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I came across this article from Howard B Pikoff, PhD called The Psychological Mislabeling of Fibromyalgia that I need to share with all my Fibromyalgia sisters and bros.  I would bet that almost everyone who has Fibromyalgia has experienced skepticism along the way from one or more physicians. 

Over 100 years, actually over 2 centuries women and men have suffered silently because of this.

The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” was perhaps meant for the Fibromyalgia sufferer.

I have to  wonder, could it be because it is predominately a woman’s illness and it is mostly men who are diagnosing? Or are they really judging? If you have a doctor who is visual, you will be judged on the way you look. 

Do I sound upset? That is because I am! Until they have experienced throbbing, ripping pain in their tendons 24/7 or feel like someone beat them with a baseball bat they don’t have the right to their opinion. To make matters worse you hear “you look good” or “you just need to exercise”.

It can be extremely frustrating and emotionally devastating for the sufferer to be met with this skepticism especially when you have done everything in your power to try to get well.

I have had many agonizing and embarrassing appointments with skeptic doctors who reeked of disbelief. You could see it all over their faces. Especially those who worked for insurance companies, psychologists who have no business diagnosing this type of illness playing god to look good in the insurance companies eyes with the “I am getting you cut off your benefits” look in their faces. Smug, sure of themselves. 

Some even ridiculed me. One doctor asked if “I had a dirty family” because I had said the laundry caused severe pain in my hip from carrying it up and down the stairs.  What???

If he had asked the circumstances, he would have known that I had two full and two partial sets of stairs to carry them up and down and two boys. In the summer, I carried the wet clothes to the clothesline outside.

Now that I have gotten to the bottom of my ills, he should have known that my pelvis was twisted and that would very well contribute to causing the extreme pain in my hip to begin with, then carrying all the weight would be aggravating it.

I know of hundreds of women who have been emotionally tormented by doctors who underestimate the pain that one suffers with this illness. As if we didn’t have enough.

The highlights in this article that caught my eye were:

 The Psychological enshrinement of fibromyalgia was over 100 years in the making.

– Chronology started in 1592 when a French physician introduced the term “rheumatism”

– In the 1800’s an American neurologist clustered widespread pain, fatigue and anxiety in a psychologically-based syndrome he labelled “neurasthenia”. The seed of a century of psychological mislabeling.

 Psychogenic Fibromyalgia reached it’s full flowering in the 1930’s, from a Scottish disability examiner labelled it as a psychological disorder at best, a form of malingering at worst.

So in conclusion, after over 200 years of trying to disprove this illness as physical, reviewers from psychology, psychiatry and rheumatology have found little evidence that Fibromyalgia is caused by:




Sexual Abuse and the like

Or that Fibromyalgia can be a result of:


Deep seated conflict or any other emotion

Nor is there empirically-based evidence for a Fibromyalgia personality

Fibromyalgia can be added to a list of medical disorders formerly thought to be psychological in nature (asthma, migraine, peptic ulcer, epilepsy etc.)

What is clear is the final undoing has begun!

Isn’t it amazing how much time and money they spent to disprove a predominantly female infliction?

If only that much time, energy and money was put into finding a cure rather than trying to disprove it’s existence. If women with Fibromyalgia seem to have attitudes, you might understand why now. We just want the pain to stop.

We have arthritis in joints, disease in all organs, heart, kidneys, liver, why wouldn’t we have disease in the muscles or tendons as well? Unbelievable! 

Please read the full article, it is only 10 pages and has a sense of relief to it for the Fibromyalgia sufferer. Print it out an give one to your doctor.

Thank you for your article Howard Pikoff!


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