.

Are we becoming zombies like Mike Adams puts it? Being sucked in by what the media says. Oprah says, Dr Phil says, Dr Oz says, The Doctors say, the FDA says, the government says, big pharma says……so we run out and do it. Did anyone notice
they are the ones with the money and the health and we are broke and sickly? I’ll bet they eat organic!

Have you suffered side effects after your flu shot or any other shots such as swine flu? Write in comments.

It is not just US, it is in Canada and all over the world. If we put it all the side effects together from the world on each drug, it is a really big problem.

Evidence the superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities.

Gardasil HPV vaccine sold in United States, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Poland and France contaminated. 

The swine flu is even being used as spam material to hawk fake pharmaceuticals. (2009 article)

800,000 flu shots recalled


Dr Mercola is finding some good evidence that Splenda could be the cause of the increase in IBD or inflammatory bowel disease since Canada was the first to approve it in 1991.  Canada has the highest incidence of IBD. I firmly believe that food can cause
major inflammation in the body. I am wondering if the wheat I was eating was causing my Lupus state. My ANA was 1:320 and when I took wheat and dairy out of my diet my ANA went down. I gave up prescriptions and added natural supplements and it is 1:2 now so I must be doing something right.

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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia


Um um, check out this video on treating meat with carbon monoxide to keep it looking fresh longer for you. What a treat!

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation says symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are as below:


– flu like symptoms such as

– headache

– runny nose

– sore eyes


– drowsiness

– dizziness

– vomiting

– sense of disorientation and confusion


– Unconsciousness

– brain damage

– death

So what would this be doing internally when ingesting it through meat? It can’t be good. We are not meant to ingest it let alone inhale it from leaky furnaces, fireplaces or appliances. I don’t understand why they would want to make something look good beyond it’s expiration date anyways. It is very misleading for people that it is still good to eat when it should actually be thrown out.No wonder there is so much illness.

I think we have the right to know this is in our food and the food should be labelled as such. Just as GMO, Aspartame and MSG should be labelled as such and not disguised under different names. Did you know Kraft, Kellogg’s and Coke use genetically modified beet sugar in their products? I didn’t and I am insulted that they use them without our knowledge. They are poisoning our families without letting us have a choice.

For the past 60 years, the Poultry Industry and the FDA denied that the arsenic (a known carcinogen) in the chicken feed would end up in the meat. The evidence is so undeniable that the manufacturer, surprise, Pfizer agreed to pull it off the shelf in US but not necessarily for other countries. They say it is safe to eat cancer causing arsenic but it is dangerous to drink elderberry juice. This
arsenic chicken poop is feed to the cattle and made into hamburger for you. Um ummm!!

Albert Einstein

Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.


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Welcome to Natural Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

It’s time for some humour to meet reality. Obesity is a major problem worldwide.


Chicken Nugget Production Line

What are chicken nuggets made of?

McDonalds Food – The Truth

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