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Weather can mean debilitating joint and muscle pain for some folks. Even cancer and depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD can be caused by lack of sunlight.

I started writing an article in the spring about pain and weather when I was going through a really painful time but I never posted it. Now that the weather is changing once again I thought it was a good time to dig it back out and bring it to life.

There are thousands of people who experience severe and fatiguing pain with weather changes such as snow and rain. Most call it arthritis. I live in the North and we seem to suffer with a lot of arthritic and painful conditions. There is a lot of cancer as well with lots of evidence piling up that is pointing to a lack of Vitamin D due to months with no sun exposure. We also know that lack of sun can lead to SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. So for those who experience winter blues or depression as well as pain or cancer patients, it seems like Vitamin D is the way to go. Why take an antidepressant when you are actually deficient in Vitamin D? There is a blood test, it would be a good idea to get it checked if you suffer from cancer or depression in the winter months. Make sure you get a good quality product if you do, you don’t want any extra toxins with your Vitamin D. If you see the sun, get out in it for 10-20 minutes if at all possible, expose your face and hands at least if you can, the more skin the better.

I have made a self discovery about my joint pain that I would
like to share with you. Some days I can barely get around from
unbearable pain in my whole body and it leaves me in debilitating fatigue. I really can’t function.

I have heard for years that the barometric pressure and rain has something to do with pain in joints and muscles but sometimes it was raining and I didn’t feel the same pain, sometimes it wasn’t raining and I was feeling the same pain. It wasn’t consistent.

Here is what I wrote in the spring. I have been watching the pressure and humidity for the past few weeks. To my discovery, it isn’t the barometric pressure, it is the humidity level. The humidity was at 92% and I was like a 90 year old woman crippled up in debilitating and fatiguing pain. It is unbelievable how the weather can put you in a crippling state unless you experience it, you probably wouldn’t believe it. The next day it was 80% and the sun was shining, I was a totally different person. Almost like a Dr Jeckle and
Mr Hyde thing going on there only it is playing with your body instead of your mind.  : )

So for those of you who live in humid places and have joint pain, you know what I am talking about. My goal is to find
an answer to what we can do to avoid the pain in humid days. If anyone has some advice besides moving to another country please feel free to share.

Since writing that article, I have been digging into some facts myself. For one thing, if I eat a lot of mucous forming foods, it will increase the inflammation. Dairy, wheat and beef are mucous causing foods to A blood type, it is so in me. The book one man’s food is another man’s poison is an excellent read on blood types and food. Worth picking up!

The newest discovery, (or perhaps an old discover being re-introduced because of early skepticism), which makes sense talks about how shifts in the earths magnetic fields are causing pain and how a type of clothing can help reduce or eliminate the pain. A brilliant German scientist named Frieder Kempe, later Canadian discovered an electromagnetic shielding fabric called Farabloc that could end pain. How could pain killers or anti-inflammatories possibly help without taking out the contributing factors? No profits perhaps?



Why are we letting our people suffer?


This appears in chinese so I have no idea of pricing or ordering.


Found a source but they are very expensive but so is prescriptions in a chronic pain condition.




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