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I heard on the news yesterday something that is incredibly ironic. Loblaw’s chief
Galen Weston said “Farmers’ markets are great………One day they’re going to
kill some people though”.

Isn’t that amazing from a guy who sells food that is known to cause all kinds of chronic disease, allergies, heart disease and indigestion problems. From genetically modified, high fat, highly sugared, highly salted, aspartame, msg, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, empty calorie and junk disguised as foods but has the audacity to say that local grown, fresh, unadulterated foods such as fruit and vegetables are going to kill some people????

I am outraged and you should be too. We now even have to watch the supermarket’s vegetables as the FDA finds it okay to spray our vegetables with a film called MAP to keep them fresh. It is amazing what they think is okay to spray our foods with to keep it fresh longer. Wouldn’t you rather have a piece of lettuce that is a bit brown on the end instead of a plastic coating made out of god only knows what?

Here are some of the allowable plastic sprays that the FDA allows on our fresh produce. So that is why your lettuce can last so long. It is due to what the FDA calls the edible packaging systems which alters the normal composition of air.. This is why we can leave an apple on the counter now and it still looks the same 4
weeks later, it’s not natural.

– 78% nitrogen

– 21% oxygen

– .03% carbon dioxide and traces of noble gases

They also use an array of things like:

– casein

– soy

– zein

Edible films can create a very low O2 environment where anaerobic pathogens such as C. botulinum may thrive, so antimicrobial compounds can be incorporated into the coating such as:

– zeolite

– isothiocyanate in cyclodextrin with cobalt ion

– chitosan

– allyl isothiocyanate

– silver-based fungicide

– quaternary ammonium salt

– organic monoglycerides

– copper and zinc

– benzoic acid

– sodium benzoate

– sorbic acid

– potassium sorbate

– propionic acid

– wheat-glycerol (great for people suffering from Celiac, thinking they are eating

– collagen

– corn zein (I’d bet it is Genetically Engineered corn)

– gelatin

– soy protein (I’d bet it is Genetically Engineered soy)

– wheat gluten obtained  from aqueous or ethanolic solution

Here is what they said about using Wheat (gluten) – high gluten content may also be a disadvantage for those intolerant to gluten. (May??? I can tell they have never suffered from Celiac). I can’t believe it could be on my lettuce or fruit now. It’s hard enough to avoid it in foods I didn’t know I would have to worry about my fruits and vegetables.

Polysaccharide Barriers

– Pectin generally made from low-methoxyl pectin, calcium chloride, a plasticizer and sometimes organic acids

– Chitosan

– derivatived of cellulose, compromised of the sodium salt of carboxymethyl
cellulose with sucrose fatty acid ester as the emulsifiers

– carrageenan coatings – sucessfully used on cut grapefruit halved not yet
approved by FDA (of course, it is extracted from several species of red
seaweeds, something natural. Chemicals are okay though.)

Recently, concerns about possible pathogen contamination in MAP produce have focused on L. monocytogenes due to its ability to grow at refrigeration temperatures. Numerous researchers have reported that this organism can remain largely unaffected by MAP, while the normal microflora is inhibited. Thus, although MAP produce can remain organoleptically acceptable, L. monocytogenes, with a reduced microflora and, especially if low levels of lactic acid bacteria are present, can grow at low temperatures to potentially harmful levels during the extended storage life of a MAP produce product.

They have been experimenting with

– nitrous and nitric oxides

– sulphur dioxide

– ethylene

– chlorine

– ozone

– propylene oxide

– nisin

– a bacteriocin

– hydroxypropyl methylcellulose on tomatoes

Successful applications have been demonstrated using sodium caseinate/stearic
acid to coat peeled carrots and caseinate/acetylated monoglyceride to coat
celery sticks.


Well how do you like those apples? Sounds awful gross doesn’t it? What the heck is that stuff anyways and what food can we trust nowadays?

So we are better to grow our own. Then again, Bill Gates was exposed for funding
research, promotion of spraying geo-engineered ‘chemtrails’ across the globe. No
wonder we are sick with so many unknown illnesses and cancers!


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