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Bill Maher on Monsanto and
Genetically Modified Foods


Take the guy on the far left, his argument is that there is no know harm from genetically modied foods and
there is a lesser need for insecticides. REALLY?

We know differently………..

David Suzuki is by far one of our most trusted geneticist on the earth says differently. Hear the truth for yourself.

– increased pesticide use

– breeding superbugs who are resisting the pesticides

– kills non targeted insects like the monarch 75% reduction
and the song birds and eagles are disappearing

– bt toxins from the trees are transferring toxin into
surrounding soil and water

David Suzuki


Genetic Roulette

What can we do? Sign the petition:



Michael Trout is working on it one person at a time. Bravo!

Many other truths about GMO

The Health Ranger

Dr Mercola

Alexa Baden-Baden Political Director, Organic Consumers Association

The Doctors – food allergies on an increase since GMO’s


In truth GMO’s increase pesticide use:


Is India an experiment for GMO’s?


Could this be the cause of our mysterious illnesses like Fibromyalgia, Chronic
Fatigue and more?


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