Say no to use of Monsanto’s genetically modified  sugar beets in Kelloggs, Coca Cola & Kraft Products. We also have corn, soy beans and canola.

Take action today!
Call or E-mail (via their websites) the five companies listed below.

Tell them you will not purchase their foods or beverages unless they can provide you with written assurance that their products will not contain genetically engineered sugar

Company                                                                                       Phone
Kellogg’s · 800-962-1413
Morningstar 800-962-1413
Kraft · 847-646-2000
M&M/Mars · 800-627-7852
Coca Cola · 800-438-2653

Go to this website, bottom right hand sign and click on download the Boycott Kelloggs/Monsanto GE Sugar leaflet pdf. While you are there sign the worthy petitions. Most are US.

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