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Chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Rheumatoid and arthritic conditions can be a long hard road for the sufferer to endure. To make matters worse, it can be devastating when disability benefits deny your claim. As if the stress of having to deal with unexplained, chronic pain and fatigue isn’t enough?

“A lot of people being denied ODSP really do qualify at the very onset when they apply. But they are denied…Some of these people have to go through the whole appeal system, and it’s costing a lot of taxpayers’ money, when they shouldn’t have been denied in the first place. I fail to see how this is streamlining the process to work better for disabled people and to work better for the taxpayers.” Sonia Levesque-Parsons, West End Legal Services, Ottawa, November 29, 2000.

These illnesses are predominantly woman’s illnesses, they have been around for over 100 years yet we are still having to defend the fact that we are indeed suffering with real pain. Just exercise, take two aspirins and call me in the morning, right doc?

DAWN was designed to help women in Ontario fight for their disability. You can check out DAWN in the link below (the link doesn’t work, budget cutbacks maybe?):

Special Feature Posted January 29, 2003



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This report was researched and written by John Fraser, Cynthia Wilkey, and JoAnne Frenschkowksi.

Here is help for people with Fibromyalgia for filing for disability in Ontario.

The National Benefit Authority:

Disability lawyer:

If you know of any other links that help support disabled women, leave them in comments and I will add it to this article.


So the FDA has finally admitted that all anti-inflammatories can kill you. Have you been treated with anti-inflammatories for your Fibromyalgia? Here is some information you really need to be aware of before taking Vioxx, Bextra or Celebrex associated with heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular disease. Also over the counter drugs Aleve, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naproxyn and prescription Naproxyn and Aleve to limit or discontinue. He also talks about the effects of aspirin causing internal bleeding and wasn’t it Dr Oz who recommended a baby aspirin a day? Tylenol causes liver damage. Nsaids or anti-inflammatories causing erectile dysfunction. When is it going to end? Aren’t these the very things that are supposed to be keeping us healthy?

My confusion is the mixed information or rather mis-information and prescribing for Fibromyalgia. I have been given prescription anti-inflammatories for the past 18 years, now I am concerned. Anyone else been on years of anti-inflammatories?

What can we do for pain? Be educated! Jon Baron is a miracle doctor and here is his explanation for pain. What I find interesting is the link of Substance P and Fibromyalgia I wrote about in another article. You can read his book for free on line or buy it for a low price. I have tried his products and they are amazing, organic, wildcrafted herbs. I am not an affiliate, I just highly recommend the man and trust his information and product. He genuinely cares for your health, not his pocket book.


There is without a doubt a real problem with our Health Care Services. I read two articles today from the Calgary Post and the National Post that doctors are stepping forward to share their concerns even though they are being intimidated by the government to keep silent. You can only keep things quiet so long before the truth comes.

Just look at the hospitals and doctors offices constantly full, the wait lines, the overworked doctors who don’t have time for you or just don’t know what to do for a lot of the people anymore, the over prescribing of drugs, the drugs being sold on the streets, the addiction to pain killers, the overworked surgeons, the misdiagnoses, the wrong prescriptions given, surgery on the wrong part or the wrong patient and the amount of disease and illness around.

Just look at this A-Z list of diseases we have come up with. The more chemicals, preservatives, over-the counter and prescription drugs they introduce, the more illness, disease and prescriptions needed.

What is it going to take to see that we need to make some changes and start to think about preventative health instead of disease? Hospital and doctors offices waiting lines can sometimes be up to 5 hours or more. I don’t see why we aren’t aiming to be the healthiest country around. Why can’t we set out own standard of organic foods, health education and physical fitness to be a proud, fit and healthy country? Who knows what we can accomplish.

Here are some inserts from the articles:

Alberta’s opposition parties and a growing number of physicians are ratcheting up the pressure on the Stelmach government to call a full judicial inquiry examining the silencing of doctors as well as hundreds of cases of substandard care and alleged cancer surgery wait-list deaths.

As more physicians speak up claiming they’ve been intimidated by government for voicing health-care concerns, Alberta Health Services issued an unprecedented open letter Wednesday to all doctors saying they have a right and duty to advocate for patients.

As Canada grapples with how to fix a health care system widely considered to be faltering, the voices of doctors at the heart of the sector are obviously indispensable. In Alberta, though, some physicians say that speaking out can get them nothing but trouble. Accusations of intimidation are growing, after Raj Sherman, the renegade Conservative, now Liberal, MLA , charged that hundreds of patients had died on a lung-surgery waiting list, and that doctors had been ordered to keep quiet about it.

The emergency physician’s dramatic allegation has been met with a fair bit of skepticism. Other doctors, however, have also come forward to suggest they faced heat from hospitals or health authorities after criticizing some aspect of the system, though one case publicized this week appeared more like an internal hospital dispute than a clear example of whistle blowing. The Alberta Medical Association has cited allegedly hard-headed bargaining by the government in the current fee negotiations as another instance of “intimidation.” Opposition politicians in the province have called for a public inquiry into all the charges.

US news

Alabama bacteria outbreak linked to laboratory

Serratia bacteria tend to spread in hospital patients’ respiratory and urinary tracts

Health officials have linked an outbreak of bacterial infection found in nine Alabama hospital patients who died to contamination at a laboratory.

I have read story after story from Fibromyalgia sufferers and in the end they all have the same desperation about them. Severe pain and suffering that is dismissed, a total lack of understanding and very little to no compassion. They often leave the doctors office with little or no relief and often more confused than when we went in. It is very difficult to live with the chronic pain and can be harder for family and friends to understand. Sometimes you look fine but you have this gnawing, burning pain that no one can see and extreme fatigue that no one can explain. So we are often looked at as complainers or lazy.

What they don’t know is how they feel when they have the flu is what you have become accustomed to as your everyday life. People get sore muscles and fatigue from the flu or overworking their muscles, with Fibromyalgia you live like that everyday. Feeling like you have been lifting 400 lbs of weight all day. You could do the same thing as a friend and they might experience pain in their muscles for a day or two then they bounce back, you take sometimes take weeks to recover.

Many doctors know little to none about Fibromyalgia so I think they push it off as a case of the lazies. You know, since there is nothing wrong in your blood tests. Do exercise and you will be fine. Like the famous old saying goes, “Take two aspirins and call me in the morning!”

Being a sufferer of Fibromyalgia myself for 21 year + now, I have been through all the humiliation, frustration and ignorance that goes with this “mystery syndrome” of chronic pain that no one understands or can explain because it doesn’t make sense, it is too multi-faceted or the doctor just don’t believe in it. It is met with a lot of skepticism which comes with a lot of frustration for the patient who is desperate to find answers to their pain.

The best thing you can do is to keep Doctor shopping until you have found a compassionate one that understands and has some knowledge and experience with Fibromyalgia. Even better, if you can afford a Naturopathic Doctor or alternative practitioners, they can help a lot. Body work is even better such as Massage, Osteopathy or Chiropractor, they can help sort out the pain if it is internal or external, what pain leaves and what pain returns. Shop around, there are good and bad in everything. The chronic pain itself is hard to live with and can effect the very soul of the sufferer. If you don’t have a compassion or understanding it can be detrimental. There has been many suicides from Fibromyalgia.

I think that Doctors need to stop playing god and start to listen and I mean really listen to their patients. They assume, they judge by appearance, they make an opinion even before knowing all the facts, they dismiss your pain as if you are exaggerating. No one knows your body like you do.

There is too much illness and they don’t have the time to get to know their patients. It seems you are allotted a 5 minute time slot and the doctor is always too busy to really listen or to hear as they might put it “my complaints”. It seemed to me that I was a number waiting in the Doctors office, waiting to be given script #500,602. The thing is script #1 to 500,601 didn’t work so why was I bothering anymore? We don’t know what Fibromyalgia is but we are willing to throw all these drugs at it and hope something works or at least it will shut the patient up until she comes back again with the same complaints or new issues from the side effects.

How can they treat something with drugs that they don’t understand? Isn’t that like giving a car oil in the gas tank? How do they know that these drugs aren’t what is causing it in the first place? My search is to finding the root cause to all my pain. If you would like to follow me in my journey of natural pain relief that works, please feel free to sign up to my newsletter or rss feed and be sure to bookmark the website. As pain allows me, I will fill this website with information that will help guide you to a path of wellness and freedom from chronic pain. Remember, one day at a time, one pain at a time, we will beat it!

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What exactly are we celebrating with International Woman’s Day? March 8, 2011 is the Global Centenary Year and we are honoring the work of suffragettes who campaigned for woman’s right to vote. 100 years ago they ran the first International Woman’s Day event in 1911.

Today,  we celebrate all women and their successes and it is all on my birthday, very cool! So to all women, young and old, you are beautiful. Let’s make the next 100 even more powerful! With all we have achieved since then, who knows what we can accomplish in the next 100.




Here is a study that shows the benefits of fish oil helping cancer patients maintain or improve muscle mass. What I found very interesting is that it said that muscle loss in cancer is partly due to the inflammation.

Read the full story at: