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Do you know who Monsanto is?


Here is a look at the foods that you may be consuming that are genetically modified and the companies supported to kill the gmo labeling law in order to keep you in the dark about genetically modified foods. If you want to eat genetically modified foods then that is your choice,  but make it a choice, not a command in hiding it from us. I choose not too eat genetically modified foods because food makes me ill and I need to know.

What we can do is look for products that are now labelled NON-GMO. We are finding a way to get around things. 


It seriously needs our attention. There is even a darker side to it, they are actually experimenting mixing humans and animals. It seems to stop abruptly, I didn’t add the rest to the series but you can look it up on youtube if you like. I thought the point was made.


GMO Global Alerts

Here are some facts that hormone, tumor and death rates in rats are higher from gmo and females are effected more.


Help us boycott this science experiment on humans and animals.


Considering that Fibromyalgia is a metabolic illness, gmo’s certainly could be contributing to more problems.


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