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I wanted to touch on this subject since the news tonight had another big bust on a
child pornography ring right here in Ontario. There was also a man pretending to be a hydro worker knocking on the doors of the unsuspecting and allegedly raping a 16 year old boy. What is the world coming to?

What I want to help make clear is:

– 76% of prostitutes have a history of child sexual abuse.

– 60% of women with panic disorder have a history of child sexual abuse

– 70% of survivors have a history of alcohol and drug abuse.

Aren’t they crying out for help? They need our help and understanding, not more shame and disgust that we seem to portray on them. Instead they continue to be abused most of their lives.

We can help stop it, please donate to the http://littlewarriors.ca fund, it may be your niece, sister, cousin or daughter. If we all turn a blind eye it will continue.

I just can’t understand how anyone can look at a child sexually. They are so innocent and huggable. Every child needs love, support and encouragement. If you suspect anyone of these crimes it is your duty as a compassionate human to report that person. These children need our help today.

I had a sick feeling about a female gym teacher who coached the boys basketball and I am sorry I didn’t act on my instincts. I told my kids to keep away from her and never to be a room alone with her. They thought I was crazy because she was
sooooo nice. I said I didn’t care, just listen to me. I spoke to other parents
about it but I obviously didn’t speak to the right people.

Years later it turns out my gut feeling was right, she had indeed sexually assaulted one of the students. She ended up committing suicide so I think in my heart that there were more victims. I will always go with my gut instinct, if you feel something is off, it probably is.

Please support this cause, our children need your help. We can’t keep turning a blind eye to it, it has to stop:





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