Lets have a look at the two drugs they are currently prescribing for Fibromyalgia, Cymbalta and Lyrica. I found this from the Patients like me website.

Cymbalta side effects as an overall problem of 754 people, 511 experienced side effect, 119 being severe. Of the 481 side effects reported, the most common were libido decreased, sweating increased, nausea, dizziness, brain cloud and insomnia, most being moderate to severe.

Lyrica side effects as an overall problem of 604 people, 484 experienced side effects, 151 of them being severe. Of the 610 side effects reported, the most common were weight gain, brain fog, daytime sleepiness, dizziness, lack of concentration and blurry vision.

Interesting enough, after 18 years of the drugs they have given me, since giving them up, the brain fog or cloud has disappeared, the weight gain has stopped and I have returned to my normal weight, I don’t experience the dizziness anymore or the nausea (except from certain foods), my concentration is better and I sleep better now.

It has taken a very strict program of chiropractic care/stretching/exercise/diet changes/herbals/vitamins/giving up certain things/adding certain things plus many more hints and tips, an overall combination of events that is finally helping me. I am by all means not cured but I am far better off than a year ago and I can see things a lot more clearly now. Understanding your body and what is going on with it is half the battle instead of drowning it with chemical drugs in hope for a cure. Not one of the many, many drugs I was on cured anything, only complicated things for me and I could see the drugs were going to be detrimental to me in the long term.

My questions are:

Why are we okay with drugs that give a majority of users side effects that are mild to severe, yet don’t really help?

How can all these drugs be good for our organs in the long term?

How can they drug this illness when they don’t even know what it is?

How do they know they aren’t making it worse?

Some of us can’t take the drugs anymore, what about us? Are there any other Fibromyalgia sufferers in the same boat? Please share you comments.


Side effect as an overall problem

Severe         119

Moderate   179

Mild             213

None           243

Most commonly reported side effects

Sex drive (libido) decreased   97

Sweating increased                    90

Nausea                                           89



Side effects as an overall problem

Severe         151

Moderate   175

Mild             158

None            120

Most commonly reported side effects

Weight gain                      164

Brain fog                            102

Daytime sleepiness          95

Dizziness                          92

Lack of Concentration 81

Blurry vision                    76



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