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Are you a meat eater? 
You need to watch this!

Paul McCartney shows you some graphic truths about the meat industry.

Warning, this is explicit and may make you feel sick inside!

If slaughter houses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarians by Paul McCartney.

I would like to add my experience with meat. I have been cooking
for over 30 years and I have noticed a difference in the smell, taste, look and
feel of meat.

There were always a lot of strange spots on the meat and I am fully
aware now that it is the bruises from the beatings and slaughter practices.
These bruises don’t heal before they are slaughtered either. You are eating
them. Are we taking on their misery when we consume this genetically modified,
beaten meat or drink the milk? I would say so.


Would you like to join the 30 day pledge to try vegetarian for 30 days?


The website the meat industry doesn’t want you to see.


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