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It is always good to see articles supporting Fibromyalgia sufferers that their pain is real. We sure know!

Pain From Fibromyalgia Is Real, Researchers Say

ScienceDaily (Nov. 28, 2006) — Many people with fibromyalgia — a debilitating pain syndrome that affects 2 to 4 percent of the population — have faced the question of whether the condition is real.:

Fibromyalgia often has been misdiagnosed as arthritis or even a psychological issue. Increasingly, though, the scientific knowledge about fibromyalgia is growing, and a new paper from the University of Michigan Health System says there are “overwhelming data” that the condition is real, is characterized by a lower pain threshold and is associated with genetic factors that can make some people more likely to develop fibromyalgia.

The review paper, in the December issue of the journal Current Pain and Headache Reports, cites recent studies involving pain, genetics, brain activity and more. The paper’s authors hope these findings will lead to a better understanding and acceptance of fibromyalgia and related conditions.

“It is time for us to move past the rhetoric about whether these conditions are real, and take these patients seriously as we endeavor to learn more about the causes and most effective treatments for these disorders,” says Richard E. Harris, Ph.D., research investigator in the Division of Rheumatology at the U-M Medical School’s Department of Internal Medicine and a researcher at the U-M Health System’s Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center.

A growing amount of research related to the neurobiology of the condition supports the notion that the pain of fibromyalgia is real. Studies at U-M and elsewhere using two neuroimaging techniques — functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) — indicate there is a difference between patients with and without fibromyalgia.

“In people without pain, these structures encode pain sensations normally. In people with fibromyalgia, the neural activity increased,” says Daniel J. Clauw, M.D., director of the U-M Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center and professor of rheumatology at the U-M Medical School, and an author of the new paper. “These studies indicate that fibromyalgia patients have abnormalities within their central brain structures.”

In a 2003 paper in the journal Science, a U-M team reported that a small variation in the gene that encodes the enzyme called catechol-O-methyl transferase, or COMT, made a significant difference in the pain tolerance, and pain-related emotions and feelings, of healthy volunteers. Researchers also have found that individual mutations in the COMT gene are related to the future development of temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMD or TMJ, a condition related to fibromyalgia.

Together, these studies about COMT and numerous studies with animals suggest that pain sensitivity is determined at least in part by a person’s genetic makeup, Clauw says.

The authors note that there are some legitimate areas of debate regarding fibromyalgia, including disagreements about how precisely it should be defined and whether people with the condition deserve compensation. But none of those disagreements should detract from the acceptance of it as a condition causing real pain, they say.

Reference: Current Pain and Headache Reports, Dec. 2006, pp. 403-7.

Editor’s Note: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Where will it end? We are actually going
to lose our right to be informed about truthful, scientifically-proven
information about food and natural medicines. I think the FDA has gone too far
this time. To throw people in jail for wanting to help educate people on healing
their bodies naturally?????????. How far are we going to let them go? How can we
turn a blind eye to our own and our children’s health and welfare? It is time to
take action!

Take the time to read this:

Nutritional cures exist for nearly every major disease, but the FDA
doesn’t want you to know about them.
So it has censored truthful,
scientifically-proven information about these substances in order to keep you
ignorant about nutritional cures.

In other words, telling the truth about walnuts turns you into a
according to the FDA. And if you tell the
scientifically-validated truth about how walnuts can help reduce high
cholesterol, that act magically transforms your walnuts into unapproved drugs.

And much the same is true when you’re talking about green tea
or pomegranates or superfoods. If you dare
discuss the health benefits of any food or natural substance while you are
selling such items, you will be branded a criminal by the FDA, threatened with
criminal prosecution and potentially have your company raided by the FDA along
with armed law enforcement agents with guns drawn.

In its never-ending march on nutritional science, the FDA also went after
Lipton teas, whose website linked to four scientific studies
concluding that green tea has a cholesterol-lowering effect. The FDA warned the
Lipton company to remove the links, claiming that they were “misleading” and
were effectively making claims that Lipton tea could treat a “disease.”

But what if green tea really can help prevent a disease and the FDA just doesn’t
want you to know about it? That’s actually the case with many plant-based
nutrients that have powerful protective effects against disease. But according
to the FDA’s official position, there is no such thing as a food,
nutrient or supplement that can prevent or treat any disease

Vitamin C doesn’t prevent scurvy. Vitamin D doesn’t prevent rickets. Vitamin B3
doesn’t prevent pellagra, according to the FDA. Vitamins are biologically
useless substances unless they’re patented by drug companies in
which case they are magically transformed into “therapeutic chemicals” that may
be sold to patients at monopoly prices.

The FDA actually believes that fresh, unprocessed foods have no health benefits
whatsoever. That’s why no health claims are allowed on such things. But dead
processed foods like breakfast cereals can prevent disease, according
to the FDA. That’s why the agency has allowed such products to carry a multitude
of health claims.

It’s all part of the FDA’s censorship of science about
nutrients, foods and supplements. Rather than promoting real scientific
knowledge, the FDA is censoring the science to keep the public as ignorant as

In this way, the FDA is an enemy of nutritional literacy
because it aims to keep people in the dark about the health benefits of foods,
supplements and nutrients.

And because nutritional literacy is crucial to the long-term survival of
America, the FDA, through its campaign of enforced nutritional illiteracy, is
effectively an enemy of America. The agency has already
accomplished incalculable harm to America’s population and her economy. And the
FDA is just getting warmed up! Now it wants to “step up its enforcement” of
so-called “false” food labeling. This is just a cover story to clamp down on
truthful health claims the FDA wants to censor.

You can get the full story at:

Take action now. You can sign a petition for: Legislation to Protect Your
Right to Know About the Science Behind Supplements!
for US only. Many of the petitions are US only
so if you are from the US, please take the time to go and sign this petition
NOW, it only takes a few minutes, then each petition is automatically filled out
with your information so you just press send. A couple of minutes today can make
a difference in our lives tomorrow!

For Canada and the rest of the world, you
can sign the petitions for:

Tell the FDA to “Just Say No” to Genetically Modified Frankenfish!

Demand that the
FDA Label Genetically Modified Foods!

Send A Message
To PBS Frontline! What Frontline Covered Up In Their Biased Report On “The
Vaccine War”

Tell the FDA
that You Oppose The Drug Company Petition To Ban P5P, The Natural And
Bio-available Form Of Vitamin B6!

Help us Reform the FDA!

Help End the
Government’s Shameful Silence About Vitamin D

Educate the AP
about Integrative Medicine

Chiropractic Care

I have been in continued Chiropractic

Care for 7 months, 2 to 3 times weekly.

It has been a painful process but I am

seeing such great results that I am

convinced we need them like we need

oil in our cars. If you find a skilled

Chiropractor who knows what she/he is

doing you can benefit tremendously.

I have continually improved with his

adjustments, soft tissue massage on

painful tender spots and stretching


It only makes sense that if we are

misaligned we will have painful muscles

in the surrounding areas. It even

makes more sense that when we have a

painful muscle and we keep using it, it

will get even more painful. I have

been doing his stretches as prescribed

continuously throughout the 7 months.

I can see the difference and can feel my

muscles getting strong again and I

feel centered.

It is a process that takes time but

well worth it in the long run. I

always had major pain doing it. The

stretches were given to me are painless.

If there is pain in that area at that time,

I skip it. The pain is getting less and less

each month. I am disciplined in doing my

exercises though, two to three times

a day. I might miss one workout a week

but always get at least one in a day.

I will keep doing my routine to avoid

the debilitating chronic pain I once was

in and can quite easily go back there.

My advice is to get to the bottom of

your pain now, it will only get worse

if you don’t. I don’t know now what I

would do without my chiropractor now,

he is the oil to my personal vehicle.

Several articles lately about the Hormone Replacement

therapy causing breast cancer. Doesn’t it make you wonder?

Read some of the articles below. There are a lot of medical

errors in our present drug therapy as well. I would question

and read everything you can about the drugs you are

prescribed. Be your own judge, it is your body!

Premarin and Prempro Information on Hormone ReplacementTherapy –

Causes Breast Cancer Risk.

Researchers abruptly halted a major
federal study of hormone replacement therapy — used by tens of millions of
American women — because the drugs create what they consider an
unacceptable risk for breast cancer, heart disease, strokes and blood clots.

New Evidence Of Hormone Therapy Causing Breast Cancer

ScienceDaily (Feb. 5, 2009)
— Postmenopausal women who take combined
estrogen plus progestin menopausal hormone therapy for at least five years
double their annual risk of breast cancer, according to new analyses from a
major study that clearly establishes a link between hormone use and breast
cancer, Stanford researchers say. The multi-center study also found that
women on hormones can quickly reduce their risks of cancer simply by
stopping the therapy.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy And The Pill Can Lead To

Breast Cancer

Study have shown that progestins, synthetic
sex hormones used in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and in contraceptives,
can increase the risk of breast cancers.

Medical researchers at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences in Vienna have identified a key mechanism which allows these
synthetic sex hormones to directly affect mammary cells.

The cancer causing facts about “hormone pills” and why

bio-identical hormone therapies are a safe alternative

For decades, there has been a raging
debate within the medical community regarding the potential side effects
associated with synthetic hormone replacement therapies (HRT) versus the safety
and efficacy of bio-identical, or human-identical, hormone therapies (BHRT). The
controversy continues even while the evidence continues to mount. In 2002, the
Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Research Study funded by the National Institutes
of Health (NIH) was halted due to the clinical outcomes linking synthetic HRT
with increased rates of breast and uterine cancer, heart attacks, stroke and
Alzheimer’s disease. Since 2002 there have been multiple studies that have
substantiated the potentially carcinogenic properties of synthetic hormones.
Most recently, in July of 2005, the United Nation’s cancer research agency
reclassified synthetic hormone therapies from “possibly carcinogenic” to

Why, with this much evidence as to the
carcinogenic properties of synthetic HRT, are so many women still taking them?
Better question: Why are their doctors still prescribing them?