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I just read the most fascinating article by Dr Mercola. We have always know how scent and pheromones play a roll in attraction but I didn’t know that you could pick the wrong mate from taking the birth control.

nerve O, the route pheromones are processed

– nerve O has endings in your nasal cavity but the fibers go directly to the sexual regions of the brain

– nerve O bypasses your olfactory cortex so it does not register a conscious smell but rather identifies chemical sexual cues

– humans have histocompatibility complex-associated (MHC) odor preferences that influence their choice of mates

– women prefer men with dissimilar MHC

– women who take birth control pill change their odor preferences

– the pill essentially mimics pregnancy and pregnant women prefer men with similar MHC

– you risk of interfering with your biology and risk producing a hormonal imbalance that might make you attracted to men with similar chemical makeup

if you were on the pill when you met your mate, you could be less attracted to him when you stop the pill

Wow, that could explain a lot of divorces!

More important, the birth control has serious implications of very serious health risks and we prescribe them like candy. I know they made me feel really bad. Who knows if Fibromyalgia or chronic illnesses are not linked to birth control?

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We are starting to find proof that Round up causes birth defects. How could we allow this to be a part of the food chain as genetically modified food for everyone to consume? It’s not enough to spray it on our food and inhale it into our lungs and drink it through our water, lets eat it too! Why not?

It just doesn’t make sense to me that we want to modify and change our beautiful people into a chemical zombies and our natural earth into a polluted lands with dirty water. A world full of crime, disease, disasters. We can change it if we all fight together. Say no to GMO!




Canola Oil

Sugar Beets


Okay, I am back my friends. I was looking at the National Fibromyalgia website and they are supported by Lilly USA, LLC. Lily is a major drug manufacturer. If you go to their site you can see a list of drugs they supply, one of them being Cymbalta our newest drug of choice being prescribed for Fibromyalgia. You can go see all kinds of doctors and specialists and that is what it comes down to in the end. The treatment is pain killers or Cymbalta and advise to do your exercise. Many other drugs are prescribed, one at a time to see what chemical cocktail works best for you.

Good luck with that and all the new symptoms you will experience from side effects. I can’t take it anymore, I am getting better through natural alternative treatment. The way I see it, we don’t know the long term effects of any of these drugs, people become zombies to their prescriptions and there is no end to it. I have a permanent sick pain inside my guts from long term use of their prescription drugs. I lost a lot of the brain fog when the drugs cleared out of my system along with a pile of other symptoms.

What I found interesting on Lilly website is that Fibromyalgia has it’s own category and the medication used is Cymbalta and it is also listed as a treatment in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain and Neuroscience. Doesn’t that tell us that the drug industry is classifying Fibromyalgia as a neurological problem? No one knows the cause yet they have classified and are treating humans with it . So further more I go to their website to see side effects for Cymbalta and was shocked at how the efficacy of Cymbalta was established from such little trial for such serious illnesses as depression and anxiety disorders when the warning on the same page is it can cause suicidal thoughts and psychiatric disorders. Wow what a bonus for an already depressed person. Is it not like giving an already suicidal person a gun. So every 1 in 12 is actually loaded with a bullet but no one knows who is getting it. Crazy as it sounds, I

Indicated for the treatment of.

–  major depressive disorder (MDD). The efficacy of Cymbalta was established in four short-term and one maintenance trial in adults.

–  generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The efficacy of Cymbalta was established in three short-term and one maintenance trial in adults.

–  management of diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia.

–  management of chronic musculoskeletal pain in people with chronic osteoarthritis pain and chronic low back pain.

Important Safety Information About Cymbalta

Antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens, and young adults. Suicide is a known risk of depression and some other psychiatric disorders.

Now going back to the National Fibromyalgia Association, here is what they believe:

– underlying cause or causes of FM still remain a mystery

– most researchers agree that FM is a disorder of central processing with neuroendocrine/neurotransmitter dysregulation

– patient experiences pain amplification due to abnormal sensory processing in the central nervous system

– an increasing number of scientific studies now show multiple physiological abnormalities in the FM patient, including:

– increased levels of substance P in the spinal cord

– low levels of blood flow to the thalamus region of the brain

– HPA axis hypofunction

– low levels of serotonin and tryptophan and

– abnormalities in cytokine function.

So how does Cymbalta fit in with this and what the heck is Cymbalta?

Lets go to RX List

Cymbalta® (duloxetine hydrochloride)

– selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SSNRI)

– chemical designation is (+)-(S)-N-methyl-?-(1-naphthyloxy)-2thiophenepropylamine hydrochlorie

– empirical formula is C18H19NOS•HCl

– the structural formula is:


Cymbalta (duloxetine hydrochloride) Structural Formula  Illustration

– is a white to slightly brownish white solid, which is slightly soluble in water.

– enteric-coated pellets are designed to prevent degradation of the drug in the acidic environment of the stomach.

Inactive ingredients include

– FD&C Blue No. 2, gelatin

– hypromellose

– hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate

sodium lauryl sulfate

– sucrose

– sugar spheres

– talc

– titanium dioxide

– triethyl citrate

– the 20 and 60 mg capsules also contain iron oxide yellow.

Wow, I am glad that I chose to keep on my Natural path to wellness. Did anyone notice how the sodium lauryl sulfate is not only in our shampoo but also in our drugs?

Living inside a body that has chronic pain can be overwhelmingly devastating some days. I can totally understand how some people who cannot tolerate pain well could resort to suicide. I have an extremely high pain tolerance but some days it takes over the soul and you just feel like giving in.

You know what helps me? I feel sorry for myself, then I cry and then I get up, shake the dust off and get back on the horse. I listen to my favorite songs EXTREMELY LOUD! I dance my butt off and feel the music inside my soul and I forget the whole world for a few moments. So whether you are a rock and roller, a country dude or classical, why don’t you give it a try? You are in pain anyways right? What have you got to lose?

You know the saying “dance like no one is watching”.  Give it a try who cares if you don’t have the beat, no one can see. It always releases endorphins for me and makes me happy. It is sometimes the only way I can warm myself up too, my thyroid is sluggish. So anyone who has thyroid issues and gets really cold, this works great for that as well.

I think the secret to living with chronic pain is to keep your mind off the pain as much and as often as you can.

Find your triggers and abide by them. Keep a distant memory of how bad the pain can get and be determined that you will not let yourself get that way again. If a certain activity causes you extreme pain, don’t do it anymore or find a different way to do it that won’t cause pain.

Find what works and stick to it!

Find someone who can be support for you. I don’t mean just any support but someone who can lift you up and help you put a smile back on your face! Negativity can make things worse for you, try to avoid it at all costs.

Keep on truckin’! Write all your problems in this blog if it helps, it’s all yours. What ever works, keep it up. What ever makes it worse, avoid!

I have lots of article, check out the website. I have been behind in my blogging because I have had to catch up on inside and outside work and that means more back and neck pain for me. I promise to catch up on all the topic my commenters have asked for.


Help in the fight for the removal of toxic chemicals in our skin and hair care products! Sunscreens, makeup, perfumes, shampoos, soaps and shaving creams, you name it. You have no idea what you are putting on your body with some products. It’s up to us to take action, so please sign the petition.

If not for yourself, do it for the children. There is so much childhood diseases now, we need to do what we can to stop the suffering. The more chemicals they put in our food, hair, personal and health care products, the more diseases there are. The list goes on and on. Take a look at psychiatry now, they are constantly coming up with new names for mental illnesses and targetting children especially. Pretty soon the whole world will have some kind of mental illness.

It could be from the chemical cocktail we go through with our daily regimen. We ingest it, we slather it on our hair and body, we drink it, we inhale it, we absorb it through out skin, lungs, mouth, ears and nose. The latest news is cell phones could be causing brain cancer. It seems the more technology, the more disease as well, hmmm.

Personal products may contain 1-4 Dioxine, a cancer causing chemical

Sunscreens may contain Oxybenzoine, a hormone disruptor

Take a minute now to sign the petition:

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