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Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease characterized as an immune response to wheat, rye, barley (gluten and gliadin).

– leads to inflammation to the small intestine and damage and destruction to the villi

It isn’t taken seriously enough, it can be detrimental to one’s health and well being. I suffer in so many ways when I eat gluten, I feel it in my bones, I get numb, creeping pain in my feet and hands (diagnosed as carpal tunnel and neuropathy), I cannot digest it, abdominal pain and distension, intestinal pain, bone and joint pain, headaches and migraines, mucous throughout my body (stool, eyes, throat), sores in my mouth and anemia. It is nasty, I get thinner, paler and weaker. I think a lot of our older population is gluten intolerant but are being treated for neuropathy, arthritis or digestive issues instead of eliminating the wheat. What a shame, life is amazingly different without wheat for me, if you suspect it, give it a try, just eliminate it and see how you feel. Wheat takes months to get out of your system though and if you have been off of gluten for over 5 or 6 months, the test won’t show you are celiac. You have to have it in your system to show up on tests. I have been off of it for 21 years and a doctor just tested me for it and said I wasn’t celiac. Here is what I found:

If the person being tested has not consumed any gluten for several weeks prior to testing, then celiac disease tests may be negative (although this may require many months of gluten-free diet). If the doctor still suspects celiac disease, she may do a gluten challenge – have the patient introduce gluten into his diet for several weeks or months to see if the symptoms return. At that time, celiac tests may be repeated or a biopsy may be done to check for villous atrophy (damage to the villi in the intestine).

I am not putting myself through all that pain, anemia and joint and muscle pain again to see if I have what I know I have. It makes me sick so I don’t eat it. Perhaps a lot of arthritis people have isn’t really arthritis but rather an undiagnosed gluten reaction. I know when I took out the final hidden gluten out of my diet, the nerve pain disappeared. Honestly, I think we eat way too much white flour, what nutrition is in it? Empty calories.

I will be writing a lot more on this topic……will continue……….




Do your fellow man a favor and please report your side effects from your prescription as well as over the counter drugs. Please read:

For Canada

Reporting by Consumers


FDA Reporting:

  • Report a Serious Problem
  • 1-800-332-1088
  • 1-800-FDA-0178 Fax
  • MedWatch Online

    Regular Mail: Use postage-paid FDA Form 3500

    Mail to: MedWatch 5600 Fishers Lane

    Rockville, MD 20857


    Or go to this page

go to the bottom left hand side

Lets have a look at the skeletal muscles

– make up 50% of your body weight

– 640 individually named skeletal muscles

– links two bones across it’s connecting joints

– when these muscles contract or shorten, your bones move

– superficial muscles are closest to the skin

– deep muscles are those closest to the inside

What do muscles need?

– oxygen

– food

If you don’t feed them, they will go into a spasm and you will feel the pain of a cramp

So what kind of food does your muscles require and how do we get oxygen to them?

Food – Protein

Oxygen – try deep breathing exercises



Andrea was apparently on quite a potent mix of pharaceuticals when she drowned her childred one by one.

Haldol an antipsychotic most often used to treat schizophrenia

Effexor an antidepressant similar to  selective serotonin reuptake inhibotors (SSRI’s)

Wellbutrin a unique antidpressante that has amphetamine like effects

An experiment to mix this cocktail, especially when the Effexor was prescribed as nearly twice the recommended maximun limit.

Are doctors playing god with human lives? Is Big Pharma playing with the human population for guinea pigs? Is Monsanto quietly eliminating world population with their toxic GMO foods?

These may seem like bizarre questions but it is a reality that is a part of our lives without our knowledge of it. They do not have to let you know you are eating genetically modified foods. How does that make you feel?

You know what I say………..Let’s go back to Nature, forget the profits and save the people and the planet!

Albert Einstein

Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.

Say no to use of Monsanto’s genetically modified  sugar beets in Kelloggs, Coca Cola & Kraft Products. We also have corn, soy beans and canola.

Take action today!
Call or E-mail (via their websites) the five companies listed below.

Tell them you will not purchase their foods or beverages unless they can provide you with written assurance that their products will not contain genetically engineered sugar

Company                                                                                       Phone
Kellogg’s · 800-962-1413
Morningstar 800-962-1413
Kraft · 847-646-2000
M&M/Mars · 800-627-7852
Coca Cola · 800-438-2653

Go to this website, bottom right hand sign and click on download the Boycott Kelloggs/Monsanto GE Sugar leaflet pdf. While you are there sign the worthy petitions. Most are US.

Read GMO articles:

Millions against Monsanto


Spice Up Your Sex Life!

Forget the Chocolate! Add Saffron and Ginseng to your nutrition plan. Both are proven performance boosters while chocolate and wine effects of sexual desire or performance is likely in your head.

March 28, 2011 – News Release Guelph University.

Ontario researchers have done it again. Guelph food science professor Massimo Marcone  and John Melnyk, a master’s student found studies to support good old herbs and spices can give results.

They found that panax ginseng, saffron and yohimbine, a natural chemical from yohimbe trees in West Africa, improved human sexual function.

People report increased sexual desire after eating:

muira puama, a flowering plant found in Brazil

maca root, a mustard plant in the Andes

chocolate, despite its claimed aphrodisiac effect, chocolate was not linked to sexual arousal or satisfaction [1]

Saffron Iran Saffron Threads

Did you know that saffron comes from our common flower, the crocus sativus?

Crocus Sativus by KENPEI’s photo

Public Domain KENPEI Crocus_sativus1


contains more than 150 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds

– also has many nonvolatile active components, many of which are carotenoids, including:

1) zeaxanthin

2) lycopene

3) various ?- and ?-caratenoids

However, saffron’s golden yellow-orange colour is primarily the result of ?-crocin. [2]

So lets take a look at Saffron’s history:

Until now, the earliest known use was around 1000 B.C., with visual and written evidence for the myrtle, the lily, the poppy and others.

Now, scholars say, the dating of a volcanic eruption and botanically accurate wall paintings indicate that saffron has been a versatile medicine since 3,500 years ago.

They base their case on frescoes at Thera, a Greek island in the Aegean, that have been thought to depict a goddess overseeing the production of perfume or spice.

Instead, the scholars say, the frescos, from 1500 or 1600 B.C. — the exact date is a topic of debate — show the goddess presiding over the manufacture and use of a drug from the saffron flower. [3]

Either way, it shows the safe use of herbs and spices for hundreds of years. It sure is taking us a long time to catch up with science. Why have we taken our science ventures into chemical warfare rather than using the cures from nature? They are indeed fascinating!

Saffron History

Saffron was detailed in a 7th-century BC Assyrian botanical reference compiled under Ashurbanipal. [4]

Documentation of saffron’s use over the span of 4,000 years in the treatment of some 90 illnesses has been uncovered. [5]

Saffron-based pigments have indeed been found in 50,000 year-old depictions of prehistoric places in northwest Iran. [6]

The Sumerians later used wild-growing saffron in their remedies and magical potions [7] [8]


Folk medicine attributes various benefits to oral use of American ginseng and Asian ginseng (P. ginseng) roots, including roles as an aphrosdisiac, stimulant, type II diabetes treatment, or cure for sexual dysfunction in men. [9]

Ginseng and Reishi mushrooms in bottles being sold in Seoul, Korea 

by yarra64

Market-ginseng by yarra64

The price of wild ginseng roots has climbed in the last decade. Now domestic buyers pay $500 to $600 per pound compared with about $50 per pound of cultivated roots. Law enforcement officials say the prices have pushed people into the woods looking for quick money . [10]

Current popularity of such drugs as Viagra and Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction. Viagra and Cialis brought in $1.9 billion US and $1.7 billion US, respectively, last year for their parent companies, Pfizer Inc. and Eli Lilly and Co. [12]

Even young kids are asking for these drugs and mixing it with ecstasy which is really dangerous.

[4] Russo, E.; Dreher, M. C.; Mathre, M. L. (2003), Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science, and Sociology (1st ed.), Psychology Press, ISBN 978-0-7890-2101-4 
[5] Honan, W. H. (2004), Researchers Rewrite First Chapter for the history of Medicine”, The New York Times (2 March 2004), retrieved 13 September 2011
[6] Willard, P. (2002), Secrets of Saffron: The Vagabond Life of the World’s Most Seductive Spice, Beacon Press, ISBN 978-0-8070-5009-5 
[7] Willard, P. (2002), Secrets of Saffron: The Vagabond Life of the World’s Most Seductive Spice, Beacon Press, ISBN 978-0-8070-5009-5
[8] Willard 2002, p. 2. Humphries 1998, p. 20, Humphries, J. (1998), The Essential Saffron Companion, Ten Speed Press, isbn 978-1-58008-024-8

[9] “As ginseng price soar, diggers take to the backcountry”, Retrieved 28 September 2012

Ontario researchers have found a simple cure for cancer, yet major pharmaceutical companies are not interested because they cannot patent and make profit from it.

Canadian scientists tested this dichloroacetate (DCA) on human’s cells; it killed lung, breast and brain cancer cells and left the healthy cells alone. It is currently used to treat metabolic disorders, so, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects.

So why is it we are allowing people to die from cancer when we could be saving them? Today is my Mother’s birthday, she died of breast cancer  June 2nd, 2004. She was only 67 years young! What a waste of talent and to think, it is because a pharmaceutical company couldn’t make profit from all that chemo drugs, pain killers, morphine, pills, pills, and more pills she was on. She was drugged up beyond reality, she lost her hair, she lost her well being, her lust for life, she lost all functioning, ability to walk and at the end even to eat or talk, then she lost her life. Tell me, all that so someone can drive a Mercedes or two? If we could only value human life the way we did money, possessions and power!

Albert Einstein

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

Here are the websites, read all the details here:

The University of Alberta Discovery
March 15, 2007

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, a professor at the U of A Department of Medicine, has shown that dichloroacetate (DCA) causes regression in several cancers, including lung, breast, and brain tumors.

Until recently, researchers believed that cancer-affected mitochondria are permanently damaged and that this damage is the result, not the cause, of the cancer. But Michelakis, a cardiologist, questioned this belief and began testing DCA, which activates a critical mitochondrial enzyme, as a way to “revive” cancer-affected mitochondria.

The results astounded him.

Michelakis and his colleagues found that:

DCA normalized the mitochondrial function in many cancers, showing that their function was actively suppressed by the cancer but was not permanently damaged by it.

the normalization of mitochondrial function resulted in a significant decrease in tumor growth both in test tubes and in animal models.

DCA, unlike most currently used chemo therapies, did not have any effects on normal, non-cancerous tissues.

“I think DCA can be selective for cancer because it attacks a fundamental process in cancer development that is unique to cancer cells,” Michelakis said. “One of the really exciting things about this compound is that it might be able to treat many different forms of cancer”.

Another encouraging thing about DCA is that, being so small, it is easily absorbed in the body, and, after oral intake, it can reach areas in the body that other drugs cannot, making it possible to treat brain cancers, for example.

Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

It is a simple technique using very basic drug. The method employs dichloroacetate, which is currently used to treat metabolic disorders. So, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects.

This drug doesn’t require a patent, so anyone can employ it widely and cheaply compared to the costly cancer drugs produced by major pharmaceutical companies.


Today is Fibromyalgia awareness day. Through years of uncertainty, disbelief and skepticism, it is finally starting to be recognized as a real illness rather than being looked at as “all in your head”, “hypochondriac”, “you’re lazy” or the “you just need to exercise”. It can be degrading and devastating, like having a knife stuck in you but no one can see it.

I have many articles that might help with your chronic pain and suffering. I know what it is like to be in such agonizing pain and no one can understand it. I dedicated this website to those who suffer with chronic pain and are looking for answers outside of prescription drugs and pain killers. I am still under construction and slowly getting the information on. I have good intentions but pain predicts a lot of my life so it is taking time.

Please feel free to sign up for the free email newsletter or RSS feed to keep updated and browse around the many articles on the website. I am here to help those who want it.

Remember, you are beautiful, you are perfect and you are loved!

– glues small pieces of meat together and sells as prime cuts
– Europe banned in 2010
– the bacterial content is hundreds of times higher
– the outside that is now glued inside is difficult to cook
– Glen Pia Microbiologist says if you are eating glued meat rare you are taking a big risk of food poisoning
– chances are, you are eating it on a regular basis
– current labeling laws they don’t have to tell you your chicken is glued together with cow blood or beef glued together with
And guess who is responsible? Anjimoto see articles: