If foods such as GMO, Aspartame, MSG, soy protein isolates and a LOT of different prescription drugs are causing erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, could this be one of the governments many plans for mass birth control? After all, aren’t they the ones who allow this type of poisoning in our food, personal and health care products? We need to look at the whole picture. A lot of drugs and food can cause erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, then we are given another drug such as Viagra to fix that problem or anti-depressants because we must have too much stress.

Think about it, if there is that much erectile dysfunction and loss of libido happening, there can’t be that much baby making going on.  Look at the Viagra being sold nowadays.

A lot of people complain they are too worn out to have sex nowadays, no energy. Our food chain is draining in so many way.

I call the younger generation the WHITE FLOUR KIDS. They have no ambition to get up and do anything. Most of them need an afternoon nap to get by their day. They don’t exercise and they eat food with very little if any nutritional value. Kids are asking Doctors for Viagra nowadays, now how sad is that? We can sit by and consume these foods and pretend like nothing is going on but if you are one of the unfortunate ones who has chronic pain for unexplained reasons, this may be of more interest to you. We should pay attention to cancer, heart disease and the many forms of immunity diseases.

We need change. Just my thoughts!

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