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I was doing some research and came across these interesting statistics about the  Canadian population I wanted to share:

  • 5,825 Canadians are more than 100 years old
  • There are 500 women centenarians for every 100 men
  • The fastest growing age group is 60 to 64-year-olds, at 29%
  • The second fastestgrowing group is people over 100
  • Saskatchewan has the highest rate of centenarians of all the provinces and territories
  • Wood Buffalo, Alta., is the manliest town in Canada, with males making up 54.4% of the population
  • Cobourg, Ont., is where the ladies are.
    It is the city of fewer than 100,000 inhabitants with the largest proportion of women, 53.6%

So ladies you will have
to look for a younger man if you are 100 because there is only one for every
five of you. If you are looking for a man check out Alberta and if you are
looking for a woman, check out Cobourg.


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