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We are in an extreme heat wave in Ontario and it is important to know the warning sign of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Look out for yourself and your fellow worker to make sure they aren’t suffering from any of the symptoms listed below.

Heat Stroke Symptoms

– excess body heat

– fever

– hot and dry skin

– rapid pulse

– can progress to delirium and coma

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms

– faintness

– rapid pulse

– nausea

– profuse sweating

– cool skin

– collapse




Many people with Fibromyalgia suffer from stomach pain but a large number of the general population also suffer with major digestive problems with symptoms anywhere from bloating, indigestion, gas, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation and pain throughout the digestive system.

There are numerous over the counter and prescription pills for stomach pain but do any really work and what organ damage or side effects are you trading off for? All for a food that isn’t right for your body anyways.

If they really solved the problem, we wouldn’t be seeing monthly prescriptions repeated for infinity or the over the counter remedy we throw in with our weekly groceries. Does anyone ever read the side effects of those products?

In my world, I find the cause of the upset and eliminate it. Growing up as a child, I thought it was normal to have a stomach ache. Now I know it can go away by eliminating certain foods and without drugs.

If you suffer from stomach pain, I would really think about eliminating foods from your diet that can cause these symptoms. Likely culprits would be dairy, wheat, sugar, fried foods and preservatives such as aspartame and MSG. Each on of these are so far spread into our food chain it is a difficult task and takes a lot of persistence to find all the products that have these ingredients.

If it is diarrhea you should consider milk or wheat first but eliminate one at a time. Removing dairy will remove symptoms rather quickly, wheat would take months for your small intestines to heal so you wouldn’t know right away but you should see some relief in your tummy from eliminating it.

Wheat is the hardest to eliminate because it is so widespread into everything nowadays, it is even in liquorice, soy sauces and margarine. It is really worth the sacrifice if you suffer from severe stomach pain.

Lactose Intolerance

As soon as I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant, we discovered that my mother and many of her family were also lactose intolerant and just suffered from the symptoms all their life. How sad is that? Makes me wonder what their doctors were thinking? Some symptoms:

                                     – diarrhea

                                     – stomach pain 

                                     – abdominal bloating

                                     – gas, bloating

Personally, I believe my cysts were caused from consuming dairy products. I lost my ovary at 18 due to a cyst, I was given the Lupron for a cyst and have had other cysts as well. It gives me mucous in my stools, throat, nose and eyes.

I read once that we are not meant to drink milk other than at birth. A mother’s milk has a purpose; for growth and immunity for babies. Then whether it is human, cattle or monkeys, they all move on to food.

The book of blood types says that dairy causes mucous in the A blood type body. I am A blood type and it is true for me. I think the mucous contributes to arthritic conditions and inflammation in the body as well. The more I consume the more I have pain and digestive problems.

You can use Lactaid pills that will help with the bloating, gas and diarrhea but I find they don’t work that well, you still get the mucous and it still wrecks havoc on your digestive system so it just isn’t worth it to me. It takes my body days to weeks to re-coop if I do consume it.

There is life after dairy by the way! Everyone says they would die without dairy or flour. I have discovered a new world of cooking and eating that is rather tasty. When you get away from it for a long time, you find it really doesn’t taste that great and it is very sweet because most dairy is loaded with sugar, dyes, aspartame and chemicals so I am not really missing out on anything after all.

Article on celiac:



If foods such as GMO, Aspartame, MSG, soy protein isolates and a LOT of different prescription drugs are causing erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, could this be one of the governments many plans for mass birth control? After all, aren’t they the ones who allow this type of poisoning in our food, personal and health care products? We need to look at the whole picture. A lot of drugs and food can cause erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, then we are given another drug such as Viagra to fix that problem or anti-depressants because we must have too much stress.

Think about it, if there is that much erectile dysfunction and loss of libido happening, there can’t be that much baby making going on.  Look at the Viagra being sold nowadays.

A lot of people complain they are too worn out to have sex nowadays, no energy. Our food chain is draining in so many way.

I call the younger generation the WHITE FLOUR KIDS. They have no ambition to get up and do anything. Most of them need an afternoon nap to get by their day. They don’t exercise and they eat food with very little if any nutritional value. Kids are asking Doctors for Viagra nowadays, now how sad is that? We can sit by and consume these foods and pretend like nothing is going on but if you are one of the unfortunate ones who has chronic pain for unexplained reasons, this may be of more interest to you. We should pay attention to cancer, heart disease and the many forms of immunity diseases.

We need change. Just my thoughts!

Alcohol is taken regularly with pain killers, prescription, over the counter and street drugs without thinking twice about it. Do we really know the consequences, long term results or internal damage we could be causing to our bodies?

The addiction to alcohol, pain killers or street drugs can also lead to liver damage, kidney damage, hives, mental illnesses or even worse, child neglect, child abuse or spousal abuse. Not to mention the crime, theft and death and devastation drinking and driving accidents cause.

Lets remember that one alcoholic drink means:

  • 12 ounces beer
  • 5 ounces of wine

1 1/2 ounces of 80% proof, 1 ounce of 100% proof


Cymbalta – alcohol and drugs like Cymbalta affect similar chemicals in the brain

– concern is increasing effects of alcohol, possibly increasing depression or affecting motor skills

– healthcare professionals advise is you do drink, drink light to moderate amounts

* My thought – it is a fairly new drug and we are the guinea pigs so report your side effects and adverse reactions with drugs/alcohol/herbal/foods. I would consider liver or kidney damage. There are withdrawals symptoms with Cymbalta, libido and on and on.

**I am not a doctor or professional but I wouldn’t combine them or take either if you have a history of depression, suicidal thoughts or any kind of mental illness. Get some help, it will get better.

*** Here is it, though I would include it too. Warnings are for anyone with biopolar, suicidal attempts, heart disease, diabetes, seizures, epilepsy, glaucoma, liver, kidney, bladder or allergies.

Suicidal? Please call for help, it can get better!


I will be adding more soon…………..

The newest Gecko commercial with the pig squealing all the way home is hilarious. LMAO!!!! How ingenious they are with their commercials. Anything for endorphins, thank you Gecko! Who needs anti-depressants with humor like that!