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When you experience the severe, debilitating muscle pain and draining fatigue of Fibromyalgia you will seek anything to find relief. I have tried almost everything with no avail so my journey has taken a change in a new direction. Big hopes and promises that this drug is going to work, only to be led into more disappointment.

I have lost hope to any possibility of recovery what so ever with the medical system. If I want to take heavy drugs for the rest of my life then they can certainly help there. Health care has failed me over and over with their drug therapy causing an array of side effects from rashes, nausea, bloody diarrhea, vomiting blood, morning hangovers, spacey feeling, Anaphylaxis shock, low heart rate, stomach aches, headaches, nausea, depression and on and on. I have only ever been looking for a return of my health, not a
long term drug plan. That is the frustration I am hearing from a lot of people. 

When you are searching for more than a band aide effect it becomes very discouraging in our current health care system when their only answers are drugs, surgery or chemo.

Natural therapies work but they are not covered under drug plans so they become a matter of affordability to most modern families. So does that mean health is only for
the wealthy? The uncanny thing is the outrageous prices of some of the drugs when the actual cost is only pennies. 

I threw them all away and started going to a natural therapy. I went to a Chiropractor to see where that would take me. For 1 year and 8 months I have been doing intense Chiropractic care 2 to 3 times a week with an intense
stretching  and exercise routine 2 to 3 times a day. I was becoming dependent on this chiropractor. I am now totally fit but the pain keeps returning in my neck, middle back, lower spine and right hip down to my toe. Muscle pain from head to toe. The more he manipulated me, the more I needed manipulated. I lived on ice!

This was all great, my spine is so straight, he could help
relieve some muscle pain but it always returned. They are not a permanent solution for anyone with Fibromyalgia, a coccyx injury or a twisted pelvis. So for muscle pain or from the butt down, forget it.

I then tried massage. Massage helps temporarily with some of the muscle pain but not all of it either and I had a fairly big bruise after. It is very expensive and you have to keep going back to find relief. Neither are permanent solutions. To be honest, I think my Chiropractor was treating me too much and I think they have the ability to manipulate you in the right way to make sure you return. Passive income right.

I have suffered for over 21 years from something that began with a fall. I asked over and over if there was damage from the fall but everyone
said it was just Fibromyalgia. What the heck was Fibromyalgia anyways? I had a serious fall on my tailbone, I felt my neck go scrunch, I suffered neck, shoulder, spine, lower back, leg, arms and hip pain ever since. That developed into muscle pain throughout the body.

I have found the biggest problem with doctors is that they really don’t listen to their patients. They know it all and group you in a certain category and treat you accordingly. Tell me, since no two humans are alike, how can we be treated alike?

I went to doctor after doctor after specialist after specialist. I went to one of the best care facilities in Toronto to get a second opinions to my chronic pain that had no solutions, no plan, no answers. I didn’t get much further, I was offered Cymbalta, injections of nerve block into my spine, or an array of other drugs. I know the past 21 years of drugs left me weak, sick internally, constant feeling like I wanted to throw up, adrenals almost ready to shut down and an overall general sense of well being had vanished. I felt death was knocking on my door early and I had to do
something if I wanted to see my grandchildren.

I finally discovered on my own that I have a twisted pelvis. It makes so much sense now. It contributes to a whole lot of muscle pain, my lower back, sciatica, leg and hip pain. All the doctors, specialists, rheumatologist, chiropractors, massage therapy, osteopaths, internist I went to and not one of them noticed my twisted pelvis, yet there was always an offer of drugs. Hmm.

The point of sharing this story is one of a long, wildly painful
journey of doctors, specialists, drugs, side effects, anaphylactic shock, misdiagnose, near death by doctors, and on and on that could be prevented. I am an example of being ill at the hands of my physicians. Have you shared similar experiences? I don’t think I would live very long with the long term drugs they want me to be on. 

My journey has changed to a corrective therapy called Esodynamics, a naturaltherapist who works on the body to correct itself. They don’t force your body into place like the chiropractor does an that is why I am not living
on ice anymore. I am feeling relief in pain that is lasting! I am not living on ice anymore, I am feeling relief without drugs and I have hope for once that I might be able to fix my twisted pelvis providing there is no nerve damage. I have less pain in hip hop and belly dance classes now on those days that have low humidity that is. See, with Fibromyalgia, there are multiple factors and multiple things going on. Those days with humidity, I still become a 90 years old with debilitating and fatiguing pain but to feel good for a day here and there is amazing! Every time I go, I feel better and stronger. Until I say that’s it, I won’t give up on becoming pain free and neither should you. Never, ever give up hope!!!








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