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Info Wars and Health Ranger On
The Toxicity of Vaccinations

Alex Jones and Mike Adams helping with the fight against vaccination toxicity by offering Piers Morgan $1,000,000 to take 1000 vaccine shots.

Mike Adam shares some information that you need to know, don’t pass this interview by especially if you are planning a family.



Vaccine promoters claim there is no limit to the number of vaccines that can be
safely injected. Will anyone take the challenge? I bet not!

Mike Adams points out the 10 outrageous (but true) facts about vaccines the CDC  and the vaccine industry don’t want you to know.


Meet John Cannell M.D. of the Vitamin D Council says that if Vitamin D was a drug, it’s benefits would make it the popular ever.


Autism and Vaccinations

Help by supporting the canaryparty.org for our vaccine injured children.


Vitamin D

regulates cells, systems, and organs throughout the body.

– acts as a powerful hormone not just a vitamin.

Scientists discover where there is less sun, there is more cancer, flu and autism.

He shows you why skin cancer rates have risen since the introduction of sunscreen.

New findings show Vitamin D is not linked to any toxicity.



Who are you going to trust? The people who care about lining their pockets or the genuine, sincere, compassionate people devoted to helping you and your children live a safe, healthy and fulfilled life.

I too am looking for the “safe haven” of food Mike Adams talks about and since we cannot trust even whole foods to be honest about what they are selling, I am starting my safe haven of foods we can trust for Canadians.

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