Have you been diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA or you suspect you have it?

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  • Are you full of chronic muscle aches and body pain that won’t go away?
  • Do you suffer with constant neck, back or hip pain?
  • Are you constantly fatigued?
  • Has your world been turned upside down?
  • Are you having trouble getting back on track?

You are not alone!

Thousands of women with or without the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia suffer with this widespread body pain, sometimes for years before being diagnosed.

Many give up trying to find answers and just suffer in silence.

Many experience doctors who disbelief and even minimize their pain, “You just need to exercise!

Even worse, some are treated as if you are a hypochondriac.

“It’s all in your head!”

Do you feel like you haven’t been taken seriously?

Do some people think you are lazy and “don’t want to work” when nothing could be further from the truth?

It’s not easy is it?

You really don’t need this on top of all this pain and anguish you feel suffering with Fibromyalgia.

Some people have even committed suicide from the despair. They go through unsuccessful treatment after treatment, experiencing this severe pain, side effects from the drugs and the thought of a life with this pain can be too much to bear.

It’s hard to suffer with an invisible illness.

I decided I wasn’t waiting any longer. After all, it had been 20 years of constant drug trials and the hopelessness was only growing dimmer. I discovered they didn’t want me to get better.

Believe me, there are no magic pills for Fibromyalgia. 

The answer is within you. You are unique and there are clues that can help you find what ails you.

Don’t be a victim of chronic drug abuse if it isn’t helping you. It could insidiously be killing an organ on you and you need to be around for all those who love you.

The unknown can make you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster ride.

You  feel depressed and in despair from unsuccessful treatments.

You have all this pain that is severe but no one can give you any real answers.

I am here to tell you that I believe you! It is not “in your head”  nor do you “just need to exercise” and you will be fine.

There is so much more to the diagnoses of Fibromyalgia and I invite you to try to find your answers, your true path to healing rather than masking it with pain pills.

It is a long hard road for someone with Fibromyalgia to go through, tests and specialists that go nowhere.

The Fibromyalgia sufferer goes through so much unnecessary stress and false hope along the way. I would like to save you from some of that if I can.
It is not easy to have this mysterious, invisible disease that isn’t well understood and responds to so little.

  • You go through years of drug trials.
  • You experience side effects or allergic reactions to medication.
  • You end up on a medical cocktail of prescriptions and keep getting new symptoms or rather side effects from the drugs.
  • You are now experiencing memory impairment or “fibro fog”.
  • You have become  addicted to caffeine, chocolate, energy drinks or alcohol in hope of an energy boost to no avail!
  • On top of it all, you have gained weight from medication and are finding it hard to deal with.
  • You suffer with  irritable bowel or digestive problems as well.

What a vicious circle, isn’t it?

If you answer yes to any of those questions then you are in the right place.

Are you are worried that you will deteriorate and end up in a wheelchair?

Are you looking for long term results that will guide you into a healthy old age?

Do you feel you will see that with the treatment you are on?

Do you see  yourself progressing or retrogressing?

Personally, I was retrogressing, my frame and organs become weak and painful, I became adrenal depleted, I suffered severe neck, hip and body pain, the pills made my stomach feel nauseous and I felt like I was going to die.

I lost my well being and I had become a mere shadow of myself.

I knew there had to be better way because this was not working for me.

There had to be answers somewhere so I kept searching.

I have tried almost every treatment going from allopathy to alternative and I can provide you with some results that can save you money and time on things that work and don’t work.

I found my road map for pain relief. Twenty years of hell on windy, twisted roads that lead to a lot of cliff hangers, road blocks and dead ends and now I was healing myself going off the medication and implementing lifestyle and dietary changes.

Since I took over my own health, I am finally seeing some positive results. It’s not instant but it is healing compared to years of drug use wearing a hole in your stomach or causing liver damage. 

I am still cleansing stones from my body.

My approach is a natural, non drug approach, working toward a strong, healthy body, mind and soul rather than frailty, muscle wasting and dementia.

If you are looking for a prescription for a long life you deserve opposed to being chained to prescription pills, doctors offices and hospitals then you might want to follow me.

I said enough,  “I am going to die a very painful death just like my Mother if I continue this way!” I want to live until I die and I was not with the treatment I was receiving with healthcare. I found hope and healing instead of despair.

My mother was one of those women who suffered silently for over decades with severe, chronic body pain, yet, she was never diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. You just touched her and she would cry in pain and often resulted in serious bruising.

She was overweight because of an injury, constant pain and arthritis but the doctors insisted her condition was from being over weight. She met so much disbelief.

She gave up trying to get well.

“Isn’t it ironic?”

Have you been through similar experiences, slightly different story but same results?

She became so crippled up from the pain that she eventually died from breast cancer and after mammograms, the cancer spread throughout her body. It wasn’t until I just wrote those words that I saw the similarity of our conditions.

We both fell, both had injuries that were never treated and we both ended with weakened immunity, chronic muscle, tendon and joint pain. When it rained or snowed we both hurt the same even though we were miles apart.

So why did my father and my siblings not suffer with the same pain?

I had a childhood of illnesses, cancer by the time I was 18, Fibromyalgia age 28 but I beat the cancer and I will beat the Fibromyalgia too!

If you are tired of suffering, you might want to bookmark this website, sign up for you free eBook and join my rss feed if you are searching for inspiration and hope.

If you are in a predicament where medications make you sick, you are in severe pain, despair and anguish and don’t know where to turn I would like to help if I can.

I only use natural methods and many practical tips I have learned on my own what helps to reduce pain, eliminate pain, help gain health and improve immunity.

Look within the pages on this website to help you find natural pain relief methods and hopefully gain a better understanding of the source of your pain.

I put 12 natural pain relief methods plus many tips and ideas into an eBook to help you discover what ails you so you can begin your journey to wellness. 

I want to share what I have found to relieve pain. It is called:

Relieving body pain from disease naturally

Relief, Renew and Possibly Reverse Disease

It’s a hell of a journey and you could use as much help as possible.

Please go download you free eBook and I hope you find some pain relief! I wish you well.


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