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Can MSG be deadly? I just watched the show a thousand ways to die. A man who was one of those guys who searches for “all you can eat” buffets made his way to a Chinese restaurant. He ate, and ate and ate for hours. Once he got up to leave, he dropped dead from MSG poisoning. So like they would like you to believe that these things can’t harm you, they really can.

Could it be fair to say that a lot of the “new foods or additives” are drugs and should be classified as such? My problem is with the sneakiness of it being put into our food chain without our knowledge. When we catch on to the side effects these ingredient are causing, they change the name so we won’t recognize it. Does this seem like people who are looking out for your health and well-being or their pocket book? Is there really any wonder why there is so much chronic illness, pain and disease or are we creating it? They can then sell us a drug to help with those symptoms.

All He Could Eat
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