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Are we going too far with this gene therapy? Are we looking for excuses to be addicted to certain things, to be overweight, age too quickly, die of breast cancer? Well I have the gene so I am going to die of cancer.

How we use this information depends on what the out come will be. If we believe we are going to die of cancer, chances are we probably will. The power of the mind!

Researchers from several U.S. institutions, including the National Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, have discovered two genes that are linked to increased caffeine consumption.

The coffee lovers’ genes are CYP1A2, which helps break down caffeine in the body, and AHR, which helps regulates the first gene.

Wow, read this, sad but true article.

Worldwide, Students Suffer From Internet ‘Addiction’

Susan Moeller

Director, International Center for Media and the Public Agenda

A veteran Toronto police detective has been sentenced to 90 days in jail and a year probation for beating up a man in police custody and breaking his arm.

A member of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners has been charged with drunken driving and a weapons charge, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.|head

Not even 20 seconds after she sentenced a Toronto copper to 90 days in jail for a disgraceful abuse of power in beating up a prisoner in his care, witnesses say, some of the police brotherhood were out in the 1000 Finch courthouse hallway behaving like thugs.

No charges for Kelowna officer in 3rd incident

Migrant crew member should be deported for human smuggling, CBSA argues

Judges and Police officers


Two Ontario doctors accused of sexual assault

Drug-facilitated Sexual Assault in Ontario, Canada: Toxicological and DNA Findings

“The drugs found on toxicological screening were unexpected in 87 of the 135 (64.4%) cases with a positive drug finding and included cannabinoids (40.2%), cocaine (32.2%), amphetamines (13.8%), MDMA (9.2%), ketamine (2.3%), and GHB (1.1%). Male DNA was unexpected in 30 (46.9%) of 64 cases where it was found.Among those persons presenting to a sexual assault treatment centre with a suspicion of DFSA, the presence of unexpected drugs and male DNA was common, lending support for their contention that they had been intentionally drugged and sexually assaulted. Most unexpected drugs found were not those typically described as ‘date rape drugs’.”


Here is some legal information on issues related to violence against women

Doctor guilty of sex assaults

Sexual Assault by Doctors, Canada

Sex & drugs scandal rocks Adopt-A-Doc program

A doctor brought to London, ON via the city’s $20,000 Adopt-A-Doc subsidy program has struck a deal with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario that will see him avoid a sexual abuse and narcotics inquiry in exchange for giving up his medical licence and promising to never practise again in any jurisdiction.

Couple charged in adoption agency fraud probe

By QMI Agency

Last Updated: April 9, 2011 4:24pm

TORONTO — A couple has been charged with fraud after police say they allegedly used funds from their not-for-profit adoption agency for vacations, clothing and home renovations.

Rick, 46, and Susan Hayhow, 45, were arrested Thursday after a lengthy investigation into Imagine Adoption Inc., Waterloo Regional Police said.

“The charges relate to just over $420,000 of agency funds that are alleged to have been used inappropriately for personal use such as vacations, clothing, and renovations to their residence in Cambridge,” a statement said.

Rick Hayhow, served as the agency’s general manager, while Susan Hayhow was the founder and executive director.

Both are charged with breach of trust, six counts of fraud over $5,000, and three counts of fraud under $5,000. They have also been charged separately with one count of fraud over $5,000.

The Hayhows were released from custody, and are scheduled to appear in Cambridge court May 26.

Man jailed for £4.7m counterfeit medicine fraud

Peter Gillespie was part of a plot to import drugs from China to the UK

A man has been jailed for eight years for his part in what has been described as the most serious fake medicine fraud in the European Union.

Peter Gillespie, 64, from Hertfordshire, was part of a £4.7m plot to bring two million doses of counterfeit drugs from China to the UK.

He was convicted of conspiring to defraud pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacists and members of the public.

He was convicted by a jury at Croydon Crown Court.

By mimicking authentic, properly manufactured and tested medicines, Gillespie illegally infiltrated the regulated system designed to protect the public and pharmaceutical industry, the court heard.

When we think of burger and fries, we think of fat, weight gain or adding to our risk for heart disease but who would think that if we add a Tim Horton’s double, double or that Dunkin’s it is putting us at risk for diabetes? A new Canadian study shows:

Our very own Ontario researcher Marie-Soleil Beaudoin discovered

– a healthy person’s blood sugar levels spike after eating a high-fat meal.

– the spike doubles after having both a fatty meal and caffeinated coffee – levels similar to those of people at risk for diabetes.

– the results tell us that saturated fat interferes with the body’s ability to clear sugars from the blood and, when combined with caffeinated coffee, the impact can be even worse

– Beaudoin said, “Having sugar remain in our blood for long periods is unhealthy because it can take a toll on our body’s organs.”

The study from the Ontario university was published Friday in the Journal of Nutrition. Read the full story at:

Blood sugar levels are not a major concern for everyone, but they should be of moderate concern to the general population considering the rising trend of diabetes.

The study, published in the Journal of Nutrition

Toronto, June 16, 2010

Diabetes cases in Canada to increase by almost 2 million by 2017: study

Right now, more than two million Canadians are living with diabetes. However, the study suggests that new diabetes cases in the next 10 years will occur in younger age groups when compared to previous years. This, coupled with improved treatments for diabetes, means more Canadians will be living with diabetes than ever before.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights International has labelled Psychiatry as labeling kids with bogus mental disorders. Please watch this video and read the article below. I added the side effects and mortality rate information of psychiatric drugs:

The “experts” warned that the fifth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), scheduled for publication in 2013, “could mean that soon no-one will be classed as normal. . . . [M]any people previously seen as perfectly healthy could in future be told they are ill.”

This is not news. More than 200 hundred years ago Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832) warned: “I believe that in the end humanitarianism will triumph, but I fear that, at the same time, the world will become a big hospital, each person acting as the other’s humane nurse.”

Here is a link to side effects from drugs used to treat psychiatry. Here are a few from a search I did for Canada:

Self-Harm, Suicide Risk/Suicide Attempts/Suicide

Mortality Risk Increased

Heart Problems, Cardiac Events

Skin Problems/Reactions, Hypersensitivity Reactions, Multi-Organ Sensitivity

Dependence, Addiction, Medication Abuse, Hallucinations, Delusional Thinking, Sensory Disturbances, Confusion, Cognitive Impairment, Dizziness, Amnesia, Memory Loss, Depression

Mortality Risk Increased

Birth Defects

Death/Sudden Death, Agitation, Irritability, Heart Problems, Cardiac Events, Stroke, Cerebrovascular Events, Hallucinations, Delusional Thinking, Sensory Disturbances

Death/Sudden Death, Blood Pressure Changes, Heart Problems, Cardiac Events, Stroke, Cerebrovascular Events

Here is the:

International Warning and Studies on Psychiatric Drug Search Engine

Please check it out before you take any psychiatric drug or if you are considering giving your children these drugs:

Here is a handy search engine with the side effects reported to the US FDA for psychiatric drugs:

Some recent news:

British doctors illegally prescribe

ADHD drugs to children as young as


Friday, April 01, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer





Chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Rheumatoid and arthritic conditions can be a long hard road for the sufferer to endure. To make matters worse, it can be devastating when disability benefits deny your claim. As if the stress of having to deal with unexplained, chronic pain and fatigue isn’t enough?

“A lot of people being denied ODSP really do qualify at the very onset when they apply. But they are denied…Some of these people have to go through the whole appeal system, and it’s costing a lot of taxpayers’ money, when they shouldn’t have been denied in the first place. I fail to see how this is streamlining the process to work better for disabled people and to work better for the taxpayers.” Sonia Levesque-Parsons, West End Legal Services, Ottawa, November 29, 2000.

These illnesses are predominantly woman’s illnesses, they have been around for over 100 years yet we are still having to defend the fact that we are indeed suffering with real pain. Just exercise, take two aspirins and call me in the morning, right doc?

DAWN was designed to help women in Ontario fight for their disability. You can check out DAWN in the link below (the link doesn’t work, budget cutbacks maybe?):

Special Feature Posted January 29, 2003



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This report was researched and written by John Fraser, Cynthia Wilkey, and JoAnne Frenschkowksi.

Here is help for people with Fibromyalgia for filing for disability in Ontario.

The National Benefit Authority:

Disability lawyer:

If you know of any other links that help support disabled women, leave them in comments and I will add it to this article.


There is without a doubt a real problem with our Health Care Services. I read two articles today from the Calgary Post and the National Post that doctors are stepping forward to share their concerns even though they are being intimidated by the government to keep silent. You can only keep things quiet so long before the truth comes.

Just look at the hospitals and doctors offices constantly full, the wait lines, the overworked doctors who don’t have time for you or just don’t know what to do for a lot of the people anymore, the over prescribing of drugs, the drugs being sold on the streets, the addiction to pain killers, the overworked surgeons, the misdiagnoses, the wrong prescriptions given, surgery on the wrong part or the wrong patient and the amount of disease and illness around.

Just look at this A-Z list of diseases we have come up with. The more chemicals, preservatives, over-the counter and prescription drugs they introduce, the more illness, disease and prescriptions needed.

What is it going to take to see that we need to make some changes and start to think about preventative health instead of disease? Hospital and doctors offices waiting lines can sometimes be up to 5 hours or more. I don’t see why we aren’t aiming to be the healthiest country around. Why can’t we set out own standard of organic foods, health education and physical fitness to be a proud, fit and healthy country? Who knows what we can accomplish.

Here are some inserts from the articles:

Alberta’s opposition parties and a growing number of physicians are ratcheting up the pressure on the Stelmach government to call a full judicial inquiry examining the silencing of doctors as well as hundreds of cases of substandard care and alleged cancer surgery wait-list deaths.

As more physicians speak up claiming they’ve been intimidated by government for voicing health-care concerns, Alberta Health Services issued an unprecedented open letter Wednesday to all doctors saying they have a right and duty to advocate for patients.

As Canada grapples with how to fix a health care system widely considered to be faltering, the voices of doctors at the heart of the sector are obviously indispensable. In Alberta, though, some physicians say that speaking out can get them nothing but trouble. Accusations of intimidation are growing, after Raj Sherman, the renegade Conservative, now Liberal, MLA , charged that hundreds of patients had died on a lung-surgery waiting list, and that doctors had been ordered to keep quiet about it.

The emergency physician’s dramatic allegation has been met with a fair bit of skepticism. Other doctors, however, have also come forward to suggest they faced heat from hospitals or health authorities after criticizing some aspect of the system, though one case publicized this week appeared more like an internal hospital dispute than a clear example of whistle blowing. The Alberta Medical Association has cited allegedly hard-headed bargaining by the government in the current fee negotiations as another instance of “intimidation.” Opposition politicians in the province have called for a public inquiry into all the charges.

US news

Alabama bacteria outbreak linked to laboratory

Serratia bacteria tend to spread in hospital patients’ respiratory and urinary tracts

Health officials have linked an outbreak of bacterial infection found in nine Alabama hospital patients who died to contamination at a laboratory.

I just can’t let this one go. I was reading an article on CBC News Canada website about Karen Busby, a Law Professor from University of Manitoba being sickened by sex assault sentence and I totally agree, I am too! Here are some recaps of the judges discrimination as well as our fellow police officers in Toronto.

Justice Robert Dewar comments:

– “sex was in the air” by the way the woman dressed

– “inviting circumstances” because they met outside the bar.

– “they were wearing halter tops, no bras, high heals”

– pointed out “they were wearing plenty of makeup”.

He says the man may have misunderstood what the victims wanted.

Busby said there was a Toronto police officer saying to a group of University students that if a woman dresses like a slut, she should expect to get raped.

How unbelievably ignorant! Even if a woman is naked, it doesn’t give anyone a right to even touch her body let alone expect to be raped. What is our world coming to?

Source from:

Are you a rape victim? There is help, talk to someone. Here is the Ontario Sexual Assault Support and National Support:

How can we trust officials when they can give an order to rape, beat up and loot a town for New Years? DR Congo Colonel Kibibi Mutware was jailed for 20 years for massive rape. In August 2010 the UN recorded 11,000 rapes in 2010 of women, men, girls and boys but it is believed to be much higher. Reports show that the rapes continue, between Jan 19 and Feb 4 they have treated 70 rapes as the troupes move forward.

How appalling! The destruction of war is so much more than death of soldiers. When is man going to start treasuring our planet instead of destroying it and devastating the people.  Let’s put the guns down and find peace.

Thomas A Edison

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.


Margot Wallstrom, the UN’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict recently said the Democratic Republic of Congo was the “rape capital of the world”.

A host of different armed groups roam parts of eastern DR Congo and all are accused of horrific violence against women.

Have you been raped? There is help, and you are not alone, it helps to talk to someone. Remember, it’s their disease, not yours so don’t let it destroy your life. You are a beautiful person!:

How did the flu become such a panic? When I was a kid, the flu meant a few days off school. Why do we feel we need to be injected with a shot now? If you are wondering if you should get the shot or not. Here is some information you should know before you make your decision.

I don’t get the flu shot, I know what is in them and I don’t need anymore insult to my body. Everyone I know who gets the flu shot end up getting really sick. Hmm…………

Keep your immunity strong and you will fight off bacteria and virus. I remember reading in many natural and alternative articles that most colds are actually your body detoxing a lot of mucous and unwanted stuff out of your body. If left they will usually take care of themselves and no medication is needed.

Examples of misuse that we don’t think of is always treating a temperature with tylenol. Fever is a way the body fights off infection so it means your body is doing it’s job or when we take cough suppressants when we need to be coughing up that mucous and clearing it out of our bodies.