Hell Will Freeze Over Before Health Canada Closes The Door On Multi-Billion Dollars Risky Drug Products!

Here are some more incidences where the Canadian and US Government criminalize natural medicines that work and leave people forced to use drugs that harm them or leave them without a choice but to use drugs that cause side effects.

April 27, 2013


Health Canada: Where Are the Dead Bodies? By W. Gifford-Jones, M.D.

Do you know that every day 290 North American citizens are killed by prescription drugs? To kill the same number of people a jumbo jet would have to crash every day. So why are natural remedies being removed from health food stores but drugs that killed remain available?


Dr. Zoltan Rona, an expert on natural remedies recently told me that, “Health Canada has been raiding health food stores, terrorizing proprietors and confiscating natural food supplements.” He asked, “Could you help to stop it?”

Rona described a New York Times report that the government’s primary suspect in 542 deaths was Pradaxa, a blood thinning agent. Moreover when this drug causes bleeding there is no antidote to stop it. Yet health Canada has done nothing to remove Pradaxa from the market. However it has removed a competitor, be soya-derived enzyme Nattokinase, a safe, effective, and natural blood thinner that has not harmed anyone and has been used for centuries in Japan.

While researching this column W. Gifford-Jones, M.D. interviewed several other authorities who were concerned that other natural remedies are no longer available. He also discovered a most disturbing fact in Germany, a doctor’s prescription is now required to obtain vitamin C. A red light flashed as W. Gifford-Jones recently reported that a powder that contained a high concentration of vitamin C and lysine, as found in Medi-C Plus, can prevent and reverse coronary heart disease.

Germans now pay $45.00 for 90 tablets for 500 mg of vitamin C. Since W. Gifford-Jones takes several thousand of C daily this asinine ruling would cost him $3,600 annually for C!

This shows how far governments go to control natural remedies. It’s sheer, unadultered madness since there is no known toxic amount for vitamin C. For instance, it’s been proven safe to give intravenous injections of several hundred thousand milligrams of vitamin C day after day intravenously to fight infection.

Today, many people are also taking Sytrinol, a natural remedy consisting of citrus and palm fruit extract which decreases total and bad cholesterol, triglycerides and increases good cholesterol. For the moment it is still available and there is no scientific reason it should be removed. But if it happens patients will be forced to switch to cholesterol-lowering drugs whose safety record leaves much to be desired.

Professsor Alan Cassels at the University of Victoria, says that, “cholesterol – lowering drugs are not worth the risk and history will regard CLD’s as an un-mitigated scandal in medicine. Readers know I share this view. But hell will freeze over before Health Canada raises an alarm and closes the door on these multi-billion dollars risky products. Money and high paid lobbyists have won the day in Ottawa and Washington.

Other northern Americans are taking products such as BioSil to prevent osteoporosis (fragile ones). This natural silicon product safely deposits calcium and phosphate into bones. It’s even more effective if used along with vitamin D3 which helps to absorb calcium from the bowel and vitamin K2 as deposits calcium and phosphate into bones where they belong rather than into arteries where they cause trouble.

Will these people be forced to take drugs such as Fosamax and Actonel that had been associated with unusual fractures and degeneration of the jawbone?

If government bureaucrats are honestly interested in the wellness of medical consumers, the best way for them to make an assessment is to examine records of the dead bodies. Data collected from 57 poison control centers in the US showed that in 2010, there were no deaths from the use of vitamin and herbal supplement. This is in spite of the fact that during this year there were 60 billion doses of nutritional supplements taken.

So where will these amateur forensic bureaucrats find the dead bodies? It doesn’t require a long tedious search. The Journal of the American Medical Association claims that there are 60,000 deaths from drugs used in the US and 10,000 in Canada every year now it’s the fourth leading cause of death after cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

The point is that prescription drugs can kill, natural remedies never. It’s time that Health Canada learned this message.

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We need to speak up for our rights before it gets so bad that it will be criminal to eat vegetables. We are being stripped of our rights because of ignorance.

Mike Adams reports that the FDA criminalizes secret Chinese medicine formula that blocks the bird flu. Something that has been used successfully for years.
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Doesn’t it make you wonder? What are your thoughts? Are you prepared to have chemicals as the only form of treatment available?

Don’t they have anything better to do with their time?


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