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We all see thing differently!

 two types of squirrels photo squirrel.gif

Monkey see, monkey do!

 doggone cute baby photo baby-2.gif

Is this for real?

 dino eruption photo dino.gif

So that’s how it works!

 lock and key photo key.gif

 Head Fake photo head.gif

Oh boy!

 No Cops... No Stops photo crash-3.gif

awesome back flip photo flip.gif

3 phones photo 3phones.gif

 I know Kung Fu photo kungfu.gif

 snickers commercial photo snickers.gif

 icecream tastes good photo icecream.gif

Did someone call 911? Future rescue worker?

 Baby CPR photo cpr_zps8b31edcb.gif

 Surprise! photo raft.gif

Wrong place at the wrong time or was it deliberate?

horse kick near miss photo horsey.gif

 car vs truck photo car_v_truck.gif

stop hitting yourself photo punch.gif

And again, human behavior makes one wonder.

 i love this song photo happydance.gif

Come on, really?bicycle jousting photo joust.gif

 Parkour Fail photo parkourfail.gif

Crash photo crash-1.gif

Skip the Olympics... Go Pro photo highjump.gif

Not always what it looks like.

 Sky Diving photo skydiving.gif

Too much time and money perhaps?

Deep Sea Kitty photo deepseacat.gif

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