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I just read a great article about drug induced Fibromyalgia from anti-depressants and psychotropic drugs. Here I quote from Beyond Meds Alternatives to Psychiatry.

This is the kind of information I am trying to recover is the after affects of prescription drugs from the guinea pigs, er, sorry, I meant from the people.

Do we know the long term effects of these toxic drugs? What are they doing to the rest of your body, mind, organs and soul? Who are they really helping beside making big pharma rich? When I hear FDA approved, I cringe. The toxic police approve! Yay, for their bank account, nay for the people. Their drugs sure did a number on me.

Please report your side effects!

“The drugs used to treat bipolar and depression often CAUSE PAIN. Many people never realize it’s iatrogenesis, drug induced-illness, and they call it fibromyalgia instead. If a large number never figure out the meds are causing it
they simply think they have another disease and rather than coming off the offending meds, end up adding even more meds to fight the pain.”





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