It is good to see some females taking a stand for women’s rights. The “slut” comment from our fellow police officer is very disturbing as well as a judges behavior in a sexual assault case.

A group of women got together for a “slut walk protest”. I think that the word slut has to be one of the most disrespectful words there is to women. Something needs to change, rape can’t be excused in any case.

If a female isn’t, “dressing appropriately, according to a judge or a police officer,” isn’t that a personal opinion? What does her attire have to do with anything?

Shouldn’t we be blaming the entertainment industry? media? society? If these girls are following role models such as Brittany Spears, Lady Ga-Ga, Beyonce, Victoria Secret or even Axe Commercials how do you expect them to dress? We are sending mixed messages.

“Just what is the fine line between sexy and slutty?” A man’s opinion? A group of men’s opinion? If a group of men think she is slutty, does that mean she is slutty and deserves to be raped? What if a different group of men find her sexy, is she then respected and not considered for rape?

Are there rules to follow? Or is it more of an ego booster. If he has no chance with her, then she is a slut. If he thinks he has a chance she is sexy? How does it work guys? If she doesn’t appeal to him, is she is a slut?

On one hand we say you should be happy with your body no matter what, yet we splash sex and extremely thin women on screen dressed in scanty clothing. Then we call certain followers trashy.

“You should never judge a book by it’s cover.” I have been judged my whole life by people. They don’t have a clue who I really am but have judged me by the way I look. What goes on in their minds is not my doing nor does it make me the person they think I am.

These girls are only trying to be attractive, sexy, cool, popular, accepted, or simply following some trend. Whatever the reason, they are NOT asking, nor are they inviting to be raped. I think it is time to put the “Women are sluts and men are studs” attitude to rest, it’s really getting old.

To be fair and seeing it from the male point of view, we as women need to remember there is a time and a place for everything. We do need to dress appropriately for the occasion and we should cover up in certain company or situations. Regardless of how women are dressed, no one has a right to touch someone if they don’t want to be.

If we have a good look at things, men have had the majority of power in the world as doctors, judges, police officers, presidents and lawyer. Their prejudices are starting to show publicly everywhere, just read the articles below. I know not all men are like this but when the ones in power are thinking and behaving that way then we don’t have much of a chance do we? Especially in the case of rape.

Maybe we need to make some changes. Perhaps major decisions with laws should be made by equal parties of both sexes? Doesn’t that make things one sided, lop sided or off balance when all the decisions are made from the male thinking mind? Men and women do not think alike. How do we know that some of these major decisions aren’t prejudiced by an entirely male opinion when perhaps women would see it in a totally different light? Perhaps it is time to see both sides of a situation and come to an amicable solutions that leave everyone’s rights and decency intact? Or maybe women should be making the decisions. Just my thought.

As the law currently operates, women who have been sexually violated are being forced to choose between giving up the privacy of their doctor-patient relationship or giving up access to the criminal legal system. Hmm, the law seemed to be protecting Don Juan, why does she have to give up more privacy, hasn’t she been violated enough?

If Don Juan and the judge know what the girls want by their halter tops and makeup that would mean that women dressed in summer clothing and everyone at the beach should expect to be raped then. It is in the minds of Don Juan, the police officer and the judge, not the women.

What about the guy in the speedo or the see through jogging pants, is he asking to be raped too?

Wake up!

‘Slut walk’ crowded

Protesters say police blame victims of sexual assault

Sierra Chevy Harris, a student at the University of Guelph, said the officer’s remarks are “a small example of how a large amount of people in the justice system truly think.”

“It’s evident in many cases where the victim has been criticized for the way they looked or dressed in a sexual assault case,” she said.

Sonya Barnett, one of the event’s organizers, said those attitudes are one of the main reasons women are so reluctant to report sexual assault.

Sexual assault is about power and has nothing to do with the victim’s appearance, she said.

Harris said she shouldn’t be made to feel vulnerable for wearing a sexy outfit.

“We need to criticize the people who are actually committing the crimes,” she said.–slut-walk-crowded

“We feel it was a huge success,” Slutwalk organizer Sonya Barnett said in an e-mail to CNN. She said the crowd numbered closer to 4,000. “It was great to see that most people came out ‘as they were,’ not in the stereotypical idea of slut,” she said. “Our definition is about attitude, not appearance. Just like sexual assault is not about appearance.”

“In looking to the future, we will be working on initiatives to continue spreading the word,” she said. “As SlutWalk Toronto was initially conceived to be a one-time event, the response has been so incredible that we are considering this to be an annual event.”

Protesters are making a statement “Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes, and no means no!”.

I wrote an article earlier about how women invite rape by what they wear in sexual assault case

according to a judge and this very police officer they are protesting about.

John Reilly, a retired judge with 33 years on the bench, was forced to apologize for suggesting in a recent radio interview that not all sexual offenders should be incarcerated.

Let’s add some politicians now!

Liberal candidate apologizes for sex-assault comments

The legal assault on physician-patient privilege

Marilou McPhedran

Canadian Medical Association Journal 1995; 153: 1502-1506

The reporting of sexual assault and sexual abuse increased by approximately 90% from 1984 to 1991. In 1991, 30 000 reports of sexual assault were made to Canadian police, although not all of them led to trials. Statistics Canada says that of national survey respondents who acknowledged that they had been sexually assaulted, only about 6% had gone to the police to press charges. Michael Edelson, an Ottawa defence lawyer, has noted that sexual-assault cases have become a “growth industry” for defence lawyers: “Every time I turn around there is more sperm and pubic hair in some file on my desk.”


As the law currently operates, women who have been sexually violated are being forced to choose between giving up the privacy of their doctor-patient relationship or giving up access to the criminal legal system. It is ironic that the alleged action of the accused started the legal process, yet the witness risks yielding to public view her entire private life as the price for seeking justice. The upcoming Supreme Court decisions will clarify the degree to which doctor-patient records and interactions are truly privileged.

16 year old from BC raped and murdered for giggles.

On March 18, 2010, Wellwood and 17-year-old Cameron Moffat lured 18-year-old Proctor to Wellwood’s house, where they gagged her with a sock, raped her, mutilated her with a knife and then suffocated her.

Murder runs in the family for Wellwood, whose father Robert Dezwaan is currently in prison for killing 16-year-old Cherish Oppenheim in 2001.

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